Star Guardian Reveal on FB

Star Guardian Reveal on FB

SG Ezreal: My job here is done

SG Lux: But you didn't do anything

SG Ezreal: *Arcane Shifts away*

And with that, we are finally off the leak train.

What a crazy ride

Syndra Ahri Ezreal Miss Fortune Soraka

"Day 273, they still think I'm gay"

SG Lux: But you didn't do anything

SG Ezreal: Arcane Shifts away

Sums up most Ezreals I see these days


Ezreal in the harem dream

Only "Almost-baked-evelynn" missing now

Cries in Yorick

Day 278, Taric looked really cute in his outfit today

*Wallet starts crying in the corner.

another skin for ezreal fml

Did you mean "Almost-naked"? Almost-baked Evelynn would be lit though.

holy shit 2 syndra skins in one year.

rito employee : sir we don't have enough money to fill up your real life scrooge mcduck money vault

merill : hold my beer

Alas poor Ornn gets the short end of the stick just like Ivern.

top 10 anime betrayals

Cries in Urgot

Another yearly ahri skin it seems

with the enemy in the background I would love to see an enemy-skin for star guardian in the future.... but WOW a 360 degree picture? .. that looks awesome!! really hyped

Ez: Sorry I'm only into half dragon girls

Cries in Viktor

You obviously didn't hear what happened to 2013 SKT Ahri.


Wouldn't it be almost-lit?

Only the anime characters get good skins silly.

This is what was leaked a few months ago for anyone who is OOTL. Leaks suck, glad it's over with :)

Not even just in one year, only a month apart.

LOL. The main designer of Ornn is the same as Ivern, so we can assume... when a champ designed by him comes out, Star Guardian skins come out too.

SG Lux: But you didn't do anything

SG Ezreal: What's your point?

I mean all of these champions have a lot of skins. MF, Soraka, Ahri, and Ezreal already have a plethora of skins, and Syndra isn't exactly short of skins herself.

Point is skins for these champions sell, so they get more of them. Just a sad fact of the business.

They look pretty good though so can't complain too much.

FYI Ahri skin will be orange and pink!

FYI Ahri skin will be orange and pink! Source:

It's tough with him being so weak at the moment

Lux looks like she just fell in love with ezreal the typical anime girl way

Idm Ezreal he only has 2 skins that actually change his spells and one of them is ultimate.

Edit: said legendary instead of ultimate

Cries in Swain

But no homo

It isn't over, still no Evelynn update.

Cries in wallet

SG Ezreal : You're a fucking idiot

Kinda sucks they didn't experiment the color palette, it's a copy-paste from last SG skins.

Poppy-Ezreal are blue

Jinx-MF are red

Lux-Ahri are pink

Janna-Syndra are purple

Lulu-Soraka are green

Dark Star I think is their enemy (im assuming)

You obviously didn't hear that Riot said competitive skins won't get in the way of normal skin releases anymore or vise versa.

No Star Guardian Illaoi?

I can't believe this.

Gonna have to go back to permabanning ahri again. thanks riot.

-Champion with high play rate

-Aesthetically pleasing to males

-Basically a god damn succubus

Bonus - Appealing to some furries.

Marketing 101.

Day 280: Slept with Taric, but said no homo so its k

My Maiden is an anime waifu and I don't care how hard anyone denies it.

Shoulda left her in for another 5 minutes

Anime was a mistake

The last one was competitive themed so it doesn't count.

Cries in Zac (in more ways than one)

One of these coulda been a Taliyah skin instead of Ahri or Soraka :(

Not surprised with Star Guardian Ahri, riot knows it will be massive cash grab.

Lux blushing at Ezreal. I ship it.

As of 8th August 2017

Days passed since last Yorick skin released : 2239 days

2,239 days is equal to 319 weeks and 6 days.

The total time span from 2011-06-22 to 2017-08-08 is 53,736 hours.

This is equivalent to 3,224,160 minutes.

You can also convert 2,239 days to 193,449,600 seconds.

