Space X simultaneous booster landing

We are going to Mars.

We are friggin' going to Mars.

I'm alive and we are going to Mars.

That was awesome! The cameras cut out on the middl section. Did it land successfully too?

I like that there’s a Tesla roadster that is going to orbit the sun/mars for the next million years now. I sincerely hope humanity forgets about it and then rediscovers it someday.

I'm sure some day, someone will go collect it and sell it for a crap load of money at auction.

It landed, but probably in the ocean next to OCISLY by the looks of it (if you rewatch the hosted stream, just as he says "we've had confirmation... nope" the screen to the right of him comes back online showing a very smoky, but empty OCISLY)

Technically the payload of this launch was a Tesla car heading for Mars orbit. But I think both of you mean sending people and as far as i know those plans are still tentative at best.

But this is a giant leap towards that goal! Biggest rocket since the Saturn V (the one that took us to the moon),and this one is mostly reusable! Things are looking bright!

We lost the signal from the droneship. Might because of the vibrations. That happened many times with the F9, so don't worry.

it's not headed for mars orbit - it's on a mars transit orbit, meaning the further part of its orbit intersects where mars would be - if the planets were lined up correctly. the launch was to demonstrate the capability to get to mars, but without properly timing the launch window (and sending along propellent for capture @ mars), this isn't going to go anywhere near Mars



When will that happen? Are there any plans to actually get into a Mars orbit?

Footage of 3rd booster landing on platform

Those bottom feeds were the exact same feed.

Watching this live was so exciting! It kind of restored my faith in humanity a bit. People are awesome!

Or maybe they're just happy to see the rocket

It doesn't need propellant for capture, it's an electric car!

there's a bunch of people stood at the bottom, imagine one of them has a banana in their pocket.

Well, interplanetary traffic is unlikely to ever be that busy. Space is vast and empty.

This bothered me a lot. They even re-assured us they weren't the same feed. But once you saw the landing pads it was for sure the same feed.

I fully expect Elon to go pick it up off mars, land it, and submit it for maintenance with the tesla mars office in a couple decades.

I was thinking the same, it seemed so odd to cut the stream before the final release.

I still can't tell how big it is. Should have put a banana for scale.

How big are dem tings ?

Elon confirmed that the core ran out of propellant needed to slow down and crashed 100m away from the drone ship at 300mph. The smoke in the video is actually debris from the core. The cameras on the ship got destroyed.

I'm sure that technology will trickle down to us regular people and everything will be swell and not at all dystopian.

One of the technicians said "we lost the center core" at in the other livestream. Following that, I checked the footage from the landing, and the few frames of grey look like smoke to me. I slowed the footage down and there is a black object that flies toward the camera over a few frames at the right of the screen. I think it has crashed

Some day, they might have to recover it. Just like most test launch payloads, it's really just space debris, and with space traffic getting busier and busier, this sorts of things could be very dangerous in 100 years depending on its orbit. You don't want a Kessler reaction on your hands!

JAXA (Japanese space agency) in particular has been working on satellite retrieval systems.

Probably didn’t want to ruin the hype of the other 2, 2/3 is still amazing

This is what a well budgeted and progressive company can do. They can land the FUCKING ROCKET BOOSTERS. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Isn’t SpaceX later this year throwing some millionaires around the Moon?


I’m sure it’s as easy as just that. It’s not like rocket appliances or something.

Reminds me of Musk's comment "I'd like to die on Mars, just not on impact."

Sorry Mr. Musk, but launching your car into space voids the warranty.

Yeah.... it "landed" at 500kph about 100m away from the drone ship.

The signal always immediately returned after successful landings, only cutting out during touchdown. The center core is almost certainly in pieces. Most evidence points to it missing the barge and exploding in the water next to it. We see smoke in the last frame of the video, but no rocket. The frame before that shows what looks to be a landing leg off to the right side of the barge.

The stream cuts out almost every time they land on the barge, it’s just the vibrations making the antenna lose signal. They usually have the landing (or explosion) footage within a few hours, though.

Eh, never say never. Molecular biologists could figure out how to effect telomere regeneration and from there begin restorative therapy of individual cells through genetic engineering.

Could be that if you can hang on for another six or seven decades that we’ll figure out how not to die.

I don't think they're doing that anymore. Something with that they don't want to certify it for humans.

Saw this live at work, I was freaking out at my desk. It was so smooth.

You goddamn dickhead, I was shocked at first before it dawned me.

Well Elon wants to send an unmanned mission in 2024 and a manned one before 2030 using the BFR and BFS. IIRC, NASA recently started working with SpaceX to help that plan along.

That is telemetry for the second stage, which is still in space pushing the Roadster to orbit.

BFR: Big Fucking Rocket BFS: Big Fucking Spaceship

For those who don't know

I noticed it instantly when the cold thrusters went at the exact same time. I couldn't believe they made that mistake. And it was blatently obvious when the same landing pad came into view.

They reuploaded the stream footage with the fixed booster video feed and Starman fairing reveal

The space feed was the same as well. There were a few frames I caught where the engine exhaust is the exact same pattern in the other feed. What we saw streamed live was the same feed just cropped slightly differently and a few milliseconds delay.

