So we just got a Dairy Queen in Moore Oklahoma....

So we just got a Dairy Queen in Moore Oklahoma....

Wow. That traffic is riDQlous.

It's probably called Dairy President over there I assume.

Bitch please we just got In-N-Out in Austin and after 2 weeks we still have police directing traffic cause its so crowded.

Are they changing the name of Blizzards to Twisters?

WE HAVE A DAIRY QUEEN?! Why have I not heard of this?!

Same thing happened here in Edinburgh, Scotland. They opened the first kirspy Kreme doughnuts and the whole country descended on the place.

For almost a month you had to avoid the whole dam area, backed up the busiest motorway in the country as well.

Because of the metric system.

Traffic sucks.

You shut your whore mouth right now.


Braum's is much better.

From the UK, what is a Dairy Queen? Do they just serve ice cream?

They specialize in ice cream, though.

How dairy make a pun like that?

How nice of you to take a helicopter immediately after you saw it. You're doing a great job.

Pretty much all of them have the drive-through tablet guys.


ahhh the OLDDDDDDDDDDDDD reddit scrickery dickery

We've had one for a while....if you don't mind driving to Chickisha that is.

Sundae he'll pay for this!

I love DQ. But as someone from small town Texas, where there is a DQ if there is a post office, you guys must suffer from lack of anything.

Burgers, fries, chicken fingers. All-American eatery. Also, ice cream. Lots of frozen dairy treats. Fixed for the lovely /u/42JumpStreet.

Do the chickens have large talons?

What are people's opinions? I'm curious as someone in the States who has had one nearby most of their life.

You do not need DQ. You have a far superior Braums.

Still too soon, man.

Did you see Norman right after Jack In The Box opened? Traffic wrapped around 12th for miles.

I don't know why I'm so interested in this back and forth. I'm from Canada.

*Except on Sundays

Which is of course the only day I seem to ever want to go there myself, then I realize it's closed.

Icy what you did there

We a KK here in LA with a drive through. It closed down after a year and became an In-And-Out. Now it's packed.

Every small town in Texas has a Dairy Queen. DQ and Jack-in-the-Box are slowly working their way up into Oklahoma while Braum's slowly working its way deeper into Texas.

More like an ice cream place with over priced after thought food.

Same thing happens at every Tim Hortons in Canada every morning...

How do you ever make it to that Dairy Queen with J&W on that side of town? Their grilled onion burgers are so good.

You're a Blizzard, Harry.

seriously the flamethrower burger is pure gold


Fast food with a strong focus on soft serve ice cream treats.

Holy shit a lot more people from Oklahoma than I expected have internet

I lived in Moore for 5 years wanting a Dairy Queen, and the year I move one comes in. It is all good though I have a Dairy Queen and a In-n-Out

Chickens have fingers?

The in n out here is constantly backed up to the point where they have people on foot takin orders on a tablet.

A friend had to pass his driving test the day they opened an Ikea in my town.

We had a Krispy Kreme, was packed for a week then desolate. After a year or so it turned into Chik Fila and non stop packed now for a few years.

They do a good amount of business, theyres always other customers their 24hrs a day. They applied for a 24 hour opening license on their first day of business.

Personally theyre nice now and again but theyre "awfy sickly". (a bit rich?)

I thought the novelty would wear off. But theyve announced plans for a further 3 stores this year so theyre definately making money.

Also us Scots like anything that's deep fried, so that might have a part to play in it.

Dairy Potter?

Moore Oklahoma... like Norman, only without the education.

The consistency of the ice cream there is PERFECT.

One pant leg at a time

Why don't you two just get a room, jeez.

As someone who lives further north, if I had the choice between DQ and Braum's, I'd choose Braum's every day of the week.

Chicken of the Cave does.

If you like donuts with a lot of glaze, then you'll like krispy kreme. I like mine more like cake, similar to Dunkin Donuts, so to me there is too much glaze on the krispy kreme ones. They cover the whole thing in glaze.

Actually not necessarily; while it always has ice cream, some times it's paired with a grill (hot dogs etc.) And sometimes it's placed with an Orange Julius (fruit smoothies) and sometimes neither.

There's a little place right on hwy 81 just on the south side of Union City where 81 starts to curve. Little tiny hole in the wall burger shack. Man that place is amazing.

But my all time favorite is Roberts Grill in El Reno.

Can confirm Broken Arrow wasn't much better.


Dairy Poofter

Braum's gets multiple visits from me every time my wife and I go to OK. Good stuff ! They're one of the few fast food places that can do biscuits and gravy pretty well.

and all day saturday and sunday. while the robins donuts remains customer free right beside it.

not soon enough

They have those in California and Vegas too where in and outs have been a staple since before time.

"You're Scottish, fry something!"

You're too busy enjoying Braum's? About the only thing I miss from that state. Such an amazing restaurant.

Fun Fact: They don't have Braum's stores anywhere outside a 300 mile radius from their main dairy farm in Tuttle. That way everything is fresh. They also own and operate everything. Feed mill, farms, trucks and distribution, bakery. Still family owned and operated. Love Braum's.

Boy, I can't understand a word you're sayin'.

Came for tornado reference, was not disappointed.

For as long as the line is you could drive to Chickisha and be back.