It depends on the champ, it's hard to hype a champ when you make an awful facebook video like they did for ornn. I don't know about you, but the hype for Jhin and Bard was great.

Dw,riot is working on startuardian Urgot for next year,it's going to be ultimate skin where he combines all other starguardians into his knees and uses combined power of all star guardians to fire his ultimate move shackles of firendship

You ever think that the update has already arrived but you just can't see it because she's permanently invisible?

Cries in Aurelion Sol

Almost there for the naked Evelynn

Her base skin is fairly similar to dark star, purple and black. It would be a tad redundant even if they did give her spheres some cool effects.

I just wanted my star guardian urgot dreams to come true :(

I'm pretty sure Ahri is one of the most popular champs for female players too. And some furries?

Buff him to succeed in the tank meta and he'll be ridiculous out of it, to be fair.

O M G !!! I'm so hyped! Someone hold me!

Yeah they seem to hype up skins more than champions nowadays, but it's understandable since the skins make a lot of money.

She needs a skin. A friend of mine is so salty over her lack of a nonrelease skin that he's permanently on tilt.

There's no way there isn't an Urgot teaser in this.

Is Urgot's Star Guardian skin gonna be that giant ass monster?

The monster above lux/below jinx with a tentacle being chopped kinda looks like VelKoz.

To the right of VelKoz is Cho Gath.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if we get the antithesis to the star guardian skins. That way Riot can kinda cross the Star Guardian Urgot meme off without putting him in a tutu.

Save this comment for when I called it.

What saddens me the most is that I decided to main him before the buffs to lethality and stuff,then I got the pulsefire skin from hextech and was really happy thinking it was I can't even go to lane that a 0-4 draven one shots me -_-

Pretty sure Viktor skins would've sold like hotcakes during his 2 years in the meta, how would they know otherwise if they don't give him a skin in 3 years?

Understandable that some champions do get more skins than others, from a business standpoint it makes sense. But to not give some champions a single skin over the span of 3, 4 or 5 years, thats ridiculous.

Is that Cho and Vel in the back?

Boobies aren't a spell, even though they're magic.

Tarics Diary, Entry 2032: Ezreal still thinks he's straight, lol. I think I'm wearing pink tomorrow ;)

Urgot my love :(

The big deal is the fact that they keep talking about those "Limited Annual slots for skins" and they are working always on the same champions.

I enjoy leaks

more along the lines of this

more along the lines of

I see Vel'koz and Cho'gath and not just one

I kinda wish Syndra was dark star instead of star guardian

Bruh back off, it's not your maiden.

Yes, I was wondering who that was in the background, it's Miss Fortune :D All and all, will wait and see how the abilities look like :D

Not even mad

The problem is that it's another PINK skin for Ahri

I have a feeling that Taliyah could get this years Championship skin.

Star Nemesis Urgot certainly has a ring to it...

Dont know why but I'm dissapointed :( Star Guardian is my favorite skin theme. But I don't like the champ selection for the new skins. Dont know why they again release skins for Ahri and Ez ?! Star Guardian Irelia would be so nice for example...

FFS another skin for Ezreal and Ahri.

This is the second patch which they received a duo skin in 1 year.


Have you seen ezreal? The dude is too hot for literally everyone

Ezreal should be in a skirt and thigh highs like the rest of them.

I bet that's Ahri she's ogling there.

They're unrelated skin lines. Star Guardian has nothing to do with Dark Star, even though it would make sense.

I find your comment & flair combination extremely ironic.

The point is, everyone complains about everything.

I was pretty happy to know what was coming.

hugs come snuggle with me idiot baka

He literally doesn't do anything

My dic---I mean, my wallet. :(

hugs come snuggle with me idiot

Aurelion Sol's base skin is fucking fantastic though, as is his voice actor. I'm not even mad that he doesn't have another skin.

Especially for Jhin, I remember all the theories people were coming up with, was so fun

I think that is Star Guardian Jinx on her Ult.

Ez: Sorry I'm only into half dragon girl legs