Even during liftoff, the cameras are oriented in such a way that it couldn't be two different boosters.

Must've been a mistake whoever was controlling the live stream.


It'll probably be a TIL post in 50-60 years

Elon: I am the warranty!

It landed in the ocean at 300+ mph and may have damaged the drone ship. It did not have enough fuel to slow down and land successfully, but they weren’t planning on reusing it anyway.

Not propellant, they ran out of tea-teb for igniting the fuel.

I haven't seen anything about the path it'll be following, I just hope it doesn't eventually decay somehow and smash into Mars eventually. The first interplanetary car crash.

Nothing more has been said other than two out of three engines ran out of TEA-TEB, any assertion as to why they ran out would just be speculation.

TEA-TEB (triethylaluminium-triethylborane) is a pyrophoric mixture used during the ignition process of the engines on a Falcon 9. While on the pad for launch this TEA-TEB comes from ground support equipment and ignites all nine engines. In order to restart the engines during flight for the various engine burns required for a landing three of the nine engines are equipped with their own supply of TEA-TEB. During a post-launch conference Elon Musk stated that two of those three engines ran out of TEA-TEB (so likely did not ignite) and the rocket impacted the ocean at 300mph.

The Falcon 9 does not hover before landing and aims to exactly reach zero velocity at zero altitude. It is an incredibly precise maneuver with little margin for error, not having two of your engines is a pretty big error.

If I recall, its going to be in a slightly eccentric elliptical heliocentric orbit (but with a Mars-orbit trajectory), with its orbital plane shifted something like 6 degrees out of phase so the car will never encounter Earth or Mars.

I think it was only an identical feed for the landing. The space shots, while similar, did seem a bit different especially with the rcs timing.

About as tall as a 15 story building. I've stood under one of those boosters IRL but it still seems unreal to watch that dual landing! My head can't connect that those two things are the same.


Whoever was controlling the stream royally messed up. Right at the big fairing reveal they cut to the KSP orbital map instead. Then at the end of the stream they replayed the fairing shot twice in a row to try to make up for it.

I knew those booster feeds looked too similar though.

This is the most sci-fi thing I have ever seen

Yeah, they're trying to dedicate as many resources as possible to BFR. That means ramping down development on Falcon and just using those rockets as a steady source of income for the next few years.

I thought this payload was going to orbit the sun and sometimes be close to Mars orbit

You're funny, but also right- ballistic capture trajectories could work for Mars transfers!

Too bad we wont be alive when we go to another habitable planet or when are as advanced as star trek shit

You misspelled days.

From the media briefing:

Side boosters look in very good condition, both reflyable, but no plans to do so. Had no plans to...

Center core hit the water about 100 meters from drone ship, enough to take out two drone ship thr...

But they did lose the core, it missed the ship and they cut the feed during LOS. You could see the view come back on in the commentator's background and the call-out in their MCC-X voice loop. Ship looked undamaged, though.

No they missed and crashed into the ocean.

You should email the rocket scientists, I bet they didn't think of that.

They fixed it in the edited version of the launch video:

jesus christ, that is remarkable. I had no idea they were the as tall as buildings. Makes this even that more impressive to me

My kids joined me on the couch, will definitely plan to see a live launch.

It is. It's a reference to Doom's BFG.

Because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The cameras aren't just vibrating because they're mounted to a vibrating surface. The rocket engines generate sound waves capable of destroying sensitive things like cameras and humans.

Same. One of my co workers called it the nerd Super Bowl):

It isn't 'All human flight on Falcon 9'. The Falcon Heavy is going to be a dedicated heavy launch platform, so SpaceX isn't going for human-rating the launch vehicle.

Falcon 9, on the other hand, is still going to be used for launching Dragon and Dragon 2 to the ISS, among other things.

They said in the stream they expect it to orbit for one billion years. Whether that's right, just hyperbole, or it can even hold together that long isn't clear though.

its apparently not a fuel problem but 2 of the 3 motors didnt reignite :)

Literally cried at this moment

It’s kind of an insult to the engineers working on it from my perspective. Yeah it might be an innocent comment but it also cheapens the effort that a lot of people have put in to this project. It’s similar to sports fans criticizing team decisions when they are in no position to. That’s my take on it anyways

That could very possibly be true. The orbital dynamics of the solar system is well-understood. It should be possible to find an orbit such that it won't collide with anything for that long.

Here's your answer after they landed:

Your right I was wrong, I heard Mars orbit and just assumed

Ohhh my bad, I heard Mars orbit and just assumed it would be orbiting mars

It was both: the hypergolic fuels they use to ignite the engines (TEA-TEB) ran out before any engine but the first was lit.


haha I’m just kidding...maybe 🤔

Space is indeed, but if we’re careless we can create a scenario where too much space debris gets trapped in orbit around our planet - making it almost impossible to leave without getting hit by something large and damaging.

Thats not the landing, thats the tesla's speed

Holy shit the engineering needed...