Some people just cant accept defeat...

Some people just cant accept defeat...

And I thought it was the teabagging

Yeah, they just don't understand the idea that axes do quad damage at all...

Correct: there’s a rule against climbing on top of others while playing laser tag.

You need to raise your sneaking level up...

I got kicked out of laser tag for blinding myself with the laser

Knifing is the best way to take those kids out.

When i have a lasergun, there are no rules..

How many is too many?

Kicked out

Oh the irony


"If you do that three to four more times I'm going to be really peeved mister"

What's ur prestige?

Nah man, ya use the sidearm

Bro laser tag has only gotten better since 2001

Except lots of people still play laser tag