Someone give this dollar general stocker a raise.

Someone give this dollar general stocker a raise.

This is usually done by vendors. Watching them work is serious /sub/fastworkers material. They're quick and meticulous.

Dollar general my ass! Look at them prices...

Can confirm. Drive for Pepsi. When you have seventeen stops in a day and each can take up to an hour, you move your ass or get your ass handed to you.

DAE decide to not buy anything from an aisle that looks like this because your OCD won't let you destroy the pattern?

More like someone give this dollar general store some customers

I was actually looking for Pringles. Thankfully they were in the next isle over.

But make the raise $0.99

I make slightly over 10. USD / hour. And regularly work 12+ hour days five days a week. We could definitely use more.

Eh, we can be quick and meticulous.

Source: Beer vendor.

As someone who had to constantly face after the vendor left for 8 hours because of constant customers.. vendors make enough money.

I tried he said: “No thank you, where I come from one is expected to his/her job as good as possible.”