[Steele] Just got off phone with neurologist Dr Anthony Alessi, who consults with NFLPA, asked him what he makes of Shazier's spinal stabilization surgery. "It's not good...We're not going to see him this season. He may not play football again."

[Steele] Just got off phone with neurologist Dr Anthony Alessi, who consults with NFLPA, asked hi...

Dont care about football. Just tell me he'll walk.

That's basically how we feel.

Steele added:

Alessi says surgery is needed when the "bones around his spinal cord are dislocated. This is a more severe injury (than a contusion.)"

"This is a much more severe situation on our hands than we thought."

Rapoport added:

Steelers LB Ryan Shazier’s spinal surgery will necessitate months of recovery, sources say, before he considers a return to football. His season is over. A very difficult situation.

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Steele added:

Alessi is affiliated w uconn and runs the NeuroSport program - he does NOT have access to Shazier's records. Per the original tweet, this is his opinion as a neurologist.

Seriously, the man deserves to still live a normal life

Fucking Mordor, man.

Look at it this way, Johnny Knox is able to walk (albeit with some impairment) after literally getting folded in half. If that can happen there's always hope.

We were surfing in Oceanside, CA. There's some condos there next to the pier that have gates with spikes on them.

When we left, we kept one of the gates ajar so we could get back in.

After we were done, we were locked out. My buddy Casey boosted me over the fence, but he lost his grip on my foot and I dropped onto the spike in my armpit.

This is why I always comment on the "torn labrum" and "nerve damage" threads because I've been living with both every day since 1991.

The worst thing is that I lost a friend over it because he could never face me again after that.

...how did you get impaled on a wrought iron spike?

He won't play football again with a fused spine. That's a given.

He's going to be lucky to touch his toes or walk.

This is awful.

I hope what happened to me didn't happen to him.

When I got impaled on a wrought iron spike, the nerves from my neck to my wrist got stretched out. I have weak points at every joint and the numbness and lack of use is worse as it goes down.

There's a conductivity problem when you stretch the nerves, so his ability to walk will be predicated on his ability to feel, which he won't have. The problem is they can't repair that. My neurosurgeons said it would have been better if I severed the nerve.

I loved Johnny Knox :(

Way too many flashbacks to the Lockette situation.

Obviously his walking and having a normal life is paramount, but it's so sad that this injury may well keep him away from the thing he dedicated his life to and will likely cost him tens of millions of dollars. I'm sure he has an insurance policy, but there's no way it'll be near what his expected payday would have been.

I really hope the Steelers give him a coaching or front office internship so he can eventually make some of that money back while still being near to football.

What a sad situation...

Don't lead with your head, boys. It's not safe for you, or the other guy.

Well luckily she's reporting this based off speculation from someone that doesn't even have acces...

No idea why this was ever reported.

Just hope he's able to walk and live a normal life, football be damned.

I think as a medical professional hearing the type of surgery he is undergoing and making reasonable inferences is fair.

Jesus that’s rough. Sucks to lose a friend over it, if that were me I don’t think I could face what I did, even if it was a mistake.

Johnny Knox as well. Just hoping Ryan's life isn't messed up b/c of such an injury.

How the human body works is beyond the point. The point is that nothing good comes from looking at a situation and presuming a ceiling on how far back someone can come from it. Much better to remember that sometimes life can surprise you if you don't give up.

And I totally forgive him as well. It was literally an accident. No one was at fault.

NFL players can make the same tackle 10,000 times in their careers but the second there's one mistake it could all be over. Hope he's ok.

Football is a vicious sport.

Johnny Knox endured one of the more gruesome hits I’ve ever seen.  He was literally bent in half.  Ended his career.  


Edit: Here's the picture.

Johnny Knox endured one of the more gruesome hits I’ve ever seen. He was literally bent in half. Ended his career.


Edit: Here's the .

Whats crazy is nfl.com has this hit on their website.


Its a vicious sport that is celebrated for its viciousness. The harsh truth is that we celebrate monster hits or collisions, and only get upset when a player doesn't get up. I know Shazier's hit wasn't vicious and just poor form, but we watch football like we are in the Roman coliseum. Its kinda fucked up.

Inb4 he reinvents his career and becomes a top10 punter

Holy fuck... that's insane. My back hurts just watching that!

Oh my bad. I'm at work so my shit is muted all the time. Guess I should check that sometimes.

The tense of your verb scared me for a sec

I'm all for optimism but that's not how the human body works at all...

Yes lol. A month or two of proper stretching and you'd be able to put your palms against the ground.

The image of that hit is still burned in my brain.

Other positions might be able to.

A linebacker though... I can't ever see him playing again.

Nor should his family or anybody want him to.

Thank you! I feel bad for Shazier and hope he can become a normal human being again, but he had it coming with his tackling form. Don't lead with your damn head and tackle properly! @ Sendejo

Ricardo Lockette

Just a heads up its pretty NSFL

edit: deleted the knox one since homie above me already covered it

To my knowledge both have regained use of their legs, though Knox has some permanent damage that he deals with.

Holy shit. I remember this guy and honestly didn’t know he got injured and just watched that video.....wow. That’s absolutely devastating. The fact he can walk is a miracle.

aaaaauugh sorry you had to go through that (and continue to), sounds awful

I hate the Steelers. But I hope this young man can walk and have a good rest of his life. There’s more to life than football.

I know it's no time to joke but at first I read "Just tell me he'll wank."

