So much this

So much this

"If hitler was on the $20 bill, how would the Jews feel?"

I'm not saying Woodrow Wilson was the worst, I'm just saying he should be talked about more than he is.

Hoodrat stuff with his friends.

Jackson, Reagan, Nixon, Wilson, Harding, etc

They would be full of conflict.

He was a blatant racist, in the paternalistic “these peoples are not ready for self-government” kind of way. His XIV Points did not apply to non-white, non-European people, as the Japanese, Chinese, and many other delegations found out at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.

Beyond that, one thing I read about Wilson that always sticks in my mind was that he didn’t want to bring his servants to Paris because “they’re much too nice to them over there”, and by them he meant people of colour.

Sure, it was a “different time”, but when we talk about how wonderful “Wilsonian internationalism” is for starting the liberal internationalist system we see today, we often do not talk about how it was based on white supremacy (as in the belief that white nations have the right to self govern and are most civilized).

Andrew Jackson? bro do you even 8th grade history?

I think they picked that icon because of the skin color.

43 white presidents, 1 black president, 1 orange president.

Not true, he's an incompetent idiot but he can't even compare to the evil some of those guys have done

I doubt he's going to commit a genocide on an entire indigenous people, though - and that's kind of the point.

It's only been one year, don't underestimate what he could potentially be capable of.

I mean, we can just put an orange emoji in its place. It would be an insult to the orange's intelligence but it would be the closest approximation. considering.

Ronald Reagan was the devil


What it should look like

20 bucks is 20 bucks.

Y'all giving him a pass with this incompetence crap. Trump is incompetent, and you can tell by what's been happening in his cabinet. Bush knew exactly what he was doing, put the right people where he wanted them, and got what he wanted. His stutter and word-salad speeches were all part of his charm that got him elected and reelected.