Southern man tries to speak without an accent

Southern man tries to speak without an accent

Vowels took his farm when he was just a boy.

he reads "oil" like eh's VERY suspicious of the pronunciation.

I remember when my dog licked the oil once. Nobody laughed

As a Southerner these comments make me feel so conflicted.

"Oh they think it's cute!"

"No, wait, they think we're stupid."

Well shooooot. Da-gum Reddit talkin' bad 'bout us.

When I was in high school in PA we had a classmate that came from Boston. I begged her to try and pronounce it "caR" just to see what it sounded like. When she eventually did, she said it physically hurt to pronounce the R.

"The man..tried to speak...without an accent...and everyone laughed."

Sumbitch's three letters long. Ha'th'hell's there so many sounds goin' on in'ere?

Went to southern Alabama and I ordered a sandwich. The lady said "water wait". I said OK?

"Water wait"


"Water wait?!"


"Whiiiiitttee or wheeeeaaat?"


That's pretty much verbatim how that conversation went.

"Connecticut Yankee in Deep South Alabama" a short story.

E I E I Oil

Next time don't put the oil on your butthole


I had a boss from Boston once. He tried to tell me that he used to own a "car part business", but for about five minutes I was trying to find out information about his "carpet" business and nothing was making sense.

EDIT: I was addressing the ppl calling BS but then decided it wasn't worth it.

He failed. He spoke with an American accent.

Try moving out of the south. Let slip one y'all and everyone wants to talk about your accent and where you're from. Which is alright and all but it gets mundane after a while.

I listened to To Kill A Mockingbird on Audible and it was read in a Southern accent. I was thinking in a Southern accent for days afterwards and I'm English.

This guy should read audiobooks.

Thuh d-duck s-s-swam on thuh lake

The southern accent is one of my favorites. A well spoke southern accent that enunciates well is amazing. Many people only think of the uneducated mumbling southern accent unfortunately. Going to school in Tulane I loved the accent many of my professors had.

You mean "watchall doon?"

The most Southern phrase he utters in this entire video is, "Well that's about the best yer gun get from my ass."

I love when she mocks him, so cute

das wha I sed!

das wat I sehhhd

"Water wait?" "I wish. I'm just naturally big-boned."

And everyone laughed.

"Th' dawwwg lik't the ol and everyone laughed"

There's so much voice in that comment. Hilarious

The duck may swim on the lake but my daddy owns the lake

And don't invite your friends over to watch your dog lick your butthole.

Edit: This is why we can't go to nice places.

y'all is the most useful southern word that anyone can use

"Say it with no accent" = "Say it with my accent"

It's like molasses coming out of my mouth.

"Water wait"


"What it is"

What gets me is that they drop the R in words that end in "AR" but then THEY ADD IT IN for things that end in an "A".

Why do they do that?! I have no idear. It's just what I've noticed so fa.

Yeah, I've lived in Texas my whole life, but my parents are from New Jersey so I don't have a southern accent. I do, however, say y'all, so I get made fun of.

The issue is that y'all corrupts the other words in the sentence. "What are y'all doing?" doesn't sound right, so you have to say "What 'er y'all doin'?"

"Oh I didn't even know those things needed oil. Is that how you keep them soft and shiny?"

Ole MacDonald had purnunciation issues E I E I oil!

had a similar experience in georgia. We went to fish some falls somewhere out of atlanta that our local buddy was taking us to, and we stop by the bait shop and the dude asks




"umm... no thank you?"


and me still not understanding he was asking for my age "Ohhh, I don't know. I think it might have been a tuesday?"

Dude looked mighty irritated by me, and my buddy had to come over and sort things out.

I'm stupid.

Thee dooehhg licked thee oyall and everyone laft.

When he tries speaking without a southern accent he sounds like Jesse Pinkman.

I watched Deepwater Horizon the other night and I've been breaking into a Texan accent ever since. (I'm British by the way). My wife is not amused.

Oil Macdonald

Just to help him purnunciate it better

The "Rural Juror"

My buddy is from New Orleane (N'allins). And can't say oil, either. I live in Canada. We all give him shit aboot it constantly.

He says "erl".

ding ding ding. I'm from Chicago but I moved down South and realized they all say ya'll in place of what we say..."you guys", which is just terribly stupid of us.

Are you greasy Phil, the dog that licked the oil?

That ain't right... he were just a boy

Whale Oil Beef Hooked ("Well I'll be fucked") is the gateway to an Irish accent.

I rarely hear a "real" Southern accent in movies or tv. Even with really good actors. They over exaggerate so much that it just sounds fake. Yet, non-southerners think it's the way we talk. So, it goes both ways. I love my Southern accent and hearing this guy speak was comforting. It's a shame that people with a Southern accent are often labeled as ignorant. My brother is a brilliant man but has a true Mississippi accent. He travels a lot and I'm sure people think he's a hick...until they get to know him and realize his intellect is off the chain. My granddaughter lives in Montana. Once when I was visiting, it was extremely warm. I was fanning myself and told her "Mimi's so hot!" She looked at me for a ew seconds and said "Mimi's on faar!" We were rolling. She was just five which made it cuter.

I can't get it up if nobody is watching


I'm betting that they have the words phonetically written out so he can sound them out easier. It's a common practice when you learn accents.

While it is true that there is no such thing as no accent, the implication in most of the US is that speaking without an accent is to use the dictionary pronunciation rather than regional pronunciations which pretty significantly change the words.

So you see things like "lict" instead of "licked" and "dawg" instead of "dog" or perhaps the Boston version that replaces "career" with "careah".

edit: licked was a bad example

He lives on Sesame Street, dumbass!

