@SpaceX: Falcon Heavy side cores have landed at SpaceX’s Landing Zones 1 and 2.

@SpaceX: Falcon Heavy side cores have landed at SpaceX’s Landing Zones 1 and 2.

This is fucking incredible. I mean absolutely incredible.

This could be the start of something huge for our species.

I cant believe they landed both at the same time. Just stunning engineering by the SpaceX Team

I was crying my eyes out while watching the two boosters land side by side. What a momentous occasion!

I can't wait for the day when this becomes mundane and commonplace! Bright times ahead~

Edit - the shot : official [x], and gif [x]

Watching the two land at the same time will be a moment ill never forget

The live footage was unbelievable. I'm so excited for the future Falcon flights and how they will be broadcasted!

What's with the core? Did it land successfully?

It was rumored that they were gonna stagger them by 15 seconds or so to stop them from interfering with each other

It’s landing on a drone barge, but it was shaking so much that connection was lost. Status will update soon.

I don't think there is another way to land them than at the same time. But yes, pretty cool.

the whole office took a few minutes to watch this together. that was incredible...

This might be one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed! Incredible flight! Hope that center core made it through.


love the sense of humor and 'Hitchhikers' references that Musk and company has

The central core was just another Falcon 9, it landed farther away because it ferried the payload much longer. The two booster Falcon 9's broke away just after it launched landed where they took off from, the central core continued another several minutes out over the ocean.

The Falcon Heavy isn't a "new" rocket, its just a system of three Falcon 9's strapped together to lift far more than a single Falcon 9 could into orbit.

Not another way? Lol, like one happening to land a few seconds before the other? Seems more impressive that it was simultaneous, than if it wasn't.


They lost the centre core.

No doubt they were running a 15-30 second delay and cut the footage from the automatic drone barge. No way they wanted to cap it off with such a huge disappointment, still 2/3 is amazing.

It seems as if it might not have (successfully). We'll probably know for sure in an hour or so. Still two out of three falcons recovered on their first falcon heavy launch (primary mission success) isn't bad at all. If the center core didn't make it back intact, they'll learn from that too.

this live feed

I'm watching , and it sounds like it is unknown what the status is on the center core. Wait 2-3 minutes, and it may have changed.

that is in fact the primary purpose of using a drone barge

The core landed 100+ miles downrange, you wouldn’t have heard it

My money is on "No". Mission Control must surely have had all data. You can hear them say "And we lost center stage" in the feed at around 38min29sec. If that means that they lost the data link (without double redundant, indicating a complete loss) or if they knew they actually lost the core, who knows. All I know is that the hosts looked worried for a moment during the feed there, and that they haven't yet shown any footage from one of the other cameras no doubt circling the barge in the water and in the air.

The thing about rockets is that adding more fuel/engines won’t inherently increase the possible payload weight by a large amount. Adding more fuel would require more fuel in order to lift the previously mentioned fuel. So adding more engines could get you as little as ounces of extra payload.

Looks like straight out of a scifi novel. Absolutely Amazing.

I was watching the launch from Cocoa Beach and there was a loud explosion, I assume it was the core. Edit: the Sonic boom was the side cores landing.

This, If center core landed everyone would know about it already.

Seems like there should be some boats nearby.

Wouldn't it be the opposite? You wouldn't want boats milling around in the area downrange in case of an accident, however remote.

Same here. The thing that gets me the most is thinking about the people that built it. Being a millwright/mechanic I think about the kid 30 years ago that watched some one weld, then one day he tried it and liked it. Over the years he got better then applied for a job with Spacex. Supervisor calls him over and ask if he can pass an x-Ray test and he does. Week later he's in a meeting reading the blue prints for this monster then he and a team start building. Then 2/6/2018 something he helped build makes history. That is the American dream to me. I would give the world to take part is something like that. Even if it's just putting one bolt in.

Tears here too! Didn't expect to be so emotional but what an incredible day. History!