Statement from UPMC Neurosurgeons & #Steelers Team Physicians on Ryan Shazier

Statement from UPMC Neurosurgeons & #Steelers Team Physicians on Ryan Shazier

lets worry about walk, first.

Shit, he's not going to play again.

It’s this type of ignorance to the situation that causes these injuries! Seriously, I’m not trying too be a jerk and that’s why I say ignorance instead of stupidity because I am assuming you just don’t know. His spine was compressed because his head was down.


It’s very important to teach heads up when tackling. Head down is what causes shit like this. It’s terrifying.

There will not be a single doctor in the US that will give him the go ahead to go back to playing a high contact sport like football after a surgery like this.

Hopefully he gets full feeling and mobility back. Who cares if he ever plays again. I always scoff at people who say, "That made me sick." when players get hurt because I just never felt it, but when I saw his leg just flop, I felt it. That was the worst thing I have ever seen on the field.

Pretty clear he will never play football again but should hopefully have normal leg functioning over time

For the stupid.. like me. How is this pretty clear? Not coming for you, just seriously curious.

Guess what the neck is connected to

Studying spinal chord injuries? C'mon man

Ah yes, "The Head Bone's Connected to the..Neck Bone". And then the song just ends.

wow, this is a very serious surgery, i really hope he can walk again, let alone play, but this procedure can lead to nerve damage and other nasty sideeffects and I just don't see him coming back :( truly awful

No way in hell he'll play again. No money on earth is enough to risk never being able to walk again.

Wish him all the best and good luck on this surgery. Hope he lands a gig as a TV analyst or something to take care of himself.

Don't worry, Lowell Dixon thinks he'll be back for "ploffs."

That doesn’t sound good, football aside I hope he can walk again