SpiderBgerg worst play

SpiderBgerg worst play

Not playing elise -0/10

Because he does whatever a spider can.

His Spider sense didn't alert him from the Danger.

Why was he dressed as Spiderman?

Reminds me of The Rain Man. "why is he standing" "I stand for those who cannot"

Not even Spider Sense can detect the bullshit that is random creep block.

As weird as this may seem, Bjerg's voice fits Spider-Man really well, atleast that's what it feels like to me anyways.




TSM name change incoming: Team Spider Man

Now kiss

with rice - 2/10

Before he goes in: "Here comes the spidermaaaaan" When he dies: "There goes the spidermaaaaan"

His personality, build, and voice fit Spider-Man o_O

That wasn't random creep block. It was Bjerg walking in front of 2 rows of melee minions and trying to get right through the middle of them.

...and the creeps blocked him. I think we have a word for this...

The real question is why was he never dressed as Spiderman before?

He couldn't save them at worlds tho...

yes you can

who is bgerg ?

bgurger king?

Minion obstruction, what a piss off.

lol I felt the same way as well


It was obviously creep block, but was it RANDOM creep block?

Look, guys, creeps are units. You cannot move through them. They take up space. He tried to walk through a line of them, and didn't succeed. Go figure.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Maybe TSM is just Gwen Stacy

Oh oops

The amount of people who initially pronounced the J and G when he first transferred probably has something to do with it.

Or he fucked up the title.. who knows.

... "build"

Who says he didn't while saving the world?

What if he couldn't and this was his last attempt at asking for help as he suffocates to death from laughing. RIP /u/xslow