Spectator at PyeongChang

God damn that was smooth

Oh snap, a rare double deal-with-it. 10/10.

Papa bless!

Edit: Thank you to every single comment for the kind words and thank you also for the golds! They mean more to me than olympic gold medals on this blessed day. This is unreal! Absolutely nutty! I love every single one of you. Here's to more goofs and gafs and zoops and zaps!

That's /u/kambam95. He is an Olympic figure skater for South Korea. The dude is awesome and deserves some recognition for his skill at figure skating and his dedication to the memes.

Edit: Don't know if it is him, but I caught this Korean guy dabbing at the opening ceremony and I'm hoping it is him. Dab

Edit 2: Confirmed! We are in for a meme filled Olympics this year bois. Papa bless /u/kambam95 and may his memes stand the test of time!

When you're cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day.

THAT WAS ME DABBING TOO AHAHAHHA!!! I wanna make this olympics a very MEMEorable one!!!!

The Olympics have barely started and this guy has already won everything

I think I'm pregnant now just from watching that


The double glasses are cool, but hot damn what a great effort at not pissing himself with laughter at the reveal. He almost breaks, but he kept his shit together and now he has this moment forever.


"Honey, please do not embarrass me in front of millions of people tonight."

"Babe, it's billions. I only do billions now. Deal with it."

This is as close as I’ve ever come to meeting someone famous.

now he has this moment forever.

Pending the results of the drug tests, he stands to win the Gold.

The hero we need.

"John!... You are a man"

This wednesday 10am korean time!

We are all friends here on this planet my dude.

Oh God sort by top all. Too good

Why do I get the feeling his whole life lead up to that moment

Zoop πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰

Feels better than 2 olympic golds

I'm not gay but I would want his babies

That's Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET for all you math-ers out there.

Removing a pair of sunglasses to reveal a second pair of sunglasses is probably the simplest thing that makes me laugh every time.

Hey man, when's the next time you guys are gonna be on again? I want to cheer you guys on!

And what did he win?

Another pair of hater-blockers.

But not your eyes

The Original



This guy is becoming reddit famous after that post on /sub/h3h3productions

the Naysh!

Proof it's him: https://i.imgur.com/nexyBbH.jpg

What a day to be alive!

Well technically it did...

alright Rumpelstiltskin chill out

I actually trained with the North Korean figure skating pair team when they visited Montreal for 2 months. They are really hard working and friendly people so it wasn't hard at all to get close to them. They're weren't too open about sharing their personal lives but we talked a lot about our skating lives and our training. Personally, I was quite surprised when the combined women's hockey team was announced a month before the olympics because that meant that some South Korean players might not get any play time. It seemed a little unfair to the athletes who worked hard to make the olympic team, only to get benched because of politics. However, in the big picture, I think it shows a little bit of hope and promise for the future. That's just my two cents thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen.

One of my favorite places.

Spoiler Alert: He is completely blind.

One of my favorite places.

Thanks for the support! Both of my parents are Korean but I was born in New zealand so I have dual citizenship. When Pyeongchang was chosen as the host for the 2018 Olympics it became my dream to compete in Korea for Korea!

Naturally. Korea's got Seoul.

I'll excuse myself.

holy shit he's a legit redditor.

@Kambam95 can i tell my friends that were friends now since we're in the same thread?

It’s okay if you throw shade. He’s doubly prepared.



What fucking timeline is this?

We are all alive on this blessed day!

And the obligatory following gif

I literally just gave birth to triples after watching that... And I'm a man.

I love you please respond thank you also please do an AMA how is it going are you having fun

nah, he's actually achieving something in his life

Dude, leave some pussy for the rest of us fam

An even earlier version

starring a guy that kind of looks like young nick cage, and later another guy that kind of looks like shia labeouf.

Ray banned for being too dope

This is already my favorite moment from the Winter Olympics.

This and that one speed skating race where the guy in last jumps to first in the last lap because everyone ahead of him gets wiped out.

Do you want fans? This is how you get fans

βŒβ– -β– 

Pretty sure this is one of the athletes. It looks like he's wearing the team jacket, and is sitting in the team kiss-and-cry area for Korea. Nonetheless- sick move.

You've seen it here first. Here is an alternate angle.

You've seen it here first. is an alternate angle.

Highly unfulfilled and disappointed

And a meme is born

What did he win?

Reddit gold (medal)?

Your whole life has led up to this comment. How does that make you feel?

How do you feel now that you got 2 gold? Lol

What a guy

Are we doing this?

Steven Bradbury wins gold for Australia. Skip to 1:35.

dammit, now I'm gay

I think that's a yes! α••( ᐛ )α•—

Oh God sort by top all. Too good

Sick. im Korean American. but never really was into watching sports. guess i have a reason to watch this olympics. ill be rooting for you. cheers.

quick question if you dont mind sharing. after you shared your name, I looked u up. looks like you were born in New Zealand. What made you go back to Korea, bceome an olympic athlete, and even represent korea instead of New zealand?

I'm erect now.


We are all erect on this blessed day!


Triplets? or did you give birth on a baseball diamond?

Someone else just pointed out that it's Alex Kang Chang Bam.

The sun never sets on a badass

One of my favorite places.

damn, Olympic athletes are people too!?

Winter is coming!

One of my favorite places.

God damn Koreans got joke. I see y'all.

How are we only in 2018 when he’s all of the way in 3018?

Cheeky smirk. He knows it.

Scattering memes throughout the olympics. I like it.

He can do whatever he wants to. This is a free country

Nice gif bro! GL!! Get that gold!!!!!!

Can we... can we high five over the internet?

I don't even fucking know anymore man...

It's pretty cool so far though

That's Alex Kang Chang Bam! His insta is pretty funny too. link

What about this?

And one more from me!

Good luck Wednesday :)

says you, i just finished my 17th beer of the day. i'd say that's getting something achieved.

No, they're memes now

one. of. us. one. of. us.

And the grand daddy of them all