The things money can buy


I still cant figure out how she did it. Obviously the lips, but even her eyes look different but natural now, but looks like a completely different person

Expensive live in make up artists

Plastic don't mean shit to my dick

She use to look like a constipated turtle

Kylie Jenner is buff, the surgery did her good. If you wanna make yourself look better you have every right to do so

Say that again when your kids come out ugly as sin and you can't figure out why.

there are eye surgeries you can do, i'm sure. also, she changed up her eyebrows.

Said every owner of a fleshlight

She wasn't even ugly, just average looking imo. It's mixed feelings of sadness for her constantly scrutinized looks and expectations to live up to Kim and disgust with the generation of vapid, caked-on make-up Instagram girls that she's inspiring.

bitch is more plastic than a barbie doll

I don't think it's wrong or right to get cosmetic surgery, I think it just exposes just how much your physical appearance matters in this world, especially if you're a girl. Kylie's life is like a million times better now that she looks more attractive, she gets better boyfriends, a shit-ton of money for advertising makeup, and way more fame all because she's attractive as shit. You shouldn't get mad at her for doing the surgery, her life is so much better because of it, it seems like a stupid decision not to do it in retrospect. She makes her living off of her looks and she makes a way better living than most. If surgery was as ubiquitous as makeup everyone would be doing it, it's pretty much the same thing from an ethical standpoint.

The messed up part isn't that she did the surgery, the messed up part is that the surgery actually made sense to do. It's messed up how you can be rewarded that much for something as random as your physical appearance, how much happier you can be for something so seemingly arbitrary. It wouldn't have been any better if she was just born this attractive, she would still be getting so much for not really doing anything. It's really messed up how much people value these things you can't change, and what's even more messed up is that it doesn't look like this will ever go away.

To see just how unfair this is, take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum. I can't tell you how many times I've seen memes of sneak photos of people in public minding their own business just so the person can make fun of the way they look. If it's a girl with no ass they say it looks like a stove top, or they ask "would you fuck this guy for a million dollars?" and put a picture of a little person or another deformed human being then the comments are "hell no lol". These people didn't ask to be born this way and if they could change it without judgement most of them would, but no one cares, all they see is an ugly person and an opportunity to laugh, they could give a fuck about how they feel about it. What's even worse is when these same people that laugh at someone who's ugly start judging Kylie Jenner for getting her surgery like they have any kind of moral high ground.

This applies to all things in life, money, strength, intelligence, and a bunch of other things I probably don't think about because they don't affect me. People often say life is unfair but I really don't think they grasp the full extent of just how much that statement encapsulates, I know I don't. IMO if you know of a way to find happiness exploit it, don't worry about whether people will judge you for doing it because this was never an even playing field. Take care of yourself and those you care for if you can. I'd say it's generally better to try and be a good person when you do this but I don't know every situation. Don't make decisions only based on what other people are doing or saying, this doesn't mean completely disregard what everyone is saying but if the only reason you're doing something is because someone else said to and it doesn't make sense in your life otherwise then take another look at it, oftentimes they can't know your life the way you do, but sometimes they can have a better perspective on it than you.

Also don't think you know whats in someones head, you may not know them as well as you think they do. You can judge their actions, whether or not you want to be around them, and whether or not they should be punished but try not to make assumptions on what's going on in their head or if you would do better in their situation because you probably don't know.

tldr: idk why I wrote this

where 'whiteness' is viewed as aesthetically superior

eh. they have their own beauty standards. big eyes are valued - in BOTH cultures. neotony is attractive. idk how much it has to do with white people. i wouldn't deny that they have an influence, but SK definitely has its own rigorous beauty ideals and they're not all a result of western expansion. if it were, then i'm sure the SK plastic surgeon geniuses would put brow bone implants in, but I've never seen or heard of that. it's not "awww poor South Koreans..."

not any weirder than having your face intentionally injected with the protein responsible for Botulism in order to paralyze your facial muscles.

well when you look at how this sub and the rest of reddit (and this sub isn't as bad as reddit) rags on older less attractive women, can you really blame them? youth has always been beautiful. women are denigrated when they're not attractive. it's not that weird.

also i've never heard of white women getting the types of eyelid surgeries koreans have had. idk if it would even work? i'm sure they've done it tho.

