[Steele] Shazier spinal stabilization surgery - "It's not good...We're not going to see him this season. He may not play football again."

[Steele] Shazier spinal stabilization surgery - "It's not good...We're not going to see him this ...

as long as the man can walk & play with his kids

This. This is way bigger than football.

Sucks he is still on a rookie contract. I hate that about the nfl. Players should only be on cheap contracts for 2 years max, It’s bad enough they don’t get paid in college while the colleges make billions but then they have get paid under their value in the nfl for the first 4 years. Football is too risky for your health for this shit. Players need to smarten up and negotiate the CBA better.

yes, that is the definition of crippling

And yet they're considered a "distraction" when a player holds out to help secure his future.. shazier outperformed his rookie contract by a landslide with little to show for it now. Prayers to the shazier family

When I read 'it's not good' this is exactly what scared me. Not being able to play football is heartbreaking... but not being able to full function is crippling.

Yeah he's never going to play again. That's fine.

Let's hope he can live a happy and healthy life after surgery.

Jesus, just praying he can walk right now. You were an IDP beast for me this year, Shazier. Get healthy soon

haven't seen it said in the comments yet but I think it's important to note this person has no direct knowledge of this whole thing and is just speculating

Only idiots whine about players holding out. Players should try and get every penny they can when they get the opportunity. If you're valuable to your team that you holding out is a distraction, then you're valuable enough to get fucking paid and if your team won't do it, the free market will and some other team will pay you what you're worth

Why the hell is anyone questioning football?

Let's worry about walking first and quality of life.

He's made close to 13 million already.. that's not groundbreaking in the NFL but that's a ton of money for any normal profession, even something like a surgeon.

Compare 13 million to how much any of us will make in our lives...

As lon as he can walk, this will be a happy ending.

because its his career? its not some sort of callous thing to talk about whether he will be able to continue his career. that doesnt mean they dont care about his life too...

Quite honestly, they already do by not fully guaranteeing the contracts.

I'd like to imagine that the Steelers organization, the Rooney family, take damn good care of him and his family's finances

I've never heard anyone say anything bad about that organization. I'm not a fan of the team, but I respect the hell out of that organization.

Steelers won’t back out, they’re a classy organization.

Yes. Yes, they will pay for his medical expenses. Just like any normal company would if someone were to get hurt on the job.

But it’s not fine actually. It’s not fine at all that he can’t play football either. Still on his rookie contract so he didn’t even make a lot of money in his life :(

This is why the Seahawks tackling form needs to be more of a focus for all teams. Unfortunate injury but poor tackling form (head down) is a huge reason why this happens. A man's life possibly ruined by a poor tackle. Hope he recovers fully from it...

As a diehard steelers fan, I would choose a different team and never watch the steelers again if they backed out.

That was a savage pun.

Buckeye Nation is known for looking out for their own as well. Massive network of alumni all over the country and virtually endless university related media jobs. Still praying he makes it back to the field, but if not I doubt he will want for opportunities.

pun intended?

Does this article mean that the Steelers will have to pay him the 8.7 mil while he sits on the PUP next year, or can they back out of it?


I know it's a business... but if they were able to back out of it and did... man, as a fan of the Steelers that would really bother me.

I don't understand how the Seahawks are like the only team to focus on form tackling. That was the first thing I was taught in youth football.

I remember watching a video talking about how the Seahawks teach all these things like leading with your shoulder, keeping your head up, etc, acting like it was groundbreaking. Like isn't that just.....how you're supposed to tackle?

Not only is it safer, but it just works better too. And Kam proves you can still hit hard while doing it. It's baffling that it's the exception, not the rule in professional football.

Yes, he has insurance under the NFLPA - either way, are you actually that much of an ideologue that you believe that it would cost him 13 million dollars for treatment? Get your ignorant, biased politics out of here.

I dunno man, who comes to this sub to talk football?

Yes and no. There is a reason so many stay way past when they should, even with a slew of injuries. It's their life. For many of them it's all they've done since they were in middle/high school. It's all they know how to do. The team is their support system. It's their friends. It's everything.

