Sowwwie daddy, I wuv spider eggs ;w;

Sowwwie daddy, I wuv spider eggs ;w;

Everything about this is so distressing

You win, this is the worst thing I've ever read online. Jfc

How do I delete my own memories?

oo oo aaa aaaa

She's a fucking monkey. A spider monkey.

Where is your god now?

Right? It's 8:30 in the morning where I'm at, I just woke up to this shit.

Thanks I hate it.

These type of posts make me cringe so violently that I grind my teeth and it hurts.

I cannot nope hard enough

Claw hammer.

what the fuck

That’s it, the internet is cancelled. Pack it up.

Oooo eeeee ooo ah ah ting tang wala sale bing bang

He has abandoned us, clearly. And this post is probably one of the reasons why.

I want to go back in time and free myself of this pain. I have to warn everyone I know that this exists and tell them to stay far, far away from this post.

Why test on animals when there are people who post this stuff online?

We're in the same timzone and this about ended reddit time for me. Maybe a little /sub/eyebleach.

What the fuck

What the fuck

monika no

How do I delete myself?

i have never been more disturbed and confused in my entire life

What the fuck

What the fuck

"sex noises"

What the fuck

What disturbs me the most is princess parts. I never knew I would find a word or words worse than cunny.

What the fuck

What the fuck


what the fuck

Man, that part was SO hot.


Monika yes

what the fuck

Oh well in that case its not creepy anymore.


Looked at the Twitter account and I'm fairly sure it's satire.

What the fuck

. * looks at witch doctor * I'm in wuv wif her!

But the fact that this could come out of somebody's brain, even as satire, is the scariest part

Get down with the sickness

I nearly got whiplash from cringing at this!

Good news, it's satire

I'll help fund your time travel.

this is the worst thing I've ever read online

redditor for 1 year

That explains it.

It could just be a guy she calls "Daddy", not necessarily her actual dad.

I know it's satire (pretty please), but someone still had to think of this joke and that deeply upsets me.

God's on a very long business trip with all the other deities

Reading your comment made me realise that my jaw was painfully clenched...

I could never have guessed.


Thanos was right

What..the..fuck... This is a whole new level of creepy. Incest, baby talk, and spiders?!

I think Gob has some forget me now's for when someone learns how a magic trick is done.

What. The. FUCK.

Representing that toronto/new york!

Monika daddy

This reminds me of the blowflygirl....anybody?

Keep in mind even after Jesus saw this, he still died for our sins. What a lad.

What the fuck

Was listening to Coming Undone by Korn when I read this

I felt my brain die and the music fit perfectly

Well initially I thought of the jolly rancher story... but thank you for dredging up that particular memory I thought I'd cleansed the brain cells devoted to storing it but apparently not.


I can nope a little bit harder

Also Claw Hammer

That's gonna be a no from me.

And this shit is what killed him.

This persons Twitter is /sub/creepyasterisks gold. In the pinned tweet, daddy pulls the tape worm from her ass and kisses it good night. They person thinks women should grow out their public hair and not wash it because lice crawling over their clit feels good.

WTF, this person has some odd bug fetish.


Representing Pittsburgh! (I wish I didn't)

I love this sub 😂😂😂😂

Mr. Humanity... I don't feel so good...

I came here to say the same thing

You forgot to mention Ball-Peen works as well.


I'll be in /sub/eyebleach for the rest of my life



The spider eggs make me think this is a joke.

Morty's Mind Blowers

Yeah, it's a tweet and not a conversation. It's totally a joke, but I think the spider egg shit really scared/confused many people here.

8:00 here and was literally just about to sit down to my breakfast of chia seed pudding...

Oh I can top that. May I introduce you to the story of blowfly girl?

What the fuck..this person needs mental help stat.

Thanos where you at, need more clicking

sex nooses

North Carolina whaddup

Come on now, don't ruin that song for the rest of us.

God is dead.