EDIT: other people have pointed out, and it should be noted, that half-white babies are very popular in Asia. the truth is more complex than "yes, asian/SK beauty standards are hewing to caucasian features" and "no, asian/SK beauty standards are not at all about caucasian features"

Hard to believe it's the same person

I'm fucking dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

With plastic surgery they can shave bone, install facial implants, and inject silicone into every nook and cranny you can imagine.

They could make the ugliest person in the world look like a supermodel with enough dough.

Larger eyes and paler skin have always been #1 aesthetically in Asian countries long before any western influence. It may seem to be 100% western influence just because their ideal aesthetics matches typical caucasian traits but its not a race or western influence thing

Used* YW

I feel like they're still going to be using the same before picture when she's 30

That girl sure did get hit with the ugly stick. But she still got good looking genes and olympian blood in her so her kids might be aight.

I'm a dumbass

Everyone please respectively hand me my well deserved Ls

My man

I think she does, although it's hard to tell given that she is rarely out in public without her 5lbs of makeup and fake eyelashes

Cosmetic eye surgery is popular in Asia, in areas where 'whiteness' is viewed as aesthetically superior. Women will get their epicanthic folds cut in order to make their eyes look less typically 'Asian'. It's a weird phenomenon, but I guess not any weirder than having your face intentionally injected with the protein responsible for Botulism in order to paralyze your facial muscles.

Edit: I guess I should add, my only knowledge of this comes from my Vietnamese friends. I don't actually know anything about Asian beauty standards or practices, I just know that this is what they told me. My understanding was that the desire for larger looking eyes was based on the incorporation of western standards of beauty through the popularity of western television and movies.

Actually it is a race thing. Do you not know what colonialism is? Do you even have Asian friends? Most Asian people who have a critical thinking bone in their body can attest to this. You think this is dumb and ignorant but you don't even know about world history.

I think I can answer this. Eyebrows change the look of the face so dramatically, so that helps a lot on its own. She also had a nose job, cheek injections to make them rounder, and had her jaw/chin shaved down and narrowed. All of these things in combination of a great makeup application can literally make a person have a new face.


Daaammnnnn y'all did Kylie dirty!!! Hahahahahaha. Take yo damn up vote!

She gets better boyfriends

Umm she's with "Tyga"', have you seen him? Haha

Idk why you're being down voted. I didn't get the joke either, had to come to comments to find out who it was and why it was funny. Im not caught up on my ho memes.

W for self awareness

Your joking right? Those seriously aren't two different people?

No, it's a neotony thing. Looking younger/more feminine is ideal for women, as it is in basically all cultures. That's why you don't see Asian men getting the same surgery like the women do. Monolid is more attractive is men than women because it's relatively more masculine looking.

They also don't think it looks western. They want to look like the pretty Asian girls over there, not... white girls (though I do agree that the ideal of the "pretty Asian" is likely influenced by western standards). They're very proud of their own heritage, possibly to a point of xenophobia. If you ask them what a typical white race person would look like, they would draw a loud, "all brawn no brains", physically "big-boned" or "thick" person (yes they think we're all fat, which we kind of are by comparison to their extremely petite norm) with a big forehead, weirdly big nose, summer tanned skin, blonde hair, "night out" clubbing make up and harsh cheekbones (stereotype from western-style contouring make up, which they don't do. Asians actually have sharper/higher cheekbones than whites, stereotypically).

I am like 99% sure that an over emphasis on certain ideas of beauty is hardly new, nor unique to this generation. Only thing that has changed is the standard of beauty, and that shifted to the Internet from magazines and televisions.

You're welcome

You're right, it is a race thing. The desire for proximity to whiteness is worldwide at this point.

face transplant?

Pale skin yes because connotes indoor easy like not outside labor.

Not large eyes. That is a western influence. Look at all the old art.

More plastic than a box of legos.

Lips and nose job for sure

does she still look like that or has she evolved?