Somebody gives us a little too much information.

Somebody gives us a little too much information.

"Onward, for Narnia!"

Ever now and then you see the posts that are basically "I just had sex" and now this being the opposite, I can't tell which is more cringierest?

Definitely this. The idea behind these posts is "maybe someone will have pity sex with me" and thats just so sad.

The 'not sure why but fuck it mindset' is so stupid...

You definitely should have wlrries about some things.

Weird that you'd be proud of something you haven't done.

"I am 36 years old, have never ridden a horse AND DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!"


someone always says that

Yep, that's what a face looks like when it's sad, you are correct.

Nice try, 22-year old virgin

Uhh... arguable... I'd hit both in a heartbeat, but I'd rather have Watson.

I am 30 years old, have never dropped a mic AND DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!

Drops mic

He was hoping some girl would message him like "oh my god ill totally fix that for you ;))"

Really lame attempt there.

But Sherlock needs him!

mic drop, fedora tip

He gets all of his information from The Onion.


*mic drop *

mic drop

"And that I shall", the poor guy doesnt have a clue

Ever smoked a horse?

Yeah, my dad owns a butcher shop. Horse meat isn't too uncommon here but we still get occasional orders.

How can he be proud of something he probably didn't want to accomplish? I bet he would jump at a chance to get laid.

I think it's kinda depressing. I was there when i was younger and I can assure you he probably covers up his massive self worth issues with "randum" comments and kooky sayings.

I don't think he's actually proud, he is just trying to sound like it doesn't effect him. But he wouldn't be posting comments about it if didn't.