I can fix that


Adding the R on the end isn't typical Boston. I know what you're referring to, but that's more of a downeast Maine accent. I'm sure to people outside New England it all sounds the same.

But Maine, Boston and Northern New Hampshire are all different.

People in RI add the 'r' as well. My favorite example is 'Flahridder', which is where you go for the wintah.

everyone has an accent.

Where are my khakis?!

Now do the Swedish chef

Does it go something like this?

Southern accents and British accents are very close.

I love the Southern accent. It's got such life to it, like every word has its own flavor. I speak in a generic American accent that's not easily tied to any region. It's the most boring accent! Ain't no French girls dropping their panties at the voice of a guy who sounds like he's from Oregon.

As someone who hears southern accents pretty frequently, you captured this perfectly lol

I read it as Ilarious... the accent is so contagious I cant stop reading it like that once I start... Fuck it. Im stuck with it now, Im starting a new trend and bringing the accent to Canada. If you are Southern tourist in 20 years prepare to be baffled, confluffled, even.

Yes! This is something that I think is important in good humor. He was accurate in his stereotype and that shows some respect for the culture despite making fun of it.

This is why King of the Hill is so beloved in Texas. Yes we know we're being made fun of, but they also understand our culture and give respect to the good things about it. Their critiques of Texas are accurate, maybe a bit overblown as it's a cartoon, but they don't make every character a crazy KKK member.

While Hank may show disgust and be portrayed in a negative light if he catches Bobby playing with Barbies at the end of the day it's shown that even if he doesn't understand he still loves and cares from his son. He doesn't mean to disrespect Bobby's 'traditionally feminine' aspects he just thinks he's protecting Bobby when he says that it ain't right.

Everyone's concerned with accents.

I'm concerned by his need to continuously refer back to his sheet of paper to remember the phrase: The dog licked the oil and everyone laughed.

Oil and rural are really shortened a lot in the South.

Imagine saying the word "fall" but it's spelt , Faixel because it's from some Klingon language or whatever. Then asked so say it like another group of people would say it

I'm not familiar, what province is he from?

ITT It's impossible to speak without any kind of accent..

Are lict and licked not pronounced the same?

Heineken 'Majorca' commercial - 1985

Am southern, I don't know how it's supposed to sound anymore

By George, I think he's got it!

Wow, that's the best way to describe Jessie Pinkman's voice that I've ever heard. He sounds exactly like someone trying really hard to speak in an American accent.

Could this be what you're referring to?

Haha, yep "rule jur" is probably what youd get out.


I'm from the south and went to Nashville for a visit. I needed gas, stopped, and asked for directions (pre mass GPS). The man was from Louisiana. I had to ask him to write out the name of the road I needed to take because I couldn't understand a damn thing. He looked at me like I was an idgit.

All I had was "bellro". Three times I asked him to repeat it. Each time it was "bellro". When he finally wrote it down, it was Bell Road.

You want a super salad with that?

I left my cah keys in my kahkis

You left them at the bah.

I think it's hot so.. hey.. how u doin

You must be a rurl jurr.

T-t-t-today junior

If a southern girl ever called me "sweetie", "honey", or "sugar" I might just swoon off the planet into outer space.

Them Vowels Boys is up to no good, I tell you whut.

lol took me awhile to figure out that question too. weird way to ask for age

Thank you for posting those two links u/galacticengine. I've been an Army Officer for 22 years traveling the world, but I have a southern accent that still gets me stereotyped as uneducated at times. Those videos made me have a better appreciation for my accent and the history behind it. It's a great talking point / ice breaker too in certain social events.

As someone who grew up in the south and didn't pick up the accent, this is awesome. I mostly picked up a few colloquialisms and region specific words.

But yea, In his mind he is speaking in "hoity toity" which is why the eyebrows go up so much 😂

That's what the streaming it online is for.

Everyone has an accent. I remember as a child being astonished to be told on holiday in USA that I had 'an accent' (I'm English). I just thought "What? We just speak normally, they're the ones with accents!"

I'm a Nebraskan living in RI. People keep commenting on my accent - or my lack of one. The first month at my job, they asked if I'd agree to be the new phone voice menu.

The trade off is everyone mercilessly mocks me when I pronounce things weird. Like leggs / eggs, Woonsocket, Worcester, etc.

as a Bostonian, we hear about Lauren Forcement (law enforcement) pretty regularly.

I think he just pick-ed a bad example.


Poor lil' feller...mmhmmm

I feel you.

I'm Southern, but I worked alongside people in the military not only from all over the US, but with British and Australian people.

Talk to me in any accent, and more likely than not, I'll start sounding exactly like your accent.

It's a blessing and a curse from having some natural talent as a linguist: I can pick up language easily, but my ear also adopts the accent of whomever I'm talking to to 'talk the talk' as an automatic function, even if it's still my native English.

Except for ESL accents. For example: Talking to a Sikh friend over voice on Steam, I have to clear up my accent so he can understand my drawl, but I don't go backwards in language profiency to 'blend in'.

Though, I get accused of wiggery, because I've been around black people pretty much my entire life, including in the diverse military, so I'm white-as-fuck, yet many words and phrases normally attributed to black culture are just a natural part of my vocabulary now.

I worked in Silicon Valley - I've never seen more open predjudice against any group like I did southerners and our accent. Like most out here I spent thousands on a speech coach to lose my accent. Good on you for staying strong.

Edit: For folks doubting it, research backs up my anecdotes - your intelligence is judged a full quintile lower with a southern accent. I've always found it funny that progressives can be so blind to the collective mote in our eye on this front.

I appreciate it and am not even from the south

I'm tired of digging Grandpa!

By George, I think he's got it!


Didn't he say something like "sayed" instead of "said"?