So I painted over my Nerf gun and I got pretty cool results.

So I painted over my Nerf gun and I got pretty cool results.

really nice. don't get shot by police

Like 90% of cosplay guns are just painted Nerf guns. I'm pretty sure some sci fi shows do it do, I remember reading about Terra Nova doing that. My Buddie painted his Nerf gattling gun bronze and silver for a steam punk convention and it looked pretty bitching

Thats halloween...and a convention...fake weapons are the norm, and are expected..

For battle damage, paint the whole thing silver, then a diluted black wash (60/40 water&paint). Sand paper off some of the black, to reveal silver. Don't scratch down to neon original color, though. Think of where the wear & tear would be.

R/steampunk and etsy could be your next step.

In the US I'm pretty sure you would need a bright orange tip to not get a ticket.

More like Borderlands to me

I think the orange tips are only a requirement for toy guns on sale, but I could be wrong.

I don't plan on really taking it out. It's actually illegal to paint over the orange thing on any toy gun.

Actually, that's how I started, but it didn't go so well, so instead I painted over the gun black and dry brushed on silver spray paint.

Terra Nova also used a nintendo duckhunt gun as a futuristic paint sprayer, and dirtbike chest protectors as armor. God that show was terrible.

It's not actually illegal. Pointing a gun at a cop regardless of its real or fake can still constitute a threat.