Sprouting an avocado tree from a grocery store avocado pit

Sprouting an avocado tree from a grocery store avocado pit

Nice work mine never sprout.

This one started showing a root at two weeks, but some can take 4-5 weeks. I must admit that having patience was extremely difficult though

Patience is an understatement... It takes 15 years of growing and constant attention before it might produce an avocado.

I thought it was a dead fish at first.cool!

Mine either. I had it in water for like that for 3 weeks

Why do people still use this complex method? Perhaps it looks interesting, but it’s totally unnecessary to get an avocado pit to sprout.

I have tried this method about six times, with limited success, and had to throw out all of it after a week. A couple of months ago, I bought pots for my garden plants and had one left, and enough dirt to fill it. A day later, after eating an avocado, I decided to push the pit into the dirt. I poured some water onto it, but then forgot about this silly action.

One month later, I looked at the pot, and there was a stick(!) poking out of it. I couldn’t remember what I had planted, so I got excited. After another week, leaves appeared. I couldn’t believe it worked, so I tried it again with a different type of avocado. Same result! In about 7 years from now I’ll have my own avocados!

In a temperate or cold climate it would be far easier, and perhaps more fun, to use a chestnut for a glass-top experiment. Just stick in the toothpicks, then pour water over the chestnut until the water in the glass touches the nut. It doesn’t need direct sunlight. When the water level drops too low, add more by pouring it over the nut.

TL;DR: Tried it; didn’t work. Simply used a pot of dirt, or try it with a chestnut instead.

But you have to be on the constant lookout for lemon stealing whores.

Can't say I've ever seen a profile exclusively featuring downvoted comments before. Well done

They told me that about peaches too. Well, 20 years and 16 successful harvests later, I'm up to my eyeballs in peaches every year.

I read that avocados (grown from seed) rarely give fruit. Its better to graft it.

Farmville lied to you.

Fun fact: The Hass avocados that you usually get in the grocery store are all from the same tree that has been repeatedly grafted since the 1930s. It's children do not yield avocados that are of similar quality, so instead of breading it they just keep grafting clippings.

So, in 7 years, you'll probably get crappy avocados.

Liar, you've got the brain in a jar from robocop 2.

Liar, you've got the from robocop 2.

It's a tree... they last awhile

This is the same with a lemon tree grown from scratch. Just buy a large fruiting lemon tree.

The first one I sprouted a few years ago is about 5ft tall now. Growing in a pot in my living room in Boston

It takes ungodly amount of time depending on conditions. I had a root in mine and after planting it, it only slowly started sprouting in a month and a half.

What I'm saying is give it some time.

So cool!

My mom does this all the time. I don't think she's ever had a full grown plant though

That's actually a beer glass! They won't produce a root unless they have access to a lot of water. But they can't be completely under water or they'll rot. So keeping a pit halfway in water for a few weeks works really well

Why is it in a vase? Is that how avocados grow naturally?