St. Pete police employee fired after personal rifle ‘accidentally’ fired inside HQ

St. Pete police employee fired after personal rifle ‘accidentally’ fired inside HQ
St. Pete police employee fired after personal rifle ‘accidentally’ fired inside HQ

Come on, every one gets one desk pop!

Scott Hughes, a St. Petersburg police forensic technician, wasn’t allowed to bring his personal Colt AR-15 semiautomatic rifle into headquarters.

Says everything you need to know right there. Not a cop, not allowed to bring it to work, yet did it anyway. What took so long to fire him? I doubt he was hiding it.

Had he been an actual police officer, and not a forensic technician, all would have been hunky-dory. Only cops get free desk pops.

the chief said Hughes told them that he had been discretely storing the rifle in his locker for years, since his previous supervisor gave him permission. That supervisor retired about two years ago

he was

There is no such thing as accidental discharges, only negligent discharges.

You know what's funny? My nail gun has never accidentally fired. Owned it 11 years. I renovated 55% of my house including framing. I discharge it probably tens of thousands of times. Not one accidental discharge.

This amazing feat is caused by me treating it like a tool. And not an extension of my dick.

Yup. Did one last week

Horseshit. Nothing wrong with a desk pop every now n then...u fuckin' libral!

Negligent discharge leads to employee discharge.

And children.

self-explanatory that you should not be bringing a weapon to a workplace," Holloway said. "Especially a weapon like that."

Bring your SBR in .308 in next time Scott! How are you going to deal with shooting around tight corners or hitting a target behind cover with that AR15 next time a firefight breaks out at the office?

Ahh. He was a “police forensic technician.” This position is evidently unprotected by the same ridiculous unions and due process that result in paid leaves and desk jobs for the numerous cops who have discharged their weapons intentionally into people.

I think all of us cool ppl were thinking the same thing. Terry! I just did my first desk pop!

They call that a desk pop

God damnit Pryzbylewski!

This rule also works for sleeping with co-workers.

I had an accidental disharge once. I bought a Beretta mod 52 used. Chambered a round, applied the safety, gun fired.

I still have a [patched] hole in the bathroom door.

I discovered that it was missing a small wire spring. I made a new one out of piano wire and it fixed the problem, but I never used the safety on that firearm again.

God damn you beat me to it!

Ehh, I have seen 1-2 truly accidental discharges. One involved a 1911 that when the slide was dropped, fired a round into the berm at the range. Finger was off the trigger, gun was clean and free of debris. They are super rare, but they do happen.

This may surprise you, but you can make jokes outside of /sub/jokes. I know, couldn't believe the first time I heard it as well.

Sworn officers have occasionally discharged their weapons by accident. They are usually reprimanded for that, Fernandez said, and not fired.

Maybe not far from the truth.

If he had just claimed he felt threatened he would be fine.