Spring is finally here

Spring is finally here

That looks like two different pictures entirely.

Tell that to the north east... I'm gonna just cuddle in my burrito blanket since we're just skipping spring...

There's gotta be a subreddit for pictures like this. If there isn't, we need one

Central Illinois here, it's snowing this morning.

Accurately said. The weather outside my house is changing between light snow and light hail every 5 minutes. To think I thought winter was over.


That kid ruins the whole image

We just got 2 feet of snow in Minnesota 😢

It does, but if you look at the kid wearing a black hoodie with a green shirt underneath, his right half is in the grass.

"Fuck you" -Wisconsin

that subreddit is like riddles for my eyes

Minnesota here. Just got done with our snowfall in the early morning. Debating whether the roads are good enough to get to work yet.