Solid web design

That's why you never use Python on web design.

That is a small snake and a very, very large black widow spider.

I could only think of this Farside comic.

I could only think of Farside comic.

Snake is just like

"I'm fucked."

"I'm fucked."

"I'm fucked."

"I'm fucked."

This is just an example of getting caught in an endless loop due to a poor programming algorithm.

"Oh geez, hold still and I'll get you out"


"Dude! Chill!"

Its a red back. Much more deadly.

That's a lot of nope in one gif.

72% more deadly. it's like you die and then die 0.72 times again.

spider doesnt seem too thrilled either

An antivenom has been available since 1956, and there have been no deaths directly due to redback...

Edit: here's the deleted comment:

BW are realistically very tame compared to red backs. Their bites for one won't often kill anymore than a toddler. Red backs on the other hand are a death sentence to get bit by... well pretty much anything in Australia that bites is.

More deadly than deadly?

"You're effin up my web bruh."

The snake is the client's imagination: running wild. The web designer is trying to pin down client's stupid ideas so she can finish the job and eat. In the end the web designer quits and the client is stuck.

The puns are unreal.

Definitely not. They might be Unity though.


It's like when you are sent to prison for 250 years

Or if the spider kills both the snake and the guy filming

Spider: "just... let... me... TOUCH YOU!"

Snake: "NO NO NO NO NO"

Spider: "K, fine, have it your way."



The Farside is genius.

I near had a panic attack thinking that spider was gonna go in for the kill.

Poor snek

TIL that Australia took the black widow, added some paint and made it far more deadly.

Can I get a Source on that?

So nice of that spider to create a treadmill for the snake to work out on. He's going to max out his cardio!

Most spiders are quite profecient with...the web. Baum tssss, that joke obviously hasn't been made 3,000,000 times in this thread already.



No, you just have to adjust the robots.txt file to keep the spiders out.

Spider starting selling cocaine and gave the snake a job, but the snake took over the web and killed the spider.

Now snek is king of web, but then he died because spooder frens came to kill snek.

And then uploads the video on YouTube?

Damn Satan you've gotten soft

It ended way too soon. I want to see what happens.

Here you go.





We need to know if the snake is killed by the spider. Or the guy filming kills both the spider and the snake.

Yeah but if you lived in Australia you wouldn't be such a pussy.

"I'll just--I'll just come back later when you're not being such a little bitch about this"

"Shittiest blind date I've took for a while."

I get a pest guy every 6 months to come spray

That's brave of you, if I lived there I'd get them to spray daily.

I think it's a giant worm. Source: Derpetologist.


Red Back Spider, not Black Widow.

The snake, the spider, and myself all noped out.

Every few months, I pull out my collection of his comics from when I was a kid and go through them all. Never gets old.

I think it's a redback spider. Still a widow, but not a black widow.

Yo Spider, play me a sick beat!

red back

The redback spider (Latrodectus hasseltii) is a species of venomous spider indigenous to Australia.

FUCKING OBVIOUSLY. Deadlier than black widow, and hunts snakes.

Red Backs are only slightly more venomous than a Black Widow and the only real difference is the red dorsal stripe and that Red Backs are more aggressive. This may lead to them being more dangerous as they may get a better bite or several bites where a black widow is more worried about getting away from you and will only bite if necessary. I think the Australian aspect exaggerates how venomous they are.

That still makes some sense, it's like "even if you were to shatter longevity records we'd still make you spend them behind bars"

Edit: I understand the concrete reasons for it are not this, still always found it interesting that the longevity thought must have crossed the mind of some of the rare "old" convicts who still had hundreds of years ahead of them in there sentence.

Spyder and python are friends

lol nobody's pushing an agenda here, it can still be more deadly

They're tiny!

Damnit Australia!

Go clean the garage with the spider in it that's caught two snakes?

Might aswell just put the deed in teh spiders name.

"The oldest man alive spends another birthday behind bars ..."

"Ouch... motherf... oh Top Gear is on. This can wait."

No, it already laid it eggs somewhere inside the house.

I will never wear shoes or sit in a chair again. Thanks for that.

Looks like it got bit in the very beginning and died out at the last 11 seconds.

Oh dear god. My file has gained sentience and is using this new gained power to post on reddit... like it's dad, I'm so proud

Let me guess... Australia?

I want to ID the Tech they're using

What about the American twerking spider?

Update for those wanting to skip video - snake lost.

I know rationally that spiders are really helpful but the instinctive part of me wishes the whole latrodectus clan would fuck off.

You need to zoom out

Thank you for the nightmare fuel.

Bring all the snakes in the yard

Can I git a Source on that?


It's good to know I'm not the only one who went through this

No sir, I dont like it

Have these everywhere at my place, I get a pest guy every 6 months to come spray. Luckily they seem to just stay outside under our fence caps and what not. Have not had one inside for years.

"... and nobody even remembers anymore what he is in for. Neither does he."

Your so close. Its actually a red back.

Hahahaha! yes! We have books of Far Side comics. They never grow old. Now we keep a couple of them in our bathroom. lol

Yeah I don't see myself having a long life span with shit like this in my country


We are actually told to put an ice cube on it and wait to see if you feel sick enough to go to hospital for a redback bite. Only children and the elderly or infirm need to worry.

So many people I know have been bitten by a redback - most often from putting shoes on that one has hidden in the toe of it, or when you put you fingers around underneath an outdoor chair right on one of the little suckers which are hiding in the crevices underneath.

Edit: you'll feel a bit sick in the stomach and feverish for a couple of days and the bite itself stings like a son-of-a-bitch, but it's not usually deadly

That person desperately needs to clean their garage.



fucking clap

The spider is like "wait, I caught something..." "Uh... fuck that"

Next time we come under fire, run in a straight line... you'll live longer.

Sounds like the snake lost, by the YouTube description:

Snakes are usually feared in the animal kingdom for the venom and their strength, but one reptile was no match for a redback spider that caught it in its web in a Victorian shed, as seen in footage published on Monday, January 9.Vinifera resident Carmel Munro was walking through her shed when she saw “the real life David Attenborough story in front of my eyes.” While Munro wanted to intervene and help the snake, her partner Barry disagreed, saying “it’s nature.

You can always tell if a web is a black widow web because it's WAY stronger than most spider webs. They like to hide sometimes but you can tell when one's around

Red backs on the other hand are a death sentence to get bit by

An antivenom has been available since 1956, and there have been no deaths directly due to redback bites since its introduction.

From what I understand through first aid courses is that the venom is very deadly but incredibly slow acting. If you get bitten by one your supposed to put an ice pack on it and the venom will pretty much stop at the wound giving you ages to get the antivenom.

shake dat booty, snake

This is a completely normal reaction when you walk thru a spider web.

And looks like it might be a young brown snake? I dunno, I'm not a herpetologist.

Bit big for a BW. Its actually a red back, which is worse.

You speak parseltongue?

Hello master. Is your anus ready?

or engineer them to not send you to the hospital after one bite...

Oh dear god! When I was a young lad, I sprayed a wolf spider with hair spray. We'll, turns out it had a bunch of little guys on her back and they scattered like wild fire. Hundreds. In the kitchen. I had nightmares for years, always thought I had spiders crawling on me.

They don't have much to say when surveyed.



"Mmm this one is going to be EXTRA juicy... WHOA NVM... ok, let's try this again... OK NVM GEEZ"

snake legless lizard