So this happened in our duos game....

So this happened in our duos game....

I did not see the kill secure coming, lmao

Yeah, it rolled all the way to hit the guy we downed. Pretty crazy actually

He might have been stuck in your car, that could be why it flipped so much. Also your friend said "yeah, hes stuck to it" at the end.

Didn't you know that pubg has heat-seeking DaciaMissiles

I think he got caught in the car when we ran him over, still a pretty funny bug to watch lol.

Esports ready!


Your friend not laughing hysterically to something he should have been mildly annoyed me.

Maybe if the game wasn't so broken?

This would be a great post for /sub/gamephysics

You can see him when you look at the car rolling away. He's on the left floating behind the bumper.

Yeah it would've made the clip a shit ton funnier if i was dying laughing but from my perspective I had no idea what was happening. I thought it was a visual bug until i started dying, and then I was aggravated bc the games before this were shit and we were set up to win this one. Watching his perspective now I see why people are confused about me not laughing, though


Yea! I was wondering what I was getting angry at!

Watching that as the guy who got ran over must have been amazing and terrifying at the same time.


legend says its still doing barrel rolls till this day

Fun fact: The "Dacia Death Tumble" is one of the most devastating in the animal kingdom.

Pretty much nothing anymore. Games are in "beta" for years now after they've hit the market. Beta has become an excuse to release an incomplete game.

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Most PUBG gameplay would tbh.

I think he was afk.

2 hours apart. Someone pointed it out to him, then he realized it.

That’s exactly what’s happening. They don’t realize that all I saw was a repeating animation of the windshield spinning 360 degrees, I didn’t see this funny ass dacia tumbleweed otherwise I would’ve been laughing hysterically


It's on sale publicly on Steam for full price (and with microtransactions no less). That makes it a released game to me, regardless of any "early access" or "beta" label the devs attach to it.

It's in early access so it's okay /s

One of the most devastating death tumbles duh

I've been downed and able to drive the car before. I think I recorded it too. could be a similar bug.

I think people forget you're in FPP, a completely different experience being inside the car there.

Mod, he's doing it sideways!

Surface-to-surface Dank Anti-Creature Inferno Assault missiles.

It was an issue I was experiencing with Shadowplay, I fixed it but for the time being I wasn't recording my own voice.

Reddit users are known for two things: Thinking as a collective they are smart enough to solve murders, and for killing jokes as soon as possible.

Lemme just slap an early access banner on my game to deflect any criticism of it from people who have paid full price for the privilege.

Beta games aren't played at tournaments either.

I want to see the downed guys perspective with a heatseaking dacia rolling towards him.

Some say...

Lol I think he was the one inside of the car which was messing with it. Something to do with the weird downed models.

Shadowplay is annoying as hell when it comes to voice recording, I feel ya.

If you play it back slowly you can see the guy stuck behind the rear bumper of the vehicle while it's flipping.

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summoning /u/vredditmirrorbot

Well, tumble. Obviously. 🙄

after enough PUBG games you desensitize to how broken it is

I really wish people would stop using It's terrible on desktop and mobile. gfycat is the way to go, always has been.

Regardless, I want my money back.

esports ready

Wow. What are the odds