Sounds of the Planets

Sounds of the Planets

Keep in mind these are not sound waves.

Planets emit radio waves aka EM waves. The sounds are produced by a computer converting the radio waves to sound a speaker can play. The radio waves are produced when charged particles from the sun(solar wind) interacts with planets magnetic field. When a charged particle like a electron travels through a magnetic field it spirals because magnetism applies a perpendicular and proportional force according to the speed and direction of the particle. Therefore Spiraling electrons are undergoing acceleration because they are changing directions.

Accelerating and Decelerating charges produce Electromagnetic waves. This is known as cyclotron radiation

The frequency and amplitude changes because , the planets magnetic field strength changes with time and position, and the solar wind changes in intensity.

Here are more radio emissions

Here is website that explains how it happens on Jupiter

This very cool.

Also, remind me to never, ever go to Saturn.

Saturn sounded like the wailing of the spirits of the dead.

Yeah, Saturn sounds terrifying. Mercury too.

I would have died if somebody had secretly edited an unsuspected fart sound for Uranus.

I think Venus sounds creepier than Mercury

Thanks for the explanation! This the the static you hear on the radio correct?

Yeah Saturn can fuck right off

Some of it is. There are so many sources of noise.

The Cosmic Microwave background contributes too. Lighting strikes, Solar emissions, Manmade sources, Thermal disturbances in the Antenna all contribute to Noise. Theres probably more I am not familiar with.

Saturn sounds creepy :")

My favorites were Saturn an Venus.

Was a little disappointed Jupiter wasn’t more boss.

I thought Jupiter was creepy and then Saturn came in and blew that shit outta the water.

Right up your ally. Absolutely terrifying. Pluto wasn’t very pleasant either.

Saturn is comprised of ghosts

I was half convinced we were getting rick rolled once it got to earth

"I don’t want to be human. I want to see gamma rays, I want to hear X-rays, and I want to smell dark matter. Do you see the absurdity of what I am? I can’t even express these things properly, because I have to—I have to conceptualize complex ideas in this stupid, limiting spoken language, but I know I want to reach out with something other than these prehensile paws, and feel the solar wind of a supernova flowing over me. I’m a machine, and I can know much more."

—John Cavil, Cylon Model Number One, “No Exit".

Wow saturn is really creepy.

the lament of an infinity of souls trapped in an endless circle of torment .. cough cough

Saturn sounds like many children dying and screaming...

So the Doom portal actually opened up on Saturn, not Mars.

Some background on what's happening here.

Yes they are radio emissions converted to sound.

That's the sound of The Taken.

So I'm not the only one who got an Erie vibe when listening to Saturn!!!

tl;dr this is not how the planets sound like

Uranus sounded just like I expected. Like a lot of wind passing through it.

Aw man, I came to say Saturn sounds like the wail of thousands of souls echoing out in a chorus of agony... I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking this, though

Same here! Saturn and Mercury creeped me out the most!

Saturn sounds like the hell-scape from event horizon. 😨

ELI5: Why does earth and Mars sound like planets which are both gusty and wind when they actually are? Is this coincidence?

It sounds like a thousand screeming tortured souls

So I started watching and before I realized my phone was muted i just thought "lol I get it, because there's no sound in space".

I was expecting "your mom" at the end with some lady freaking out

Pluto sounds like it is having an intruder alert


Quasars make the coolest

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Planets don't make sounds, these are either radio waves or magnetic waves converted into audible sound. There's enough misinformation spreading around without people thinking that Saturn is a screaming hellscape, try and clarify that when you post something like this.

Now Jimmy, behave yourself or your soul will go to Saturn when you die, and sing in a choir of agony with the other damned souls until the end of time!

I don’t know, but I know jupiter and saturn have very strong magnetic fields, while earth is weaker and mars magnetosphere is really weak.

There are no such thing as magnetic waves fyi. Just electromagnetic waves which radio waves are a part of. Electromagnetic waves consist of propagating magnetic and electric fields.

Please don't spread more misinformation about these so called magnetic waves.

So glad this is the second comment and I am not alone in being deeply terrified by the screaming planet

Ugh it's been too long since I was an astro major. I could not figure out what they meant by "sounds" of the planets, forgetting completely that they emit radiowaves. Young me would be so disappointed if he knew. Thanks for the explanation!

Though correct me if I'm wrong, but don't all warm planetary bodies emit radiowaves? Not just Jupiter?

That's why those Crimson Nirnroots are so hard to find - they're on Venus!

Towards the end it sounded like an ambulance in a city echoing through the streets and buildings.

There's enough misinformation spreading around without people thinking that Saturn is a screaming hellscape,

I'm sorry, Saturn isn't a screaming hellscape?

My god Saturn sounds like a thousand dying souls

Well at least we know where the necromorphs are laying in wait to rip us apart.

I've been to Saturn! Whoa....sandworms? You hate em right? Hah, I hate them myself!

Venus definitely has an evil monster brewing within

Uranus sounded like the northern Scandinavia. Cold, windy and empty.

But also, banshees. Maybe.

Radio, I believe

I was watching this before going to bed with every light turned off and it fucked with my head. Damn Saturn now how am I supposed to sleep

You sure that's Saturn and not the hive dreadnought orbiting it?

LOL.. I don’t claim to be a pro or some type of astronomer, just thought it was a cool video that I found. Maybe I’m just one of those people who have been misinformed. Next time try to consider that before acting as though I’m purposefully trying to spread false information. Thanks!

oh jeez here I go watchin space movies again

It sounded like children screaming to me, I was nonplussed to say the least

So this is what Aerith hears when she talks about the cry of the planet.

That's what I was thinking. It goes to uranus and it's all silent until a sudden fart appears

To me Earth and Jupiter sounded gusty, but not Mars in particular.

The “And Pluto” underneath reminds me of “And Peggy!”

great (twisted) minds think alike

Saturn sounds like what I would think that Hell would sound like...