So we have a shot right?

So we have a shot right?

Don’t forget about Rakym felder

Oh yeah I completely forgot about him, there’s a couple names I couldn’t fit in for meme purposes. Gravett too if he can establish a better perimeter game.


I’ll take that as a yes

He was a senior grad transfer. Only two we lose is Myers and Booker, barring whoever transfers out.

I can go without Gravett he never impressed me and seemed to turn the ball over way too much

My thoughts are he's really good when he's not THE guy. Last year he really helped us on our run because he's a facilitator, he was a very good passer but couldn't dribble and create for himself. I believe Fedler and Bowan being the #1 will do wonders for Hassani.

Isn’t Felder a PG too?

Is Booker finished?