State Dept Is Working To ID Erdogan Bodyguards Who Beat Up Protesters In DC

State Dept Is Working To ID Erdogan Bodyguards Who Beat Up Protesters In DC
State Dept Is Working To ID Erdogan Bodyguards Who Beat Up Protesters In DC

Identifying the bodyguards is one thing, but justice is another. What will actually be done about this is the real question.

Should be charged with assault. At the very least never to return to the states.

That video is crazy. It's like an agent fight from The Matrix.

They should have been arrested at the scene and taken to jail for a few hours. It would be a minor punishment but it far more than what they will get now.

Any country would be silly to not ban them at this point. Every one of their passports should be red-flagged worldwide. Keep those hired goons in their own hellscape of a country.

Imagine if Trump was visiting Turkey and the Secret Service went out on the street and acted like this? The Turks would consider it an act of war. But this story is barely getting coverage in the US. Unbelievable.

Fun fact, when Erdogan sent his troops to The Netherlands the mayor of rotterdam told the special forces to be ready to shoot, they assumed bodyguards were armed and there was a big possibility that it would have ended in a shoot off between Dutch police/special forces and Turkish bodyguards.

Here's a video of it , you can hear Fatma Betül Kaya(AKP) yelling cause she has to go back in the car and going to be escorted out of The Netherlands.

I'd imagine those guys were on the first plane out of DC this morning.

Authoritarian rule, not just religious

Sounds like it's time for bigger protests outside the Turkish embassy every day.

and I imagine the state department knew full well who they were (from the video) and just let them leave .....

What the actual fuck dude

Lol good one

That camera work though! On point!

Funny... a similar thing turkey pulled in The Netherlands a few months ago. The world should have learned at that point already...

I wish they would just say "they assaulted us citizens" instead of "they assaulted armenian and kurdish protesters". It makes a big difference in impact.

This is like one of the small incidents in a Wikipedia article that serve as a precursor to a large and long term political conflict.

Good thing Turkey is showing us exactly how things go under Islamic rule so we can all wake the fuck up, right?

Sorry, all of Turkey's police forces are busy rounding up political opponents and academics to do anything else.

Yeah how are you gonna even arrest them now? Aren't they all back in Turkey by this point?

How the Netherlands deals with Turkish bodyguards

That dude that kicked the man in the head while he was laying on the ground... he needs to get some Texas justice.

Turkey is an INTERPOL state. I dunno if they would use them to extradite these guys for this, but who knows.

The State Department said in a statement that it is communicating its concern to the Turkish government “in the strongest possible terms.”

That'll teach 'em.

Religious rule, not just Islamic.

Or the three guys stomping on a woman who fell down and wasn't even fighting.

This looks like Erdoğan sending a message to his followers back home: "Look what I'm able to get away with in the USA"

These bodyguards don't get full diplomatic immunity, and may be arrested and prosecuted.

As would seem to be common sense, diplomatic immunity is there to protect diplomats/leaders from being arrested/harassed for doing their jobs. It's not there to allow an entourage as big as you like to go on a crime spree.

If it wasnt dudes in suits

It's not the suits, it's the fact that they're the security for a foreign diplomat. You really think the cops thought for a moment that they were going to start attacking protestors? It's unprecedented and a week ago it was unthinkable. Once it broke out they did jump in to separate and stop further violence. I doubt any of them knew what the protocol was for dealing with hostile foreign security forces who are (probably?) armed. The term "international incident" exists for a reason.

I'll get downvoted since the hivemind consensus is the cops should have arrested them all on the spot, but reality is more nuanced than Reddit armchair quaterbacking.

They also did it last year under Obama:

Edit: it wasn't as bad but it shows a pattern not due to Trump.

Also, the press should hammer this hard. It will either defend our rights as citizens and look good for the press and humble Erdogans goons or it will make look Trump look bad by ignoring it. It's a win-win for citizens and the press.

Some insane level of camera stabilisation going on there. It looked surreal.

