Some niggas just don't care

Some niggas just don't care


"But she's my second cousin" -south niggas

Black guy with lips picture dot jay peg

I don't think I will ever stop upvoting this.

Okay, I was wrong. I am done now.

If my hot female cousin slid in my DMs tho...

"Ay, cuz. Netflix and chill? I'm down, if u down.

Btw, yo auntie want that casserole recipe u brought Sunday."

Oh no baby what is you doin

"Shes my daughter-wife" - south

Extremely appropriate.

Please stop.

Please. It's not funny anymore.

My man needs to drink some water with how fucking thirsty he is

"See ya after church" ;)

"My mother's my sister."

Anonymous, West Virginia.

Never heard of a "cuzzay".

Man honestly everyone is your fuckin cousin if your black, your mom been friends with toya her whole life, her kids are now your cousins. You show up to a BBQ and know someone, now you got a whole new family. I'm not judging dude

George Michael?


I've never heard the "cuzzo" variation. Down here you just yell "Cuzzay!" at nobody and you'll get a response

Kissin cuzzins, huggin cuzzins... fuckin cuzzins. Same shit down here in the wilds of GA.

If we don't sin then Jesus died for nothing

Ok forget what I said

Real talk, fucked my cousin twice. Not blood related, I met her when I was 13 and she was 10. Her dad married my great aunt. No reason not too. We got older, she filled out, and I filled her more.

Pussy was 🔥. That taboo sex is real. No regrets. We ain't even related anymore.

That's a field spell, why the hell is its effect phrased like it's spell speed 2?

It should be something like "Niggas on both sides of the field must re-check their shit before posting."

And then maybe something about spell counters because all the best field spells include spell counters.

actually, cousins are far enough apart where it's not as big of an issue as opposed to someone in your immediate family.

I'm not saying I condone it, but it's not as bad as you say

The moment she yo 'cousin' blood or otherwise you can't scheme on that pussy no more bruh. I couldn't imagine how my fam would react to me even trying that shit. It ain't worth the drama man.


Id fuck her and we 20 now.

probably best to retire that meme. it will never be more accurate than that

You done?

isn't the english language wonderful

Somebody get that man a gallon of water, the Emojis at the end truly add to the disgust.

I remember one of the NPC's is GTA III always saying that lmao

2nd cousin twice removed isnt even technically incest. And real incestuous relationships take about 3 generations of bumpin uglies to start fucking up genes. I dont condone it either but thems are the stats


Anime has taught me that it's not only acceptable, it's practically expected of you.

There's plenty fish in the sea, why the fuck do you have to fuck the ones related to you cos if you have babies they will turn out like fish.

And thus began /u/alemobar's slow descent into madness...


I believe that is known as the Georgian special

the first L was posting something to an Instagram story

I got no shame. My cousin thick my dude

Naw i just have one of those brains that absorbs useless weird shit instead of important normal shit

Oh wait, it's funny again.


Fuck outta here Carl with your yeeyee ass hair cut. While you been jerkin that little dick off to Jimmy's mom, my nigga Bolbi been skeetin on that shit since day one nigga, been slap slap slap and clap clap clapin them titties around while you and that bitch boy Sheen been breaking your fingers off in eachothers assholes, my guy.

Here you go:


That's kinda innocent to the shit we're talking about.

West Virginian here. We're too busy masturbating on pictures of coal mines for incest. Go down south a bit to Georgia. We hear that's where the incest is goin on.

Bumpy road ahead

No no, you're thinking of Alabama.

Why do the trees in West Georgia lean?

Because Alabama sucks.

Career Ender:

As long as These Niggas Trippin is in play, once per turn you may select one nigga on your side of the field and boost its ATK and DEF for its next roast.

cuz my other cousin who was mad none of the girls wanted him turned rat

Your cousin sounds like the textbook definition of a fucking bitch dude.

You'll always find someone standing up for Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia and even Florida.

But no one ever defends Alabama.

Fuck Alabama.

You've got your cousins, then your first cousins . . .

Until it starts a chain, that'll plummet Westeros into chaos

Well it won't make flippered kids but there's the social aspect to consider.

It probably would have been ok in the 1800s, but not so much anymore. Just try coming to your family or friends with that "not blood related" argument.

"like optimus prime"

audience reacts ooohhh


I guess you can say I technically did too not blood related, went balls deep. Would hit again.

He says they're not blood related. You guys need to chill in these comments with the incest

Direct messaged them looking for a hookup.

Not allowed to date anyone your family happens to know a relative of? Harsh. They're the people you spend the most time with.

Precisely, pleighboii.

Lemme see to verify

you wild

I'm not religious, and that somehow makes it even more nasty from afar.

Maybe y'all really do need Jesus smh

read this in the Quavo voice


Man that was pretty mediocre for battle rap, you're missin the whole wave

Is there a video for this? I wanna know the context of his reaction..

I kissed my cousin when I was 8

I like their thinking in France

No sweetie no that's not how that works

It seems like you've been doing some research...

It's one of my favourite memes though...

You had your chance uncle!

is that where the meme is from? my life is complete and I feel satisfied.


"Brain, we're going to watch Toy Story 2 now, okay?"

"Sounds good bruh, I'll be sure to memorize EVERY line."

"Hey Brain, what year is it?"

"Probably 1997 or something idk."

4 different cousins for me. They initiated. 1 was found out though, cuz my other cousin who was mad none of the girls wanted him turned rat when he saw 1 show me some panty. We got whoopins, it was forgotten cuz in a country town, that shit happens


Nah a good number of my friends use IG stories. Better camera quality than Snapchat and you can do that cool 2-3 rewinding thing.

I remember when I met my girl cousins friends in Honduras and they asked me if I fucked her yet. I told them that was disgusting. They told me that pussy is sweeter when you're related. I was shocked to hear that.

Needless to say, I've never fucked my cousin, blood or play and no oth other​ related family member.

Aye what exactly are you getting at here....?

its ok. We'll go down to /sub/dankmemes and I'll get you a new one

Its looked down upon amonsgst the newer generations now.

Man and woman have daughter. Man impregnates daughter. I mean this way they're only half siblings but I think it counts

Alright Hugo you win I'll check out your twitch

What does "slid in my dms" mean?

Besides any niggas here who've been of the huggin or kissin cousins type? Not fucking.

"What about Mississippi?"