So I just watched SD Live...

So I just watched SD Live...

Are Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn the faces? No seriously, Shane literally stacked the odds against those two like Vince would have in the Attitude Era. A tag team match against the authority figure's handpicked opponents with the authority figure as special guest referee, AND their careers are on the line? How are they not faces? This is how you book a babyface. Am I going crazy?

They're heels, and what's worse, they're positioning Bryan as a heel aligned with them. Which won't work since the crowd will just love all three guys that much more. It's dumb booking.

Turning D-Bry heel is like when Mark Millar had Spider-Man on the Anti-Reg side in the Civil War comic and expected the fans to think he's wrong. Like... he's Spider-Man. Everyone loves Spider-Man.

Yes, that's how it's looking. They obviously have this storyline thought out and have a plan so I'll guess we'll just have to see how it ends.

While Shane said that, I got a flashback to that Undertaker vs Stone Cold match with Shane as the special ref from 99.

Totally disagree, it's excellent long term booking.

Shane is becoming more and more like his father and will hopefully go too far (again) and turn heel, with Zayn and Owens naturally turning face, having been proved right.

Daniel Bryan is the voice of reason, can see what is happening, but won't do too much until he sees Shane going too far.

Some examples:

Shane instructed an invasion on Raw, leading something dangerous and pointless, whilst opening Smackdown for attack - instead of simply allowing for basic competition.

Shane's ego put him into the Survivor Series match. He should have captained the team from ringside and given his team a better chance to win by allowing someone like Rusev to compete.

Shane ultimately got Orton pinned during the SS match, he chose to pursue Owens and Zayn up the ramp, instead of staying ringside and breaking up the pin.

Shane went too far in the HIAC match, his arrogance needlessly making him jump off the cell.

Shane almost went full Vince by using one of his catchphrases 'You're fired!'.

There are probably more examples of Shane's ego and arrogance, but I hope this is what they're going for on Smackdown.

Heeldown Live

What worries me about it, is it seems like they're leaving it open in case Bryan gets cleared. I mean, that's great, but it seems like they want him to be the heel. There's just no way that'll work.

This is basically the storyline I'm running in my Universe. Shane is trying to book himself to the top of the card and KO is taking the Stone Cold role of not letting him.

That's a really good analogy.

Maybe, just maybe, they're doing something that goes beyond plain face/heel black and white. Maybe they're starting to develop shades of gray. Kevin and Sami are still heels, but Shane's out of control. It's like instead of a double turn, they just turned Shane twice as hard. Randy's had his issues with them so he'll gladly beat them up. Shin's had a bit of a past with both and did get to know Randy a few months ago. The pairing makes sense.

Now we get to DB. I think he can screw Shane over in this match and stay face. Shane's getting out of control. He doesn't like Kevin and Sami, but he's liking what Shane's becoming even less. If Shane runs them out, he's gotten even more power (technically no, but he's gotten it into his head) and SD loses two top guys. For Shane, this is all ego and spite. For DB, this is him seeing a friend going down a dark path and trying to stop him before it's too late, as well as balancing what's right, what's good for the job, and his role all at once. He won't turn so much as be forced to exert his powers for the greater good.

Also, if DB screws Shane by attacking him or something, we could get a holy shit moment: Nakamura and DB staring each other down in the ring.

Yeah and I'm saying the way they're being booked is like that of a face which is illogical.

Why would anyone logically think the anti-reg people were wrong at all anyway, it just made no sense.