Southern Pride

Southern Pride


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What did the confederacy really do aside from being losers?

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Vote against their interests

I mean that's nice to say and all but it's just not true. Southerners LOVE to tout the "states rights" line because it at least gives some validity to their secession. One of the main reasons they seceded was because they were upset at northern states not enforcing the fugitive slave act. The slaves would escape to the northern states and when discovered wouldn't deport them back to their "rightful owners" in the south.

If the southern states were truly about "states rights" then they'd be in favor of the northern states choosing whether or not to deport the slaves. Instead, they threw a tantrum and seceded because the north wasn't giving them their slaves back.

The whole "state's rights" thing is bullshit. It was about slavery. States rights to do what exactly? Yeah, own slaves.

Read about "the lost cause of the confederacy" and how southerners have tried to gaslight the country into believing their cause wasn't truly just about owning other people.

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Which is why they won the wa- oh wait.

Claim state's rights as a euphemism for using chattel slavery that enriched a small portion of the population, while keeping the rest of the population, free and enslaved, in a state of perpetual dependency, ignorance, and poverty that we have only begun to climb out of in the last 50 years.

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Dude do you even read your own sources? It says in the first paragraph that it was the first submarine to sink another ship.

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so, you're saying that the south were too ignorant to recognize the finer logistics of war and for some reason the north are in the wrong for actually knowing what they were doing ?

Not to mention the plans for it got stolen and the union made their own lmao dudes just salty his inbred ancestors got put in their place


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The south seceded to preserve slavery, but the north mobilized to prevent secession rather than abolish slavery (that came later). The civil war was absolutely a dramatic turning point for the balance between state and federal power. But yeah slavery is the reason the war happened.

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Theres some really salty southerners down voting everything in here lol

My thoughts exactly u/heres_a_username . Just trying to say it's not the absolute dankest maymay I've ever seen, but better than any protec-attac meme any day.

Edit: Still a dank ass meme

Cutting off enemy supplies is part of war my guy. Shoulda got your army there first

The first su🅱️mersi🅱️le of whose construction there exists relia🅱️le information was designed and...

World's first su🅱️marine attack occurred in 1776 during the Revolutionary War 🅱️y the American pa...

The first ironclad 🅱️attleship, Gloire, was launched 🅱️y the French Navy in Novem🅱️er 1859.

🅱️oth sides lost soldiers in the hundreds of thousands. In the end the Confederacy surrendered. According to the Confederate main man General Ro🅱️ert E. Lee,

"the Army of Northern Virginia has 🅱️een compelled to yield to overwhelming num🅱️ers and resources"

At the end of the day, we don't have slaves anymore, which is something everyone should 🅱️e happy, or at least content with.

"🅱️ut the Confederates didn't fight to keep slavery, they fought for state's rights!"

Yes they did fight for states' rights, more specifically, the state's rights to own slaves.

Supporters of slavery often argued that one of the rights of the states was the protection of sla...

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First submarine used in war was the Turtle during the American revolution, used to attempt to break the blockade of Boston Harbor. While it failed to sink the HMS Eagle, it did cause it to move. The Ironclad is right though. Was the first used in a naval battle, by a day, but still.

The French have won wars before

At least France won some wars. The confederacy lost 100% of their wars. Worse than the French.

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Doesn't matter. North attacked south defended. The first and only real southern offensive ended in complete disaster.

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The south still has a higher rate though, and we'll keep making fun of them until they don't.

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