Somebody call her a priest.

She took a picture of the person filming her.

A tribe that trains from childhood to control dilation for diving purposes.

anyone have explanations?

I had a discussion with my eye doctor who had no idea about this until I showed him how I could control my pupil dilation. Not on this woman's level but his mind was definitely blown.

Edit: Thanks for the upvotes and my highest rated comment yet! It's awesome to know that many of you can also do this or attempted and succeeded! I have no idea if this is actually "medically" proven/safe/plausible beyond the clip above and my experiences.

Now that we're on the front page... If an optometrist has any additional knowledge that would be awesome!

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Hey lady, you're a priest.

If I saw this happen for real I would absolutely lose my shit. It's like discovering someone is a Cylon.

Good call. I forgot we humans can do that.

AfterEffects is a hell of a drug.

She has excellent night vision. Perfect for an assassin!

It is not a story the optometrists would tell you

I can do this on a slower level. You just have to "blur" my vision for a sec. I can to the weird eyeball twitchy thing too.

7year old me was the coolest.

yeah, i'm still not convinced this isn't after effects. thats super fast and looks like there are some angles to the pupil.

haha me too fellow human. INITIATING SELFIE PROTOCOL

I discovered I could do it while staring into a mirror during a trip. From there I practiced by purposefully blurring my focus as well as attempting to control dilation between dark/light while looking into a mirror. It took a while but friends confirmed it. It's similar to teaching yourself to control your eyes while crossed once you understand the feeling of the muscles that are in control.

How does one acquire such a skill?



Side note: everyone can do this on a slower level.

I can do it too, but not nearly as well as her. I just recorded a video on my phone and I don't know how to upload it here. If anyone could tell me how to upload a video to imgur or something where I can share it lmk

I was able to upload it on gfycat. Here it is. Sorry I look so dumb

How to voluntarily dilate your pupils *edit TLDR: think REALLY hard, and your pupils will dilate.

Except that she says on her IG page she can do this "at will" any time she wants. Now if you could put your juvenile cynicism aside and go google "how to move your pupils on command", you'll see that quite a few people can do this.

edit: hey, I don't know if she can do it or not, ok. Hers is pretty damn fast, so we can be skeptical of her. But I do know there are youtube videos teaching you how to do it and in the first 10 search results there is a video of a girl doing it without any lighting effects, .

This is how a psychologist accidentally induced extreme pupil dilation/contraction in the lab:

Start a metronome at 1 beat/second.

Read a four digit number out loud.

Wait for two beats, then report a string with EACH of the digits incremented by 3. Keeping the rhythm is important.

As long as you keep up with the task, your pupils will stay very dilated. When you give up or stop, they will contract to normal size almost instantaneously.

Trivia: observationally, the main actor on BBC Sherlock does something like this as part of his acting when he is "reading" someone.


So its treason then?

"I am not staring at you. I am a cyborg photographer. Just act natural. This is a candid shot. I don't require a camera so... sorry."

It’s a Ophthalmologist legend. Darth Pupilis was a Dark Lord of the Ophthalmologists, so powerful and so wise he could use the Iris to influence the pupil to dilate …He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about dilated...The dark side of the Iris is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural...He became so dilated…the only thing he was afraid of was losing his sight, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his intern everything he knew, then his intern blinded him during an exam. Ironic. He could save others from blindness, but not himself.

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Bornadick Cucumberpatch?

source: am slower level

Baffled? It’s 2017 editing is a thing

It probably is fake but there is a group of people in the pacific islands that have trained their eyes to dilate on command to fish underwater. Apparently it's very easy and anyone can do it.

How do you do this? If you can explain I’d like to know

It should be in your alteration skill tree.

Sounds good that’s what I thought. It’s the same way I learned to control my scalp, ears and eyebrows. Just a little different.

Underappreciated joke of the day. Thank you.

No, it's Bangladesh Cricketmatch!

Just looks like a reversed video sped up a bit, but maybe not since they appear to go from dilated to constricted to dilated somewhat bizarrely.

Kinda like moving your ears right? I’ve “taught” myself to move my right ear, but I can’t move the left yet.


I’m not staring at you. I am a cyborg photographer. Just act natural

I need an old priest and a young priest.

Agreed. I'll stick to the slow dilation, occasional roll back for white out effect, or the always faithful controlled cross eye to keep it simple.

