Someone in my dorm gets it.

Someone in my dorm gets it.

When the phone rings, and someone answers the wrong phone there is going to be a sensible chuckle.

They would have to pick them both up regardless of which one rings.

Why did this blow my mind

Because your mind was made of straw

Only one of the operators who answer will give out sensible first aid advice. The other will tell you the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Luckily I have a brother who has a mind made of sticks

"Don't listen to the other operator"

Do you have another brother whose mind is made of bricks?

Someone..... YOU!!!!

I can't see it coming to that.


[tannoy] "Captain Over, white courtesy phone"

[picks up red phone]

"No, the white phone"

Slit one operator's throat and demand the survivor give you the correct information or suffer the same fate.

Or they can just switch the cords.

/sub/karmaconspiracy would like this

What the heck

Ugh...darn. You have once again foiled my master plan to drain all the fun in the world. You will rue the day you crossed my path Lumenis.

Band: The Phone Rings

Album: Someone Answers

Song: Sensible Chuckle

What would the other operator tell me not to do?

Very cool.

It would have been even cooler if they swapped the handset wires so the red phone with the ivory handset was still the red phone.

Why use bricks when you have concrete pigeons?

Fun fact: this was a goof during filming. You can actually hear a laugh from behind the camera when it happens.

Irregardless.. Not a word. Regardless of what you may think.

It's not about us not liking potty humor so much as it is you're just not funny.

But then where would be the fun?

What decade are you in? And does the internet exist? Edit: I'm assuming you're in the future?

"If I asked the other one, what would he tell me to do?".

The liar will lie and tell you the opposite of what the honest one would say, while the honest will be honest and tell you the lie the liar would tell. So they will both say the same thing, which is wrong, so the correct answer is the opposite one.

Nope, that one was 100% an accident! The DVD features a "pop-up" edition and that's one of the facts that they mention. I didn't believe it until I heard the laugh in the background!

—And don't call me Shirley!

Do NOT: hesitate to gather your own lab samples with pliers and a hacksaw, wake victim by checking for responsiveness, abruptly cut off their alcohol consumption (this can cause further shock to their system) DO: Digitally check rectal tone upon arriving at the scene, then check the casualty's rectal tone. Cauterize burn wounds with hot object to keep dirt out. Remove any protruding foreign objects that may be inhibiting blood flow.


Surely you can't be serious? The film is full of intentional gags, this had to have been planned.

If the operator knows about the other operator, they'll just continue to say what they did before and you're as good as you were just guessing (atleast you murdered 1 of them, am I right?).

And then put the hand sets on the opposite phone.

Sounds like he needs to embiggen his vocabulary

"Hey, this is Red Team. Can you patch me through to White Team?"

"It just so happens this is your lucky day..."

Because it's probably been years since you used a land line.

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Here's a sneak peek of /sub/karmaconspiracy using the top posts of the year!

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three little pigs

It was a reference to the story until he mentioned concrete pigeons, then it was just a reference to the username of the person he was responding to.

Put the earpiece of one against the mouthpiece of the other.

me too thanks

I was there. You were either one of two types of people.

OMG I lost my friends and will frantically run around looking for them!

They'll be fine. I'm going to try to go get a blow job.

It wasn't that hard.

If it weren't for you meddling kids!

It's definitely been years since I've used one with another phone next to it that's for sure

Not sure if it's a good idea to be messing with the emergency phone like that, just in case, you know, there is an actual emergency.

Now I'm just saying...technically...... you can hold down the switch with one finger and lift the receiver without activating it. In fact you could switch them back without activating either phone if you were as good as me.

Source: I'm old

No. Remember, these were designed at the height of the Cold War. Telephones of this era were manufactured with integrated sensors and RFID tags which to this day are still extremely hard to duplicate.

came here to downvote

Is this thread some reference that I'm out of the loop of? Or are people just saying random stuff?

I remember in the late 2000s my dorm still had phones in each of the rooms. Of course, no one ever used them and they were typically shoved under a bed.

It got me thinking about how different college would have been before cell phones and internet instant messaging - all plans would have to be made in advance, you'd never be able to drunkenly meet up with people once you were already out, no trolling for hookups via texts, no easily disseminated party invites via Facebook or whatever...

The original riddle is about two doors and you're only able to ask one question.

Your question would work in figuring out who is telling the truth and who is lying, but you'd still not know what door to pick so it doesn't work as a solution to the riddle.

Mayo vs. ketchup all over again

In a big bundle like OP?