Someone rated this case 1 star because "remove protective film" was written all over???

Someone rated this case 1 star because "remove protective film" was written all over???
It's been two years...thank you.

So if they bought a jar of peanut butter that had the words "Remove lid" on the top, would they never be able to get the peanut butter inside?

This is maybe the best reply I've ever gotten on Reddit. I'm so glad we're not the only ones.

I’ve had a galaxy s5 since they came out. I took the film off the back camera a couple months ago

Just think..people like that vote.

You know the review is gonna be good when the first thing you see is, "DISSAPOINTED 😠"

I think you've started something

My husband and I spent weeks being angry at our cheap new over-oven microwave because the finish was bubbling on the number pad after just a few uses. My mother-in-law came over and peeled the protective plastic off for us. Good as new...

I also hadn’t removed the film from my camera

Did you take it to be developed yet? Any good pics?

I just checked on my galaxy s6 and saw that I also hadn't removed the film from my camera...

Take your imagining of the average voter. Now remember, statistically speaking, half of voters are dumber than that.

I feel your pain, man.  My $70 gaming mouse spent 3 years not gliding quite right.  Notice that the ink of the serial number lifted off with it....that's how much it has been used.  Literally thousands of hours.

I feel your pain, man. My $70 gaming mouse spent 3 years . Notice that the ink of the serial number lifted off with it....that's how much it has been used. Literally thousands of hours.

You can hope that natural selection would take care of things but sadly there are foods that can be consumed without following such complex instructions.

This reminds me of some of the reviews for online recipes I see.

It's always something hilarious like a review under Almond Peanut butter cookies that says "I dont like almonds so I replaced it with kosher salt, and Im allergic to peanut butter so I also replaced that with salt. Way too salty!!! Why are people giving this a good rating? 1 star!".


Damn do I have a hate/love relationship with stupid people.

I posted something like this yesterday and a bunch of nerds came in and pointed out to me that average does not equal median. So be ready for that lol.

Five year club here


Omg us too! 5 years!!

Omg us too! 5 years!!

Every. Fucking. Time. I have a degree in stats, so you’d think I’d be on their side, but those pedants make me rage.

Good one

THANK YOU! I have had this mouse for over 3 years!

THANK YOU! I have had this mouse for over 3 years!

Condoms have complex instructions

I like the

add 1/3 cup of sugar

followed by a comment of “That seems way too sweet for me so I only added 1/2 cup and it was still way too sweet, don’t know how people are eating this”

Thanks son.

Well, I'm not the one downvoting you, it just seems if you're using the protective film as a screen protector, and it doesn't actually work as a screen protector, you're really just getting the worst of both worlds. Your screen won't be as clear as it could be (because of the film) and it won't really be any more protected from scratches.

If you're that confident that the wallet case will protect it, you could just... not use a screen protector.

Got my daughter an iphone couple years back. Mic wasn't working. Just about to take it to the app store...then realised film was still over it. Thankfully I didn't give the Apple genius a smug story for that day...

The real solution is to buy another opaque protective film and paste it all over the "disappointing" film with the weird meaningless text on it.

I read a review of a case last night saying that "remove protective film" actually was printed on the case. They claimed there was no protective film, nothing to remove, and that they scratched the case up trying.

I have a degree in physics, and am in a physics PhD program. Every time someone on the internet uses the term "centrifugal force", thousands of angry pedants start screaming about how that doesn't exist and it should be "centripetal force". Makes me facepalm so hard.

we are doomed

That could be a subreddit all its own

Did this with a new microwave we got a few years back. The vent was covered and we were using it a lot. My Dad comes and peels off the film and says, "you forgot to remove this".

Please post this to /sub/youtubehaiku


You love your family but hate the genes they gave you?

With a normal distribution (as IQ generally is), average is effectively1 median.

Those nerds are a little dumb.

1. Exactly the same thing a perfectly normal distribution.

I have the same case and ran into the same problem. I was 100% sure that there was no protective film and that was actually printed on the case. After legitimately trying for like a week I finally figured out that there was protective film but it was extremely hard to get off.

This person isn't as dumb as people say, with the difficulty I had I can see where they're coming from if they just gave up after a few tries.

Did tech support for a phone manufacturer years ago and one of the main complaints was the phone wouldn't charge and it was mostly because people didn't remove the thin plastic the batteries were wrapped in...