Nice to see the police arresting a protester while shooing away the foreigners that are beating the shit out of the peaceful protesting American citizens on American soil. 2017, folks.

Why hasn't this been broadcasted on every news outlet? Where's Foxs News and CNN outrage? Why are these officials still in our country? Why haven't we expelled them???? Why aren't there people marching in the streets?

Fuck that.. the cops shouldn't of been pussies, been REAL AMERICANS, and pulled out their service weapons. I would've loved to have seen what would happen next.

Turkey officials shooting American Police after beating American citizens on American soil?

Fucking act of war.


Next time this fucker comes to washington I'm going to washington to protest and if his guards attack I'm giving them a pepsi. if you know what I mean.

But this story is barely getting coverage in the US.

I can't verify this in regards to TV media, but it's all over the internet.

He's a Redditor. He's been waiting for this moment, for all his life.

I'm still laughing over this story. I love how Erdogan called us fascists because we didn't allow sobering over political reasons. Then they proceed to do whatever they were doing, we escort them, they threaten us, to not be heard from in months. Bunch of idiots...

Also, I was excited this happened close to where I live for once.

That's actually pretty good punishment. It makes you useless for a lot of diplomatic duty as you have to worry that any country that has extradition with the US could just pick them up at any time. It's almost worst than putting them in jail as they might just loose their jobs over it.

"Beat up" completely underplays aggravated assault.

I am not a lawyer

Omg me too man, I'm fuming, how can the cops stand there and allow that and just push them away when they're fucking KICKING THEM IN THE FACE, ARREST THEM YOU MOTHER FUCKERS. You got no problem beating BLM protesters and shit but you can't fucking beat up foreign scum bags coming into our country and attacking protestors!??

That shit really boiled my blood. Those pieces of shit deserved their skulls cracked for that.

Except the state dept is very undermanned at the moment

They absolutely knew. I'm in agreement. One would do as much research as possible with regards to the members of someone like his immediate entourage. Including knowing exactly who showed their passport to enter.

I like how the Dutch cops are decked out in full SWAT regalia, but are still wearing stylish shoes.

I can't speak to TV but the New York Times and the Washington Post both had it on their front page of their sites last I checked. That's certainly coverage.

This is a whole other level than last year, while still unacceptable, last year it was verbal threats and one guy got kicked. This is something way more extreme.

Edit: Spelling.

This is EXACTLY his intent. He is a lot of things but the guy isnt stupid. I bet he had a pretty smug look on his face when he met with Trump. America is so weak right now...

Exactly. The Nazis and soviets actively persecuted some/all religions and yet similar (and worse) atrocities occurred to peaceful protesters.

We need only look at the atrocities carried out during Euromaidan and under various South American + African governments to see that it can happen under Christianity, it can happen under secularism and it can happen under Islam. The real problem is, and always will be, when leaders mold these religions and non-religions to meet their own desire for power.

Edit: "religions" + "some/all" + sources to clear up the meaning of my rambling.

I would hope the police in the D.C. area are educated on the intricacies of diplomatic immunity. If not, someone needs to start immediately.

A Washington cop wacked one of the Turkish bodyguards, it was so nice to see the protesters being protected and literally nothing the bodyguard could do back.

There needs to be punishment but something tells me the White House will overrule any suggestions from the State Department. It's not the first time the Turks have done this.

Yea, we call them the police.

They should hold these meetings in Texas next time. So someone can introduce Erdogan's bodyguards' diplomatic immunity to our second amendment rights.

DC police probably have pretty strict instructions on how they can interact with foreign dignitaries and their security. Given the nature of diplomatic immunity (which they do have in a limited form if they are on diplomatic visas, which they almost certainly are), the handling of incidents like this almost always defaults to stop incident, sort out later.

This sort of shit goes way above a street officer's pay grade. You can see them try to stop the violence without escalating it too much. A couple baton whacks, some shoving and pulling, etc. It's now the State Department's job to figure out who did what and what the punishment is going to be.