This was a heartbreaking injury to witness live. There was something different about this injury that made the viewer realize how serious it was.

I think we've been "spoiled" by recent spinal injuries where full paralysis is temporary and recovery occurs over time. But in the blink of an eye, a man's career can end and his life change forever.

Best wishes to Shazier, hopefully there will be better news in the future.

Took me way too long to realize he didn't say Johnny Knoxville. I was so confused. EDIT: Holy shit... I'd never heard of that injury till just now after a google search. That is so bad.

Leading with your helmet was made illegal a couple years ago, problem is it’s not enforced that hard at all.

@ dejo: Seriously. This is basically his tackling form

...if you're a fucking pocket knife, maybe.

So, is this what happens when one simply walks into Mordor? Is this what Boromir tried to warn us about?!

Linking a video with "let the bodies hit the floor" by drowning pool playing in the background is kinda morbid, man.

Hijacking the top comment to say if you haven't read Ricardo Lockette's "Am I about to die?", you really need to. Will make you reevaluate how you view hits like this.

When I got impaled on a wrought iron spike

People joke about Steelers fans being stuck in the past ,but getting an injury from 1490 takes it to a whole other level.

Oh the situations were absolutely different, but they're both examples of what can happen when a player leads with his helmet. Shazier led with his helmet, and Lockette sensed the hit coming at the last second and reflexively ducked his head. Obviously Shazier takes a bit more blame for what happened to him, but I wasn't really trying to differentiate based on that when the concern is about a dude being able to lead a normal life again.

Yeah that's in pretty fucking bad taste though. I changed the link.

oh good lord im queasy now

NFL.com video: Johnny Knox injured vs. Seattle HD SD

It sucks, but you adapt. That's why I have hope for Shazier. Your dreams just change to match your capabilities.

Apparently you get impaled on a wrought iron spike.

That's a good enough reason for me not to simply walk into Mordor. All Boromir had to do was say that, "Hey, guys, if we simply try to walk into Mordor we're going to get impaled on wrought iron spikes." I'm pretty sure Gandalf would have called up the Eagle King a whole lot sooner had that little bit of information been dropped at the outset.

NFL.com video: Johnny Knox injured vs. Seattle HD SD

I think it has something to do with the fact that there was nothing visually wrong with the hit. It was a perfect tackle, that wasn't as violent, good technique, and he just stayed in the ground.

He led with the crown of his helmet. They teach you not to do that in pee wee. At least they taught me.

Needs to start getting enforced like hell starting at a HS level. Sure the coaches tell you not to, but the guys with futures in the sport know that the scouts still want those big hits.

Sounds like spondylolisthesis, possibly. A medical professional without access to any file, knowing a diagnosis, could easily make a generic statement such as the one OP linked.

People argue that the NFL is facing it's demise (which I think is greatly exaggerated) because it's too violent. When in reality if you talk to older people they miss the hard hits that existed in the 80's and 90's. A couple guys I used to work with said they have gotten bored with football because there isn't enough hitting anymore.

Many are drawn to the violence. Not turned away from it.

OP you need to post the actual news here, and that it's an opinion from someone who has never see...

He's going to be lucky to touch his toes or walk.

can normal people touch their toes? (i assume while standing) i dont even come close and ive had no injuries.

used to play lots of sports and stretch a lot, never have i ever been close even when i was the most active

This is terrible.

I seriously hope the NFL uses this sad incident to actually take a look at the 'leading with the helmet' style of tackling/running. Its incredibly dangerous for everyone involved.

Johnny Knoxville did tear his penis in a stunt wreck

Story time: I found a guy impaled on a wrought iron spike once.

I woke up one night to a guy yelling outside where I lived. I went out to see what was up and I found a guy dangling by his leg on the wrought iron spike at the top of the gate to the alley next to where I lived. This gate is a good 8 feet tall and he was hanging upside down from the top of it.

I went inside to get a chair to stand on to help him down and called 911 at the same time. By the time I came back out, he had gotten himself unstuck. There was blood EVERYWHERE and he had this hole through his leg. He told me he was trying to cut through the alley by climbing over the gates when he got stuck.

Eventually, an ambulance came and took him to the hospital. The next morning, I found his phone on the ground (it was a blackberry). I called one of his friends and he came to get the phone. I texted the impaled guy a few months later and asked him how he was doing and he had suffered some nerve damage and was going through PT.

I think it has something to do with the fact that there was nothing visually wrong with the hit. It was a perfect tackle, that wasn't as violent, good technique,

What? He led directly with the crown of his head..

I'm surprised I'm the first to comment about it. But it's all good man.

Feel the exact same. But damn he was fun to watch, I do hope he can make it back to football some day. If he doesn't, oh well, as long as his life can return to normal. Sucks to see.

That really sucks man :(

I’d probably have a hard time facing a friend after something like that, I sorta understand why he feels that way even if you forgive him. I’d be unfathomaby guilty.

This is crazy to me. Played sports, Marine infantry, MMA, and lifting. My body is shot and I don't stretch. For whatever reason I can put my palms on the floor, straight legs, with no effort.

I honestly don't watch it for the violence and have always cringed at any hits at all. I hate seeing people get blown up. I like football because of the amount of strategy involved and number of different positions. In basketball you have 5 and in hockey you have 6. Baseball has like 5? I think. Also only 10 players are on the field at once in basketball with 12 in hockey and 18 in baseball. I just love the rules of football , the plays starting from scratch, and the audibles. I'm a nerd football fan and I love this sport because it's so complex

holy hell