Thank you for this video. It was wonderful :)

I made a mess from the water I accidently spit out of my mouth at "ohhhhhhhh," so thanks for that.

I bought nail stamps that I tried using and failed miserably every time so I gave up. About a year later I tried again while watching an instructional video using the same stamps. I noticed the stamps in the video were silver and not blue and that's when I realized there's been tape on it the whole time.

This just happened to me! I bought a new microwave 6 months ago and was so upset that the face was all funky. About a week ago, I had the epiphany to try to peel it off. DUH.

No, as they wouldn’t purposely buy it because “the stupid lid has too much writing on it”. Then they’d buy the other brand, take it home and hold it in one hand while using their trusty peanut butter opener knife in the other to stab and hack and saw the bottom off the jar like they always do. Duh.

Username checks out.

That does so little to protect your screen though

I have gotten practically new microwave, fridge, freezer, and a couple small electronics free because people thought it was bad quality and worn out when they just never took of the protective film..

This thread has me laughing so hard

We ordered cases of branded flashlights to give away at a trade show. Our DBD came in the room just as we received the shipment and dug right into the first box, pulled one out and tried to turn it on. It failed. He tried a few more, growing visibly more and more frustrated as, over and over again, they just wouldn't turn on. He screamed at the delivery driver and me and then threw the first case off the loading dock. He then grabbed the hand truck holding the remaining cases and dumped them off the dock, too. I picked up the wrapper from one of the first ones he tried; it had a small slip of paper inside with instructions to remove the tab inside the battery compartment prior to use. Out of an order of 1200, we salvaged just under 300 that were not cracked.

I just told my husband the other day I needed a new mousepad for my new gaming mouse, cause this one wasn't sliding as well as the last one. Lo and behold. I didn't get a removal video but you got me too!

My mom has a Samsung microwave she originally absolutely hated. She has all Samsung matching appliances. But the microwave had this blue tint. It took her two years to figure out it was a protective layer she just needed to pull off. The installer just left it on.

If your dad creampied Jesus aren’t you like the grandson of God?

No problem dad

Lol me too man. Now I have a sparkling new microwave finish after 5 years.

Ugh, I was called to a client's house because their brand new mouse wasn't working. I asked if they put the batteries in, they said yes. When I got there they never removed the plastic pull tab on the battery in the compartment.

And speaking of phones, every couple months someone complains their iPhone won't change. I have to tell them to clean the lint out of the charging port.

Guys, I think this might be it... The dumbest thing anyone has ever said. Truly a sight to see. We live in one hell of a timeline.

You could just buy a screen protector... It's like, $15 for 2.


Not only is it a normal distribution but the range of likely IQ values is relatively small. It's not like income or net worth where one outlier can throw off the average of a large population.

My understanding is that it doesn't exist as a force but it's the resultant effect of inertia. But I remember hearing somewhere that there are some frames of reference in which it does act like a force. It's that about right?

Thanks. Now I know why mine was bubbling.

No they don't they have "remove protective film" all over it.

Spigen makes very good phone cases by the way.

They need the protective film to protect their case that is protecting their phone.

There is some audio Missing...

I can translate.

Wait a minute, this isn't my world... DISAPPOINTEEED!

That is entirely correct. For example, in this very highly upvoted post, it is just as correct to say it flew apart due to "the centrifugal force" as it is to say it flew apart due to "inertia". However, it is 100% WRONG to say it got ripped apart due to the "centripetal force".

Centrifugal force is one particular way inertia manifests itself, and so it's useful to describe certain systems by saying "centrifugal"

I just checked my Nexus 6p and apparently I cracked the camera area recently...

Check my S8, apparently I'm not as dumb as I look👍

Fuck me running, I just went and checked my 3+ year old Naga and it still had the covering too.

That's no way to speak to Jesus's lover!


I thought about that but then I thought it might belong to the 'Was this review helpful?' part - so whoever took the screenshot rated the review.

Tell me he was fired.

The damn melinials at work still give me crap about it. Damn kids today

Here let me fix that emoji for you “😡”

Yeah, I am

Lol look at the old person

What's the point, though? I don't see why I'm getting criticised and downvoted for not having a proper screen protector. Lol. I've had this phone for almost 2 years and there's no damage on it at all. I've never broken a phone. If I didn't have a wallet case, then sure I'd use a screen protector because then it's exposed.