Someone is mining bitcoins in your brain in the background. Gotta get that checked.

here's how. TLDR: think REALLY hard, and your pupils will dilate.

i legit want to know how to do this

I love it when a redditor talks all confident like he knows what he's talking about when he doesn't have a clue. Noticed you didn't tell us what the effect is called. There's no gifs or pics on your profile. I bet you don't even own the free software Gimp let alone PS. And entirely planned? Well no shit. The guy didn't know why he was recording her? She didn't know why a guy had a camera stuck in her face? You figured that out on your own? Good job man.



My best guess is they shine a light at her and speed it up? Otherwise I'm baffled.

ow if I could just figure out how to get the juice to stop hurting my bones.

Do you use this ability for anything specific? Does it help in low light?

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In high school we had a friend who’s little brother could do it. One day when we were all there he just walked in and was like “hey check this out.” His were slow to grow, but shrunk at about the same speed as the video. I had never seen anyone do that, and it was freakin creepy. Watching them slowly grow felt like he was staring into my soul or something.

Thailand's Moken Sea Gypsies are able to control the size of their pupils to see better underwater so this isn't necessarily After Effects or something

that moment when you scroll down so much you see the same comment 3 times

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I find it helps switching between high and low light settings. I can typically control focus better/past light sources at night too.

Movement of the dilation is too clean and has a weird bounce to it. It seriously looks like a cartoon "AWOOOGA" eyes.

All together that was a pretty good joke

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my pupils are always really dilated

does this mean im constantly thinking really hard

Wait I can do the eyeball twitchy thing too. I twitch my eyes and they shake back and forth and my vision goes blurry. I can only do it for a few seconds though before my eyes get tired.

how do i open the menu?

"What was generally considered an automatic reflex for the rest of us is now thought to be something that any child under 5 could learn how to do."


This can be created easily with video editing & effects software. The quick pull away, as if the person filming was startled, was entirely planned.

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Bennigan's Cumberbun

Good thing she's pretty, because that's some mediocre After Effects work. The tracking is good, but the lines on the pupils are way too crisp to be from the camera. There's also a very visible lack of motion blur.

Happy cake day!

Where is this from?

Edit: nevermind morty

I looked up how to do it.

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Lol my ex used to watch vampire diaries and the vampires would do that when they were using the power of compulsion. I would change focus when I would ask her for something and if she said no, I'd ask how she was able to resist my powers and she loved it. Good times.

As a kid I used to do the vibrate eye thing as a party trick to freak everyone out. Then my eyes started aching, and now I have hyperopia. It's probably just coincidence but i'm too scared to do it again anyway.


Happy cake day!

How to voluntarily dilate your pupils *edit TLDR: think REALLY hard, and your pupils will dilate.

I would be baffled if this isn’t done with post-production video editing.

Pupillary dilation and constriction is actually a primitive reflex originating in the brainstem; that’s why part of the medical assessment in situations where the brain might be compromised is shining a light into the person’s eyes.

The brainstem is one of the most primitive of brain structures, which means that how it works isn’t affected much by higher-order things like what you do or think.

Source: my medical education

EDIT: I should clarify in regards to the speed at which this occurs. If you take a video of yourself focusing on your phone screen, and then at a far-away object, you’ll note that you can actually voluntarily dilate and constrict your pupils - that is in fact how our eye focuses. Your pupils change in size and change the shape of the lens in your eye, which changes where the light you see is focused. The goal is to focus on your retina, but of course things in real life are varying distances away from you, so things at different depths will never be in focus at the same time.

What makes what’s happening here physiologically highly unlikely is the speed at which her retina is changing size. This could be explained by saying that the video is sped up, but...her pupils don’t just quickly become large or small, they actually go from small, to big, and back to small.

Light exposure makes pupils smaller. What would need to happen here for this to have occurred is: 1) Bright light in her face 2) Light removed, pupils given time to dilate 3) Bright light in her face again

With the speed at which this video occurs, I don’t think it’s likely that this happened.

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Are people really that gullible? This is so edited...

That's weird, I can move my ears, but only both at once. I have no individual control.

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Sorry, you have to be a child under 5. You missed your chance, old man.

Not OP but the way I practiced it was by losing focus on what was in front of me. So if you're looking at a phone screen, focus on the letters on the screen and then see further by looking at the reflection of what's in the screen (I use the night mode on my Reddit app, so the background is black). The letters will go blurry and the further you look, the blurrier the letters, the bigger your pupils I think. I've never watched myself do it, I can just feel it.