There wouldn't be riots, per se. But I would fully expect the fanbase to be upset/protest the organization if they pulled a move like that. There is still honor left in the NFL.

It's educated speculation, then.

I am the clinical coordinator at a health system based wellness center and I was having a conversation with several of my clients today about my speculation on what is going on/the severity of this case. I could not help but try to be optimistic, but realistically I know there's a very good chance he never plays again. He's more than likely gotten rods/screws in his cervical/thoracic spine which will not hold up to the nature of his position. I say this as a Pittsburgher working minutes away from the stadium and it truly hurts to say, but I think he will at the very least be able to walk in a limited fashion AND that is what's most important. Disregard football, disregard him being a phenomenal player, let's look at quality of life and him being able to spend time with his family and do normal ADL's moving forward. Praying for this man!

EDIT: Apparently it's a low thoracic fracture? I haven't looked into it, but that's kind of surprisng.

I thought this was a Josh Gordon sub

Keep your worthless politics out of this sub.

Lions did it with javid best to make sure he'd get medical.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do something like another team, I think it was the Cowboys did, and signed the guy to a deal and had him on the roster just to get him and his family the health plan.

They also make $150k or more a game...so that is motivating. If they don't have any skills on the other side then that would be really hard to turn down.

Yes the NFL and team will pay for all his medical expenses. That’s how it works. The medical benefits of former players is a massive deal. Its in every player contract. Jackass.

It is, the thing with reddit and football fans in general is that they don't actually know what the hell they are talking about but they saw a video linked here once so they just assume the Seahawks are the only team teaching that.

If I understand his contract correctly (I hope I do, at least), it looks like he has already earned a guaranteed $9.57 million since his rookie year. He'll be OK money-wise, even if the Steelers back out.

Backing out would be a shitty thing to do, but at least he should still be OK financially.

Because he's a football player.

Just cuz you're curious if he's gonna play next season doesn't mean you don't care about his general wellness. It's a very understandable question. It's not like people are saying "I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF HE CAN WALK. I WANNA KNOW IF HE CAN PLAY FBALL".

It's just like "Oh I'm glad he's trending upward and isn't paralyzed... I wonder what his rehab potential is"

He can get a job at OSU pretty easily or work for a local company. Ryan was well-loved during his time with us Buckeyes.

Are we seriously fucking saying 13 mil isn't enough for someone?

People have no perspective at all. Wake up.

The players who negotiate the CBA will never be on rookie contracts

OSU Alum here, we will take care of him if the nfl doesnt

These hoes ain't loyal

Realistically - don't let your kids play football. Youth football has more injuries and concussions than college or the NFL. Don't let them hit soccer balls with their heads either.

Their would be riots in Pittsburgh

Looking on the positive side of people: they know he loves playing football and it's his livelihood - want him to life the fullest life he wants for himself.

You would also be surprised how much is lost in translation between conversations with doctors and non doctors. Doctors are generally smart but not all of them are good at teaching or simplifying and explaining what's going on, and what the prognosis and course is of an injury or illness.

Even when the doctor is giving a good explanation, I've seen situations where patients families take away the complete opposite of what the doctor was trying to tell them. Sometimes you hear what you want to hear, you know?

I'd still take this with a grain of salt.

I think they could, and frankly they would be putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage if they kept his 8. whatever million as dead money.

maybe they could negotiate an injury settlement if he can't play? maybe Ben decides to retire and they rebuild and can take the hit? maybe they can get players to restructure some deals so they don't have to cut?

but if you are playing for a window in which to win the SB, taking a 0 out of 8-10 percent of your salary cap will show up.

now of course, fans will be pretty fucking pissed....so there absolutely is that consideration.

I’m surprised nobody on this sub is pointing out that she waited until the 3rd tweet to say that it was another doctor and it was just opinion. Everyone is usually very critical of reporting around here. Whether it’s educated speculation or not, this reporter needs to understand that her platform will only be focused on the first tweet and her third tweet will be further lost as the initial reporting gets spread around the platform she is using. It’s so blatantly irresponsible it’s disgusting.