And before some goofball suggests they could have shot them, remember that all those suit-goons have guns, and starting a gunfight in a public area is about the dumbest possible thing you could do, since it wouldn't be clear to anyone who was shooting at who, and then bystanders and cops and anyone else in the area is getting shot.

They could at least issue a warrant. And not pursue it unless they come back.

Why didn't the cops arrest them? I'm sorry. If you're a cop, and you witness a brutal crime happen right in front of your eyes. While you are on duty. And you do nothing, you should be fired.

That's nice to say and all, but it's definitely not happening. Security down there is already twice as high today, and there was only one protestor out there.

I love how Erdogan called us fascists because we didn't allow sobering over political reasons.

Authoritarians aren't historically interested in truth, so one method they've always used to maintain their power is to dispense (many) contradictory claims in the hopes that all possible explanations are trivialized such that the truth inevitably among those claims, no longer matters. That's how a dictator like Erdogan can use fascist! as a dirty word (claim 1), while also saying maybe fascism isn't so bad (claim 2), as he choke-holds his country. The end goal is confusion, not truth.

Side note: Does that remind you of anyone? Maybe a particular American under investigation for colluding with an authoritarian power?

Actually, IIRC it's not just aggravated assault, it's attempted murder, because there were several instances in which the bodyguards were stomping on and kicking the victims' heads, while the victims were offering no resistance other than trying to cover their faces.

Why is it when a college has a protest, we see riot police in full gear, but here we only see some base level police?

edit: if protesters had acted out and hurt Turkish employees, Turkey would be pissed. There's no sense why a stronger police force wasn't put there to ensure both sides stayed peaceful, considering Erdogan was in the US talking to Trump at the time. That wouldn't look good on the US

probably as new crew for United?

What, and why? I'm confused

They should never have been allowed to leave.

"I know you can't see us right now, but we are waving our fingers VERY STERNLY in disapproval!!!"

IIRC these guys are on "alway ready." They bring the necesarry items (body armor, helmet, weapons and communication devices) always with them. Would't surprise me that 90% of those men were called not even 20 minutes before the happening which probably explains the variety of clothings.

It was and has been rough for me since then. There are probably 4 or 5 things that still bother me from that deployment but working on those children with gun shot wounds when they're only 5-10 years old still gets to me. One of the young girls that I thought wouldn't make it ended up by miracle pulling through but when I think about I know she's just going back to the shit hole where she was. I don't call this a shit hole for any other reason but because it's a shit hole. Not because it's the Middle East or because it's a "Muslim country". After Afghanistan I honestly had in my head what I thought Muslim people were only based on Afghanistan and the extreme and really poor people that live there. Luckily I got the chance to do civilian contracting other places in the Middle East and met some truly amazing people that were so kind and I wouldn't trade for anything. It def changed my view on who Muslim people were. I'm pretty thankful to have many friends that I talk to daily.

Edit - I did mean to talk more about this but one of my friends came to my house on a dirt bike and I can't pass up taking a dirt bike for a spin.

