Stanford's Bryce Love wins the Doak Walker Award as the nation's top running back

Stanford's Bryce Love wins the Doak Walker Award as the nation's top running back

Anyone who says it should be Saquon probably goes to bed before 10pm EST

Well deserved. Dude averaged 8.3 YPC. That is absurd.

Earned it! #2 Heisman confirmed

Woulda been a lot more.. he was visibly injured the last 4.5 games. Visibly slower and loss of agility. I’m amazed he impacted games down the stretch as much as he did, I really am.

Was hopeful, but kinda knew it wouldn’t happen for Saquon. Well earned by Love.

The PAC12 CCG was so sad and impressive because you could see him limping off the field after pretty much every run, but he was always right back in there.

Yep. Barkley is a better returner and receiver. But this award is for a running back. And nobody has been a better running back than Bryce Love this season.

I think part of Barkley's allure is his physique mixed with skill set. I still think he's the highest RB taken in the draft.

Bryce Love is one of those RBs who have to watch play. Reading about him, I was like OK a good Stanford RB, what else is new.

Watched him play. Dude is really fucking good. You don't get how quick he is until you watch him. I hope my Lions can get him in the draft.

This is Stanford’s second Doak Walker Award Winner.

Stanford’s previous Doak Walker Award winner, Toby Gerhart, finished second in Heisman voting in 2009. Gerhart lost the Heisman by 28 votes to another RB (who he beat for the Doak Walker) in the closest Heisman vote in history.

Yeah 230ish pounds with that kind of agility and speed. First thing I noticed. Those elite cuts with that size.

Special player and a special person, well deserved!

Barkley is definitely the best talent at the position & maybe even in all of college football but you still need to put up elite stats to win awards. Not his fault for most of his stats but they are what they are

I mean, it's not? Love had an insane season. The only people mentioning Saquon in here so far are people making jokes that don't have Penn State flair.

Loving Barkley doesn't mean that I can't be completely wowed by Love. I slept many less hours this year so I could see him as much as possible.

It doesn’t help Love that he basically had one ankle over the last few games

I expected some salt from Penn State people but you guys are alright.

He was doing that against ND too. Kid has amazing toughness

I'll take who should win this award for $400 Alex

Well deserved. Had our line blocked for 26 better he could’ve won it. Love is a tough S.O.B and I love that Love won it (no pun intended)

His legs are enormous. Dude can squat a truck and yet is graceful.

Bammer and Lions fan? That must be quite the letdown on Sunday

If Love was healthy, he would have had many more yards, which is a hypothetical situation just like if Barkley was behind a different line.

Could've been Penny

Someone's obsessed.

He holds team weight room records. He lifts more than any of the linebackers at Linebacker U ever have.

Love is great and deep down inside i know that because he performed better he won the award over SaSa


You’re referencing stats. I made no comment of the stats.

When Barkley is getting met by defenders 3 yards+ deep in the back field upon handoff by P5 linebackers, he is fucked and so is every other RB you could ever put in that same predicament. There’s no away to consistently get around that, even though he managed to do it a few times, bless his heart. Whenever this kid got holes this year, he murdered defenses in astonishing ways. Period.

Oh man, you didn’t watch the last few games huh.


Indeed, ton of respect for Love

I'm pretty sure he was averaging a 1st down every touch before he got hurt

Lololol is a that the Reddit version of "I know you are but what am I?"

Why? Because of his stats?

I’m sorry, but you’re delusional if you think anybody other than Love should have won this award

No they aren't ignorant, they are just factually inclined. Jonathan Taylor, Bryce love. David Montgomery, etc... all forced more missed tackles and generated more yardage after contact than Barkley.

I'm a big Saquon and Taylor guy as well so really can't go wrong with any of the three!

Reminds me of Melvin Gordon. I thought he was just another Wisconsin running back until I saw him play. Auburn thought the same thing until he destroyed them.

I'm not sure that guy knows who Bryce Love is. He just KNOWS that Barkley sucks.

Realllly coming off the high.

Are you kidding me? Penny and Love have similar stats and Love did it while injured.

Can't deny that yardage and ypc, man

Whoa, never seen that flair in the wild. Is campus on fire yet?