Started making original design merch :)

Started making original design merch :)

Hey cult I made the blonde shirt for siamese twins a while back which people liked so I started to look into getting them made and also have tried to make more original designs as I realized its unethical to rip off Frank's work. I'll try my best to keep making original shirts just got designers block at the moment sadly. is the link


I've tried my best to make designs I would personally wear and would appreciate anyone checking it out or giving feedback :)


Code cult for 5$ off too

These aren't half bad. For only a couple of designs I'm keen to see what's coming! Keep it up

how long these shits be up? gotta get that paycheck in for the boys dont cry/blonde shirt


Will be asap :) hopefully next week

/u/sapfire54 Is it possible for you to print the Nostalgia Ultra on a black tea?

Just not on the shirt i think Thanks heaps!


Thanks man means a lot!

Those last t's were fresh and this is dope also, love the idea keep doing what you're doing fam. Will be sure to cop ☝☝

<3 nothing but love

Brilliant products! I'll be sure to buy more of your new designs. Keep up the good work ❤️

If the shirts you've made so far are anything to go by, I'll be buying heaps! Keep doin what ya doing man, shit will come to you 🙂

Yeah absolutely dude

Appreciate it bro