Stay Strong

Stay Strong

In the next few weeks the price could become very volatile. Even more volatile than it is now. Prepare for a big drop if wall street sells. It may not come, but if it does, be ready. Can you hodl if it drops to $5k or below?

Don't get caught up in the panic, that's how they'll make their money. You will regret it. It will recover, stronger than ever.

I just started last week so I'm still learning. why do you anticipate a potential massive drop like that? Just because of the sales during the holiday season?

And i absolutely plan to HODL the piss out of mine for a very long time

Sorry, I missed your question about why. A lot of people suspect that Wall Street traders have got involved and that they'll sell off in mass amounts.

It may not happen, but if it does, the price will crash very quickly. It will recover though.

Nobody can predict when, or even if, it will happen. Just be prepared mentally for if it does.

Hodling gets really hard when your investments are plummeting.

Gotcha. Yup I did plenty of research before actually tossing some (albeit small amount of) money in, and am ready to see the worst if it comes

It has happened every time there is a huge run. It has been like this for years, and everyone that has been on the ride for a while has been through it.

It's the new participants that generally start to freak out. Which is why it's important to not bet the farm, and look at this as a multi-year process. It CAN drop 50% in a day. It certainly has. It probably will again.