Son of fallen deputy tries to buy his dad's squad car

Son of fallen deputy tries to buy his dad's squad car

How in the heck did the price of a $12,000 car get up to $60k? I bet the guy was like "GODDAMNIT STOP BIDDING KID!"

When my dad died I would have done anything to get his car. It was one of the few things we really connected on. His family sold it so fast I didnt even get a chance to ask to purchase it. I hope someone is treating the '69 roadrunner well.

They must've just gave it away to him and did all that to make him feel that they had his back. You got a bunch of people recording and the cops know the situation. Its a nice gesture.

The handshake to hug transition was very smooth at 1:45

If I had money I'd hire someone to track down that car, buy it, return it to you, and then present the entrails of the douche bags who sold it so you can be assured that their villainy is no more.

(In all seriousness so sorry to hear bro, hugs - I hope you are doing alright!)

The price hit $60k, because the money from the sale went to C.O.P.S. an organization to help families of police officers killed in the line of duty. Link

When my grandpa died his step kids (he remarried in his 60's), which nobody had ever met completely cleaned his place out. There were so many sentimental things that weren't worth much that got taken. I hope those people die horrible painful deaths.

I'm not crying. My eyes are just... sweating

Credit to OP for giving an awesome title to this video. Could have easily been spoiled

I thought he was saying $16K.

We heard 45 and 50 as well...

Yeah, /u/Go_Bias is saying that the guy who bought it should get it for the price before he got in a bidding war with the kid.

This one really hit me hard. I'm going through something somewhat similar.

My dad died from cancer when I was 14 in 1998. He left me and my brother his 1977 Porsche 911S. We've just kept it stored in the garage where my brother and mom live. Brother decided to do some "work" on the car.... No mechanical experience, let's learn on a precision engineered German sports car...

I knew that he screwed it up and it didn't run for the past 8 years, but I didn't know how badly he completely ruined it. It's going to cost more to restore it than it is worth once it is restored. And I can't afford the cost to restore.

My mom just moved and the new place doesn't have room to garage it. I'm coming to the painful conclusion that I just need to sell it for whatever I can get at this point.

I was at her house helping her move last weekend when I learned how terrible shape the car is in and the embarrassingly low value of the car. As I'm driving back to my place Sunday afternoon and I get passed by a late 2000's model 911 Turbo..... And immediately my eyes start to water. I really don't want to sell this car, and know I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life.

I thought it meant 45 hundred

I hope they eventually gave him whichever price the auction was at when they became the only two bidders left. That'd be the cool thing to do at least.

Dammit I went back to watch the transition and it made me teary eyed again.


14,500 and 15k maybe? I could be wrong but I can hear both

You son of a bitch.

Never thought I would hear a cop say no doughnuts.

I thought it was bought for him?

No donuts

Dude deserves to do some donuts, c'mon.

More seriously, this is awesome.

This guy managed to find the exact car his dad had sold 20 years previously:

Oh, I wasn't sure if the whole thing was a set up anyway? Like make the kid think he was out bid and then surprise him with the car afterward regardless of the outcome - hence so many camera angles.

My sister gave my dads car to her drug addled son. I saw it 2 weeks ago, broken lights and probably other broken shit but theres nothing i can do. The title is in her name. But i would have loved to get that car, its nothing special. Its a 96 ford explorer, but me and my dad use to tinker with it aince there was always something wrong with it. Great times.