The situation in Afghanistan is very complex and not everyone there believes in the extremism of religion and there are good people there but I always found it difficult to trust those people because they can easily be swayed with any money because they're so poor or because it's all in their backyard they can easily be threatened or extorted by kidnapping. They believe in the Holy Quran and of course it's written in Arabic which they don't speak or read, most people can only speak their language let alone write it out. A lot of their religious teaching is by word of mouth. If you can teach young impressionable men to hate westerners especially when we are in their country and at this point they have no idea what 9/11 even is, it's not a stretch to see how they could be taught to follow extremists. This is in no way everyone of the locals there because they are oppressed from groups like that as well. But you could imagine how I would feel about this group of people after hitting IED's in vehicles, them going off on foot patrol, and getting shot at even more often. I honestly hated these people with all of my heart. After losing 23 men that a good amount of them were family to me I think anyone could understand. But like I said after spending time in countries in the ME and also others that surround it I can honestly say that it's not fair the way Muslims are treated and this is coming from someone with first hand experience that would have a reason to hate a certain people no matter how stupid that always is. It's just like any group of people, they shouldn't be judge on the loud minority. Like I said above, I've had the privilege to learn about Islam personally even though I don't follow it myself and have also had the chance to see the kindness and selflessness that true, real, actual Muslims are. There are still a lot of cultural differences of course and having a government set laws based off religion isn't correct in my personal opinion. I didn't mean to write a book but it all just kind of came out which is surprising because I don't speak on it a whole lot. But maybe one of those people out there that hate Muslims just because they are the "enemy" or "different" from us will read this and try to educate themselves more. You can hate certain parts of the religion that followed heavily by certain countries but I just wanted to make a point to say that not everyone, and not even most are like that. I would hate to be a Christian and have the world treat my religion as if it was all from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Edit - Thank you for the gold, I didn't mean for the story book size msg on here and it just kind of happened. But thank you to everyone who took the time to read. It's very appreciated and I hope this makes some think about things enough to educate themselves about how people around the world aren't all evil and not a lot different from themselves.

How hard could it be? Honestly?

I could be identified and charged within 2 hours if I had done something like this off camera, meanwhile these guys are registered employees and are on camera.

I don't get what is so difficult.

He could feel it coming in the air that night, oh lord

I think its in regards to the fact that the story first broke in the UK, with the guardian and bbc.

I just want to say as devils advocate this may not be that easy. I went to highschool overseas and was friends with a few kids who's parents ranged from low on the totem pole to a couple who's fathers were the ambassadors for their respective nations, the diplomatic immunity was well understood by those who were involved in it constantly but I can see the cops not being 100% sure on this. Or on the flip side being concerned about getting royally ass chewed/disciplined if they arrested the guys.

Im not defending the bodyguards but i feel for the cops here. And again devils advocate view point, i do agree they should've arrested the guards on the spot.

Ok so lots of responses to this are "fuck that kill em" or "police should still stop it/arrest them/ do their jobs" type comments. Again i agree the police shpikd have stepped in, however it is an incredibly touchy situation and in an enviroment like DC many things are at play and many things can happen from an officer simply stepping in. I dont know about anyone else but personally i dont know the politics or situation of the relationship with turkey and as such can only hope this is sorted out properly in the end. And im not gonna reply to the previously mentioned comments.

I'm surprised Republicans aren't freaking out. Sunni Muslims from a foreign land battered and nearly killed Christian Armenian-American citizens just a few blocks down the street from the White House and our president didn't even say anything.

Those cops are fucking worthless. Oh you in the suit! Stop kicking that dude on the ground in the face! Now get over there. If it wasnt dudes in suits and were thugs or our normal flavor protesters, there would have been two or three dozen arrests.

The news using its typical weasel words in order to diffuse and play down a terrible situation. On par really.

It's actually the Secret Service. They were set up all over Sheridan Circle.

There was an undercover cop as well, but he parked in a restricted zone by the Irish Embassy and got towed, haha.

Is "giving them a pepsi" now part of the lexicon? It really should be.

This is DC. They're used to it. If they broke out the riot gear every time a dozen people gathered with megaphones, they'd never put it away.

That is an awesome picture!

Other sources have noted that at least one of the bodyguards is the Cousin of the Dear Leader, the reincarnation of Atatürk, Lord Erdogan, may he live forever.

(I don't want to catch a beatin')

There is, literally, no chance the State Department didn't already know who he is.

Jesus Christ, I consider myself a peaceful person, but I want to go beat the shit out of some mustached assholes now. I don't even care if I would get my shit kicked in, I want to FIGHT.

Looks like the cops behaved very well, though. Nice change of pace there.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a thing in diplomatic immunity where if you start punting people's heads while they are laying down on the ground defenseless, you lose it. A general rule of thumb might be "don't do anything that isn't even legal in a cage fight"

Edit: A lot of you are pointing out that this is a legal move in cage fighting outside of the UFC. I would like to point out that anyone who engages in those activities goes into the ring thinking "I might get my face kicked in", and officials in those sports should put a stop to a fight once someone is kicked in the face like that once.

