So i made 481 sushi... [Homemade]

So i made 481 sushi... [Homemade]

OP: "I spent five fucking hours on this, everybody BACK AWAY from the table so I can take a fucking photo!!"

Looks awesome, I bet all your friends were happy campers

Any meaning behind that number, or is it just odd to make people upset

My money is on the chef eating some... lol

You probably should stick to the food on the plate. Plates themselves aren't really meant to be eaten.

You ain't joking with the 5 hours, it usually takes me 2 or so hours to just do two plates, I think this would take me all day....

wow i usually eat a plate in about 15 minutes

do you really want to count kimbap as sushi

i cut the vegetables that stay fresh longer first and end with avocados for example... i put a humide cloth over the rice and i dont cut the rolls until i finish making all of them!

it took me 5 long hours !

why did you only make sushi for 1 person, when there are like 15 people there? yu barstard >:C

Kimbap is not sushi. Kimbap is good, delicious, but NOT sushi.

As a Korean, i can not call kimbap sushi

Edit: I see a lil saucer dish, did OP dip his kimbap into Soysauce/Wasabi?

Not that expensive! 200$ so 10$ per person since we eere 20!

Beautiful work you did there. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to make all that?

if they didn't, they'd have the self-restraint of a god.

Howd you keep the early stuff fresh/not dry?

Took me a while but I zoomed in and counted. There is 482.

Directions unclear, am now tripping on LSD sushi.

Jesus....96.2 sushis per hour....more than a sushi and a half per minute.

At the fish market!

"Hosts hate him!"

Can't get one past this guy

"dish washers LOVE him"

Of course my math gets corrected on the sushi post.

How many years' salary did that cost you?

Amazing job nonetheless!

This is what happens when I make spring rolls/egg rolls. That stuff takes forever to prep..peeling shrimp at the business. Prep then you gotta make the actual thing and people just come in one by one eating one damn roll at a time. I make one, someone eats it, back to zero and repeat. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

Hahahaha this is exactly what happened!

There were salmon, tuna, trout, pollock, lobster rillette, smoked salmon and plenty of veggies

Main difference is that kimbap uses sesame oil. Traditional futomaki also doesn't use meat as filling.

Source: am Japanese married to a Korean.

I would! Plus, the presentation is so perfect that if there was any delicious bite that couldn't fit on a plate, there'd be no shame in helping yourself to a few or twenty. All for the sake of a lovely table setting, of course.

you may know this but you can keep avocado exposed to air from browning by tossing it in some acid. Lime juice is a favorite but rice wine vinegar is probably the way to go for sushi. Works with apples too.

481 is not a prime number. It's divisible by 13 (47 times).

Dude I'm not the lemon police. Do what you want with them.

no im korean and i'd prefer if people didn't call our food after a different kind

Pride and semantics, as far as I'm aware.

If you want to get technical about it I'm pretty certain a hotdog is a sandwich

I wanna count how many but I'm fucked up

no, different food

it's like calling a hotdog a sandwich

I know that as Maki, is there a difference between Maki and Kimbap?

I'm pretty sure this is futomaki, which is indeed sushi

Probably so OP could make a corny pun about the sushi being prime!

"Chefs hate him even more!"

Kimbap uses sesame oil instead of vinegar with the rice.

Where do you source your fish?

Is there one dude with multiple accounts making a big deal about what the hell its called. How can so many people care this much.

I find this makes the roll very acidic what with the rice seasoning.

pretty sure there are sushi rolls with seaweed on the outside... like futomaki

37 times?

I hate to tell you this but only 478

oooh I wish I was your friend

that is A LOT of sushi

Try toasting the nori a bit and don't wait to long to eat them.

When I cook for parties I usually just go by the smell of what I'm is cooking, I don't taste taste it and usually only eat a bits and pieces during the party itself. I pig out though when somebody else does the cooking though. I don't know, I think I get full just from smelling the food.

edit: I maybe a little drunk

they were all very tasty! i didnt cut the rolls untils i finished rolling all of them! none of them were dry or not fresh!

Great job, and I hope your dinner party was amazing! After all that you deserve it!

Oh my god, yes. I used to make Egg Rolls AND Crab Rangoon with my Dad occasionally. Holy fuck, Egg Rolls are bad, Rangoon are worse. You can only use so much to speed up the process and it's not like you can just eat straight filling, it's gross. So you spend four forevers making 3 dozen Rangoon and another two forevers on the Egg Rolls. It's the closest thing to culinary torture I can think of.

Did the quality of the rolls increase as time went on? or were you born a master?

I used a teaspoon of lime juice with 2 cups of water and about 8 pounds of sliced apples. Drained them and they were lovely snacks for days. It's a good tip.

tbh i have never even tried sushi so i would have absolutely no idea.


Taste it!! Gordon Ramsey would be turning in his grave if he could read.

Now I just want to eat salmon nigiri until I get ill.

Disgusting? Really?

I think lime is just for the flavour combination. Avo and lime is 👌🏼

it looks pretty normal to me

Just goes to show, uni to get your facts straight before commenting.

futomaki and single rolls, this is true japanese style, rice on the outside is all American

What brand of nori would you recommend? Mine never really turn out when o try and make it at home. It gets pretty chewy.

I found "that guy" everyone. Let your man bun down and go have another espresso

That's rude!

In Japan, seaweed on the outside is the norm. If rice is on the outside, they're "inside out" and considered uramaki sushi. In the US, rice on the outside is more common though.

Sashimi should be dipped in soy tho so what're you even saying

You'd be surprised at how affordable raw ingredients for sushi are (and how many rolls a single ingredient can be used in).

but how many sushis per 36?

The older futomaki from Japan typically uses sushi rice, dashi-based ingredients from the sushi bar and is usually cut into slices like seen here. Kimbap often uses unflavored/more lightly-flavored rice and can be seen served as one big roll.

The fillings are chef's choice and vary from store to store. In my personal experience, kimbaps often have a crunch using pickled radish while futomaki has ohitashi (dashi-boiled spinach) and a consistently softer, burrito-like texture.

Some of us may hate eachother for whatever reason but we both agree places like Sushiritto are not doing anything new.