Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II The Last Jedi Season

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II The Last Jedi Season

Pretty sure we just saw Iden's daughter. And she's definitely not Rey lol.

Jesus that's an open map. Specialists are going to love this.

"They keep saying Rey is Iden's daughter.."

"Seriously? Ffs.. just put a brief shot of Iden's real daughter in the TLJ season preview, that'll shut them up.. right?"

"Mm.. wishful thinking, but yeah put it in."

Everytime I see Crait it reminds me of red velvet cake.

THOSE WALKERS ARE SO COOL, aside from that this is some storm the beaches of Normandy type thing.

The speeders finally make sense! They're stirring up the dust to conceal an infantry sally.

Captain Phasma voice actress sounds decent, could even be Gwendoline Christie actually

It seems the infantry action will be taking place underground

Now we need Adam Driver to voice Kylo

Who is the chick at 1:04? Im assuming its the daughter, but she looks really familiar.

They just look like slightly modified AT ATs... Dont get me wrong I understand why that the first order is a revival of the empire so they use their tech but I still would have loved to see more unique vehicles from them.

Resistance red dust speeder things look pretty cool though.

Not to be negative but I think having Iden defect during the First Order/Resistance era would have been a much better call.

I loved the campaign as it was but I know a lot of people didn't. A full game as an Imperial would have been great, then Iden could have defected on the basis that the First Order is too extreme, and it's nothing like serving the Empire. Would have been a much more effective story in my opinion.

They NEED to add that Leia as a hero skin

Old Iden looks amazing :D

Shriv returns. 'Nough said

Believe it or not but those are probably two different groups of people. Crazy right?

daughter of Iden versio

From my point of view, the Rebellion is evil!

Protagonist can't be bad! Are you out of your mind? Empire is evil!

I really wished that would have happened. I always use the masked Kylo because unmasked is ehhh..

Along with Old Luke and Han!

Old Luke sprinting fast as fucl

I'm so excited for Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. Three years ago they were basically nobodies and now they can play as themselves in a triple-A title. Whatever warts the game itself has, that is so cool for them both.

Red velvet crait

She looks great except she wears the wrong armor.

yes, and with trans dimensional and suoer lightspeed tracking ability TFO forgoes the ability to see through dust?

Well then you are correct!

Maybe they will give us a pickaxe and let us mine those crystals for loot crates...

The only reason I use unmasked Kylo is cuz his “Cowards” emote sounds so much better without his masked. Masked Kylo just like...says Cowards with no emotion. Unmasked screams it and I love it.

I think they should have played with the hype.

Include a line in there "What about your daughter?" Or something (I'm sure it's in the script somewhere)

And then show Iden and not the daughter.

People would've been hype.

Daisy Ridley absolutely was, but to be fair John Boyega already had a strong body of work and was fairly famous.

Not gonna lie, if either Iden or her daughter have an actual cameo or are mentioned in The Last Jedi, even if for 1 split second, I'll smile.

The scouting mission over SKB was flown by Temmin "Snap" Wexley. Poe mentions "Snap's reconnaissance flight" in the film.

'm so excited, If the new content is this great I can't wait till we get clone wars stuff, I'm gonna cum in my pants when Grievous appears in an epic trailer fighting Obi Wan

Looks sick :) Seeing Ep 7/8 Leia in the game was so nice. Going to be so emotional seeing Carrie Fisher's last performance this month.

Crait looks really cool. I saw some Crytals in the caves, maybe a hint at Crystal foxes?

Yeah i wish the first order would have changed the obvious design flaw of long ass legs, and made the walkers more stout and less topheavy, at least these ones can put their legs out to the side a little

I guess they purpose built the use of the red smoke screen into it.

so like the clone ones? AT-TE

That flametrooper running around out in the open around the walkers.

Bless his optimistic little heart.

They did get John Boyega to voice Finn, so it wouldnt surprise me

It's still kinda weird to me seeing Finn with a Resistance blaster. I don't know if he uses it in TLJ, but I don't recall him doing anything with it in TFW aside from just holding it. He used the F-11D he picked up off of a fallen stormtrooper more than he used that blaster.

I'll take that bait, friend.

Sure why couldn't it? Traveling through light speed requires significant computation to prevent passage through matter.

Besides perhaps the crystalline makeup of Crait's crust would scatter laser fire, as would any crystal. Turbo lasers would probably blast you to a pulp, but targeting and standard blaster fire is probably out the window.

The model sure is now.

"Im assuming its the daughter"

I said that already, I mean actress wise...

Not realistic enough wasn't rubberbanding back and forth.

I just came here to read the hate from those who will never buy the game.