That is a much different situation than being kicked in the face by someone wearing shoes at a protest.

I think the Capitol Police were confused as to what to do as they knew that Erdowan's guards were part of a foreign government.

"you know better"

actually, that's the problem, they think they're justified



Holy shit. I saw a pic or two but that's brutal. Bodyguards from some shitty middle eastern country kicking the shit out of Americans on our own soil....

A lot of americans are armed and untrained.

This is the CNN coverage:

They completely edited the video to not show any of the violence.


I'm not sure I've ever seen a riot before where I was rooting for the police.

Seriously though, it reminds me of the church fight scene from Kingsman where everybody is beating the shit out of each other.

Now that is how to properly speak American.

last year it was verbal threats and one guy got kicked

There were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.

My brothers were "identified" when they were skateboarding at a federal building 15 years ago. The FBI or CIA showed up at their fucking door the next morning asking them why they were there.

Yeah, they know who exactly the guys are. Saying they're "working to identify" them is fucking bullshit. They are basically saying they're not going to do anything, or are still figuring out how to respond.

Good luck extraditing them to the US.

funny thing the only guy who got handcuffed is the one that got attacked first. Not to mention 2 women getting kicked by 5 guys Oo

For all the shit Trump gave HRC and Obama concerning appeasing Muslim leaders, Trump sure is kowtowing to their interests. He might be arming the Kurds but he was awfully conciliatory to Erdogan after he rigged an election to be sultan.

Inviting the Sunni dictator of Turkey over, a man who imprisons tens of thousands for just daring to hint at defiance of his reign, and allowing his thugs to beat up peaceful protesters on American soil is beyond shameful.

If I were in the State Dept I'd be apoplectic.

I know Trump has bigger things to worry about (lol) at the moment, but I can picture him secretly and smugly admiring such violence.

But Erdogan should be told to fuck off and everyone on his detail should have to be whitelisted and carefully documented and if any such incidents occur they should be arrested on the spot (barring immunity lest they can be stripped of it) or barred from the United States for life. I'd hold the Dictator accountable as I'm sure his head of security approves of such tactics and Erdogan likely acquiesces.

I'm extremely angry that more pols haven't spoken out against Erdogan, former ISIS BFF and madman, and the actions his posse take on American soil. They did similar things last time he was here as well and drone on about FETO, PKK, NAZIS, etc.

Lunatics...the lot.

But they wouldn't be able to leave the country anymore because other foreign law enforcement could pick them up.

in summary: The Netherlands has about 1000x more balls than the US in dealing with Erdogan's thugs.

I don't typically defend cops, but they were doing everything they could to separate the two groups and hit / shoved the Turkish bodyguards multiple times, it wasn't just one cop either. It's edgy to hate cops, I know.. but maybe, just look at the video again with unbiased vision:

You could tell they were just trying their hardest to de-escalate a situation in which they knew they were horrendously outnumbered and (it sounds like) outgunned.

If you have guys so aggressive they are kicking the shit out of people on the ground you have no guarantee they wouldn't shoot a cop in the heat of the moment.

Well that guy was one of three who were STOMPING on two women who had fallen to sidewalk. That video is nuts. The Turks just bummed rushed (ostensibly after they saw someone on they're team engaged in a physical altercation), but they just straight up free for all'd anyone in their path. Didn't matter if it was a woman lying on the ground or some dude running away.

Who would want to apply for an important sensitive job in this administration

I would. Getting a job at the State Department is very difficult. Many positions don't change from administration to administration, so applying now may be the best shot for a lot of people. Many positions are also inherently apolitical. Getting your foot in is the hardest part.

Is this real life? Is this America? Please tell me everything since last November is a bad dream.

No for real, is this actually happening in our country in 2017?