Some women call for a boycott of Twitter after actress Rose McGowan is partially suspended

Some women call for a boycott of Twitter after actress Rose McGowan is partially suspended
Some women call for a boycott of Twitter after actress Rose McGowan is partially suspended

It says she included a personal phone number in a tweet... this isn't a conspiracy, this is not time for a boycott, this is time to read your TOS.

Isn’t a Twitter hashtag to ask people to boycott Twitter somewhat self-defeating?

You can destroy the master's house with the master's tools

This is ridiculous. Her account was suspended because she posted someone's personal telephone number, not because of a conspiracy to silence her. She literally will have her account back immediately if she took down the tweet with the personal phone number. And writing a news article about how "some women" call for a boycott is like writing a news article about how "some women" like strawberry jam. Some women are not a representative group, or even a meaningful one. Do better, journalism.

"Please delete the tweet that contains the personal phone number"

"OK, I deleted it."

"Cool, account reactivated. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Well, now seems like a good time to lose my fucking mind I think.

Uh, she put a personal phone number on Twitter.... And they suspended her for it until she deleted it.

This has fuck all to do with rape victims or anything like that. She blatantly violated a rule and then spins it up as oppression for her followers and articles like this.

Im fine with calling for justice for the victims and I agree with her, but this is some bullshit.

I guess I'm ahead of my time. I have been boycotting twitter my entire life. Not because of any particular cause. Just because it's stupid.

The TOS also say you can't promote violence, but they're ok with TD threatening nuclear war

YES! Please everyone stop using it.

Fake news, I've definitely destroyed my own house with my own tools (even though I was trying to make it better).

Stand up for what you believe in. Don’t post a private number. Not complicated.

What's going to happen is they're going to stop using Twitter for a few hours and say "Now what?".


She posted a private phone number apparently.

It's strange seeing all of the people coming out to defend Twitter as a "private company" when most of the internet lost their collective shit over some bakery that didn't want to bake a "gay" themed cake.

Check my post history a year ago, rabid Bernie supporter. I just hate cherry picking circlejerks.

I think they should totally ban Trump (if only to keep him from starting an actual war) but that isn't really related to them temporarily banning people who include personal info in a tweet.

Twitter isn't censoring her. She posted personal information, which is against the ToS.

And Hamas tweeting.

Sounds like every professional victim out there.

I downvoted you first so my upvote would count as two.

They told her if she deleted the violating tweet they would restore her account. It's all right there in the article.

They could try kneeling. I hear that's popular.

The bakery lead an online campaign to harass the gay couple that wanted the cake.

The 'online campaign' was reprinting the court documents from the couple's lawsuit against them, which they were successfully attempting to publicize. Regardless of your disagreement with their politics, do you think they should have just quietly accepted being sued over this? Is it fair to smear publicizing a lawsuit like this as 'harassment?'

Ahhh, the untrained handymans conundrum.

Try linux, fuck it up, reinstall it, fuck it up again, reinstall it, fuck it up again, reinstall it, fuck it up again............

Uh, yeah they do. A lot of explicit info is deleted from twitter, assuming it gets reported. If no one reports it then it will stay up for a bit.

When you are really outspoken about someone being silenced, vowing to shut up and not talk about it doesn't really seem like a great threat...

Isn't that about as effective as boycotting buying gasoline for one day?

They're boycotting twitter tomorrow, not today, by then it'll be trending so all the twitter people can see it and log out.

The Cory Feldman and Cory Haim saga is pretty gross too.

yo grape jelly master race

get that strawberry shit out of my face

Lawful actions of the state are generally not considered the same as if conducted by an individual. For example, an executioner pulling the switch (or injecting the death-goo) will not be tried for murder.

Without getting into a discussion of philosophy on the matter, one should acknowledge the difference. I can't imagine Twitter, for example, banning everybody that wanted to report news about why American should enter a war, enter a battle, etc.

/sub/politics bans are hysterical. I was banned for "personally attacking" a poster by pointing out a logical fallacy and misinterpretation a law because I used the word "weird" in it.

A third wave feminist free day on twitter? And this is supposed to be punishment?

Ironically, the quote is "the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house" by Audre Lorde

The bakery doxxed the customers, and are shitty people because of it. A private company can have their own terms of service. That's the difference.

Ok, you hate cherry picking circle jerks, but how do you feel about plum plucking pegging piles?

The outrage must feed.

Enough with the Trump spam.

Looks like Rose McGowan doxxed people too.

The bakery lead an online campaign to harass the gay couple that wanted the cake. The post information online and told their followers to harass them. That’s why they got in trouble.

They allow his tweets because they're "newsworthy." Not agreeing with the policy necessarily, but that's the reason they give.

Thank you. It just causes one to ask why Twitter didn't ban Spike Lee for doxxing an innocent couple after tweeting the wrong address for George Zimmerman. He was trying to be malicious.

Twitter has been too much of a coward to deal with them.

While I agree, I think suspending the twitter account of the POTUS would have ramifications that would be hard to defend to Twitter's shareholders. Publicly traded companies are not incentivized to be brave.

I gave up after the first try. If I had the grit for such things, I could use it for more ambitious things too, like playing Dwarf Fortress. Some things are better just admired from a distance.