Your idea has the same flaw the existing story has. Nobody in a high position of the Empire should be under the delusion the Empire was about serving anyone other than the military leaders and the Emperor. The only thing the average Stormtrooper served was a good helping of blaster fire into the face of any civilian that got uppity.

She voiced Phasma in the Lego game, so I wouldn't be surprised

I don't think Battlefront 2 is on IMDB, at least not the DLC, to check

Almost like the players who "boycotted" the game never had any interest in it and left to go bandwagon on the next popular thing to be outraged at (I think we're on Destiny 2 now).

The game is fun and why wouldn't the people playing it be excited for more free content for it?

he fires it a few times, right after Han is killed he and Rey kill some stormtroopers

Old Iden and her daughter? Sweet.

I believe Shriv and the daughter are, with Iden, investigating Starkiller Base. And therefore, I believe they are the scouts that were headed there to check it out prior to the Battle of SKB. I also think Iden dies along the way, since Hux knew of the scouts, and thats the reason we wont see her.

You are now a mod of /sub/empiredidnothingwrong.

So Black One’s new ability is most definitely the booster rocket. YAAASSSS.

The new mission for the campaign? Its probably like 30-40 minutes if we're basing it off of the other missions.

Says the guy triggered by the sight of a black man...

If you spend your entire life in the imperial military, you could theoretically never see the civilian side of it. And even when you do, most of the time people will just pretend that they are happy and love the empire in fear of getting charged with treason. There's even dialogue between Iden and Hask that suggests that they are completely disillusioned to what the Rebel Alliance is actually trying to accomplish. It makes a lot of sense to have military personnel completely separate from civilians for the reason you stated. So I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. I think the flaw with the existing story is that Iden and Del's defection happened too early and too quickly.

Grievous model was found and his abilities were datamined so it's basically confirmed (and Obi Wan will probably come with him because of their iconic rivalry and because they will add a hero for each side in the free dlcs)

Heh, Snap snapped some recon photos

I believe it's safe to bet that we'll be getting a MASSIVE update on the 13th

I wasn't sure I liked those walkers until this trailer and now I'm a fan

Yes but a bit taller, in truth the AtAts height is a huge advantage for it

Confirmed by a DICE employee that it is her

I agree about Boyega. Attack the Block is amazing.

I personally have seen a noticeable shift in content on this subreddit over the past few weeks from “boycotting” and outrage to actual feedback to DICE, funny gameplay GIFS, etc. I chalk this up to the “boycotters” having said their peace about EA being the greediest company on the face of this planet and getting bored and just moving on.

The game isn’t perfect, the maps aren’t too awesome and the modes get repetitive but I’m still playing it and enjoying myself. Blasting droids with my DC-15A gives me immense joy that is extremely difficult to put into words haha.

And then subsequently let down? Why hype something that’s not coming.

Gwendolyn Christie became an instant favorite actress since her showing in GoT. My wife and I think she’s incredibly type-castes. When we heard she was playing as Captain Phasma, we thought that was the perfect choice. And now bae is in BF2017 <3

As disappointing as the campaign was, I’m pumped to see how it continues and what role Iden might play in the New Republic/Resistance - the biggest downfall of the campaign was just how rushed it was, most likely due to attempting to cram 30 years into a campaign for a casual game. Maybe with less to chew on the new portion will be a lot better.

If he has to

It’s like an AT-AT, but bigger this time!

Game aside and just discussing the movie here, is anyone else a bit worried that 8 may be too similar to 5? This looks an awful lot like the Battle for Hoth, just a desert instead of snow. I'm sure 8 will be visually stunning, but I hoped it was going to be it's own story and this is where the new trilogy really spins off into it's own. I may just be jumping to conclusions based upon a trailer for a video game.

HOLY SHIT. Those AT-M6’s are sick and DID I SEE A FUCKING REPUBLIC VENATOR IN THE BEGINNING?! Actually wait it’s just a Republic ship.

C’mon daisy was a naked dead body that one time. Totally not a nobody...

Szerted, im not a fan of hoth either ut this map looks like it will be awesome, its one of my favorite scenes from the movie trailer too

I used to think an older hero would never work. Ever. How can an older protagonist get around realistically?

Then Hideo Kojima was like, “Oh yeah? Fuck it guys, I’m making Metal Gear 4 and snake is going to be an old man. He’ll have an eyepatch with WiFi and have body ache problems.”

I see people always talking about these two. did they find these heroes in the game files or something?

You have to be smoking pcp if you think there is that significant of a story tie with this game..

it's dust from the planet, the "skimmers" (rebel ships) are breaking the dirt surface and kicking up the red dust from underground

mace windu was a hero in 2005