So I met Detox at the Louvre.

So I met Detox at the Louvre.

Down the back... but who cares, still the Louvre.

Oh my Lorde

Don’t you know you’re not supposed to snap pics of art at the Louvre??!

about 2 weeks ago when i was in Paris and she was a goddess

I like that this sentence is constructed in a way that makes it seem like Detox had a short stint in Paris as a goddess.

I can't believe they let you touch the art at the Louvre!

Did somebody mention A R T?!?!

I see Detox is still wearing her chicken mask! Love my neon queen

I did a double take when I saw her. This photo was about 2 weeks ago when i was in Paris and she was a goddess

BIIIIIIIIITCH came here just to say this

Yaaaas, making use of the Louvre 3DS on your Nintendo #getyostreetpass

Damn you’re a cutie. Can I get your number?

That is not where I would expect to meet Detox.

My inner dickpig is crawling out

Shes educated

That's where you're wrong.

Detox is always a goddess.

You’ve been touched by an angel. Also, cute outfit.

Buy the Grammy nominated album “Melodrama” on iTunes

NASHHHH are you kidding??

LOL SAME! God I love the gays

Thanks Detox

do you mean this?

she looks like she'd be really nice to fans. was she sweet?

I love this but I feel a deep urge in my bones to point out that you totally can take pictures of the art at the Louvre. You’re encouraged to!

I love marble statues

Hahaha its a 3Ds and thats what they use inside as a audio guide for the artwork!

Woah Detox looks so pale I didn't realise she was this white it's damn nearly ghostly. Or maybe it's because you are kind of tan compared to her.