Starting off strong

Starting off strong

This is about the 100th time someone posted this. It's bound to happen. Call of Duty, BR, brand new game, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this formula out.

Nah, fortnite is free. This wont reduce fortnut playercount at all. It might just touch pubg

And it’s just as pathetic every time. Woohoo, twitch viewers..

There should be a separate sub for stream/streamer updates on COD. I’m at work and wanna see some sick kills before I get on.

Sounds like you've never seen how active a truly good CoD is. This one is by far shitting on everything except bo2/bo1. Have an open mind Mr fortnite will always be #1. Shouldn't even be compared. Both are brs other then that 0 similarities.

Thanks for checking my post, also good job at making yourself looking like a moron do you really think this game is gonna die that fast you must be braindead. A lot of big streamers have already said they're gonna be playing this game and you really gonna think it's gonna die in less the 2 weeks LUL.

Sure bud.

Make the post peak NA time in a week

People are so desperate to see a highly successful game “look” like it’s on the decline because it suits their agenda.

The reality is, it’s the most popular game on the planet. It’s the most fluid BR and it’s the most mechanically demanding, highest skillcap BR by a long shot, no question. No other comes close.

The game truly is so far away from dying that I believe people just get so anxious and nervous about that. They know deep down it’ll remain #1 but want so badly for it to fail, again because that suits their agenda. Hence why threads like this are made!

Don’t get me twisted, I’m copping BO4 tomorrow but again, the BR is just a worse version in every aspect. It’ll be irrelevant in a month, or 2 weeks when RDR2 is out, once people do the story mode of that game everyone else will be back on ol’ faithful, Fortnite.

Nice its done :-D