So this is apparently happening: Recall of McCain attempt is underway.

So this is apparently happening: Recall of McCain attempt is underway.

Where is this, and where can I sign it as a Phoenix pede?

Another AZ PEDE here! Where can I sign? How do we advertise to collect signatures?

Everyone stay calm, we are eating his brain as fast as possible.

Same, where can I get me one of them there recalls? I have 4 adult signatures I can get added (legally, of course, me, the mister, and my parents)

I am surprised you haven’t starved to death yet.

Senator Gone Insane. Get The Cure. Get him out of your mind and you will feel better.

How about a "haze grey" label ribbon?

(25 years ago I was in Sierra Vista where there was a rally for Sen Insane. I was rather into it. Not so much any more.)

Can we file a mass lawsuit for everyone in the United States? I.E. the people vs. John McStain on charges of treason .. ?

Look at the gray box- Not returning calls, emails... get this fucker out of the senate immediately. The insanity has to stop.

According to the form and this sample, the circulators of the Official Petition will need to post the sheet and have it signed and then submit it themselves. It will be view-able on the AZSOS.GOV site here but it appears you'll have to sign it somewhere else, wherever the circulators will be collecting signatures.

my body is ready


Unfortunately you can't recall a senator.

Spez (since people are misinformed): Taken from

"As to removal by recall, the United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice President, and thus no Member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States. The recall of Members was considered during the time of the drafting of the federal Constitution in 1787, but no such provisions were included in the final version sent to the states for ratification, and the specific drafting and ratifying debates indicate an express understanding of the framers and ratifiers that no right or power to recall a Senator or Representative in Congress exists under the Constitution."

Arizona can recall STATE senators, not U.S. Senators. A U.S. Senator has to be expelled by the Senate.

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They're recalling McCain's attempt?

You could probably get a lot of ignorant leftists to sign it too ..

His attempt to undermine the citizens of Arizona yes

I will be flying back to PHX this Friday. I need to know where I can get this form? Need to sign and submit ASAP. 🙌🙌🙌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Make those useful idiots actually useful, for once

He's too busy changing his 'boot' from leg to leg to do his job

You have my sword

God speed AZ pedes. That traitor needs to leave office ASAP!

I will go out of my way to find someone doing signatures.

He killed American soldiers

I agree.

John McCain should've resigned immediately and spent all of his time with his family and friends. The fact that he hasn't done so speaks VOLUMES about who he really is.

My mother recently passed due to the exact same form of cancer. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, not even my worst enemies.


You. I like you.

A member of congress can be expelled, but that requires a 60%+ supermajority of the body to agree to expel. And Senator Gone Insane has too many "friends" on the Republican side and too many co-conspirators on the Donkeycrat side.


You may not be able to recall him, but a million people signing would certainly get attention to the problem.

And my tendies

Is anyone sure hes even alive?

Eh... I'm all about MAGA, but this is too much for me. Having been through chemotherapy, I wouldn't wish it on anyone -- even my worst enemies.

I've wasted a couple of votes on this traitor, looking forward to getting one back!

Username checks out

Doin the Lords work

It’s 6 minutes old...

About time.

Energy levels off the charts

Just tell them that hes a "conservative" that he is actively fighting to defund planned parenthood and watch how quickly they sign it. Finding some of those $2 reading glasses that are styled after problem glasses and temporarily growing a neck beard might also help your cause.

Just tell them that hes a "conservative" that he is actively fighting to defund planned parenthood and watch how quickly they sign it. Finding some of those $2 reading glasses that are styled after and temporarily growing a neck beard might also help your cause.

And my side of beef!!

His isn’t

Oh...."Attempt to recall McCain is underway." Got it.

And my anti-seizure glasses!

Where can I sign? I'm an AZ pede!

So can we do it or no?

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And my axe!

There is no room for hate in my heart for any of God's children.

However, I will still fight to protect my country, and support those who do, just like God does.

You don't have to hate your enemy to stop them.

My wife and my sister, aunt and our son have all been through chemo. John McCain is a piece of shit and I actually do wish him the worst as bad as that sounds he deserves it.

Was he ever alive?

How long has he been dead?

I've got NO SHAME in my REMOVE JOHN MCCAIN GAME! Ill annoy every last MFer in the mall!

And my shiv!

Favorite places for petition collectors are outside the DMV (at least the one on 51st Ave), walking around on Washington St. between the old Courthouse and City Hall.

Also be a big hairy smelly dude and wear a dress and hijab and tell them you're a transblack lesbian islamic woman and watch yourself become their god.

High energy confirmed

Is there a site that lists locations or contact info for such things? Maybe we can coordinate to make it easier for those who are busy or may not be reached have a chance to fond a way to sign

That's state senators.

And my collection of vintage bottle caps.... and my AR-15

There is a method to remove an incompetent senator, but that would be politically difficult. Extremely difficult. McCain has significant differences with Trump and others in the GOP.

That's why the Recall election (also difficult). It's not wrangling between politicians, it's the politician's worst nightmare: his bosses are voting on firing him or not. A Recall is how we the people fire ineffective representatives.

And my red-pill dispenser!


And yes, yes he did. A fuckton. Because he was being an ass.

To figure that out just look back to when he started working for the Democrats.


I want in on this! Out with that senile old man!

High energy status surpassed

US Constitution overrides Arizona constitution.

I completely understand the sentiment. No worries. Best wishes to your wife, sister, aunt and son.

Scottsdale checking in

Some argue that you can in Arizona.

I don't know how well this stands legally, but it would probably get dragged through the courts.

Senator Gone InSane

Funny as fuck, lol. How is this the first time I've heard that?

.................. are you serious rn. LOL. "So federal law trumps state law now?" Federal law always trumps state law. That doesn't mean we're against state's rights. This is at a constitutional level.