So chill

So chill

But you really become unbothered by anything though, you just don't care anymore but in not a good way

"so this girl I want you to meet, one of her eyes is like, oddly larger than the other."

"Well how would you describe her?"


Dead to reality

Oh there goes gravity

Life has no totality

mom's spaghetti

You get so focused on what's happening in your mind that you don't even pay attention enough to be bothered by something else.

"She can also play the piano without looking at it, so that's a plus"


When you realise most people describe you as chill bc they don't really know much else

"This piano is broken. I'm fine, though. It's just my life. Everything is cool."

When you want people to think you never talk about yourself because you're mysterious but it's actually cause you're boring

If you had one chance for mom's spaghetti...

Would you take it? Or let it slip?

Just a warning, this is dark.

So my girlfriend of two years committed suicide four days ago. This struck way too close to home because it was just another day.

It was a great day actually, brought me lunch at work and when I got home she had bought me a present; pajamas with t-rexs dressed as rainbow unicorns. It was pointless, silly, comfy... totally us. She had laser kitten matching.

She was dead hours later, still wearing them. It took it to a whole other level of macabre.

911 talks you through CPR, you know it is pointless but what else are you going to do? I already knew what happens when you do chest compression, I have a riding buddy that used to teach CPR and we rode around with the practice dummy to freak people out.

Made the exact same sickening crack.

Chest still hurts. Lost my voice for a couple days from screaming.

Macabre macabre, can't get that word out of my head, I used to describe her tastes as that but I loved it. She was all about the spooky factor to things, the only museum I could ever get her to go to was the museum of death in NOLA. Still have the serial killer trading cards and the sugar skull shot glasses.

Making myself sick trying to think if there was any clue this would happen that day but I know there isn't, how it happens sometimes.

This will probably be the only post on this account it is a throwaway because my real account is literally famous on here and I'd rather not face the full force of internet bullshit, been there done that. If you figure it out please don't bother me I don't need that and I'll just drop the other account completely.

I don't know why but this kind of helped to get out even if its just to the abyss of the web. Sorry for anyone just looking at a meme but I couldn't control what triggered me to do it I used to pour my heart out on this site, now it is really the only place I feel comfortable doing so for now.

Love you Snoots.

Also, she's totally not on the verge of a mental break down and masking it by acting unbothered by everything.

Fuck this hit me hard. How do I improve myself


therapy helps. quite a bit. it's a bad word for some reason but i think everyone would benefit from some mental cleaning every now and then. if you have a good therapist, then you're constantly working towards being a better happier person.

When one eye is watching you and the other is just trippin' balls.



Holy fuck this is spot on.

Palm’s sweaty

Sometimes memes hit home a little more closer than they should

Still laughing👍🏻


Am gay. Don’t feel improvement. Just more soulless crushing reality.

That’s a depressing sub

Probably a crossover episode

eminem lol

Watch your profanity

Become gay.

Become gayer.

This thread is too real, lmao.

I can't exatcly help you because I know 0 about you, so what I can do is tell about my case.

Well, I kinda realized that was all in my head, not that I didn't have any real problems, but that 90% of them were all inside my head, my friends called me chill because they could only see the "real" problems in my life, not the torture that was going inside my head every second, I tried to get better on my own, but it didn't work, so the asnwer is: professional help, just seek a psychologist, take meds if you need too, it won't be easy, but eventually you will notice that you're getting better.

You in to dude nudes?

Some people freak out over everything during a mental breakdown, and some people act “chill”.

What's this

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Snoots.

I've felt this way for so long I've started to consider it like a superpower.

Sort of like a "you cannot kill what is already dead" type thing.

It's like, is chill a good description to be called? Are they subtly calling me boring? I definitely can't relate to their social structure because of how detached I try to be so I don't say something unpopular

Me. I litrally don't panic anymore, the last time i did was when i was in a restaurant and realised i had no money to pay my mind went into overdrive for about two minutes and it just suddenly stopped. Walked up to the manager calmly explained my predicament and offered to work off the cost but they let me off.

yeah and she's also super chill

That doesn't work if you don't believe in God. Also pastors are not therapists and can mess up people even more.

Nothing like depression plus thinking you are going to go to hell!

"why would I care that I got fired if I plan to kill myself anyways"

See, that's where you're doing it wrong. You're supposed to become gay to cover up for things you've done wrong.

At first I had no idea what you were talking about and then it hit me, wow I feel like a dick. But hey at least you laughed. Jesus fucking Christmas I gotta watch how I word shit. Uhh I guess keep your chin up? Please don't tell me you have some terrible degenerative sort of chin cancer now, haha I kid. Really though my heart breaks for you.

Cmon man..

Hang in there buddy.

Made me recoil at first, then laugh. She would laugh too.

I know it wasn't intentional I left that part out.

Laughing while grieving is weird but it feels good.

More harmful. It's well beyond the point of using humor to cope, and more an obsession.

Came here to say this, eventually that apathy becomes real. Any time I am confronted with a stressful event now, my brain automatically turns off, I can't help it. I'm actually actively trying to get feels back, pretty ironic.

Arms are heavy

That is awful and such a terrible thing for someone to go through. I don't even know what I would do if I were you so I don't know what to say. There is no way you could have expected something like this to happen, you had every reason to think everything was fine, I mean she bought you cute pajama hours earlier. Life is just fucked sometimes and shit like this is something we'll never be able to understand. What even sets off something like this? I guess some people just crack for seemingly no reason due to a hidden underlying sadness. Hang in there buddy.

she's so chill her eyes didn't bother to look in the same direction

This too lol

"Embrace an ideology that answers literally every hard question life offers with "Because God" and eschews the fear of death with denying it entirely."

You're literally suggest a structured program of "just don't think about it" without realizing it.

The funny thing is the eyes are matching but the reflection of light on them is not, giving her a demented look. I wonder if that was done on purpose.

They all seem extremely unbiased.

Unfortunately yeah

I didn't get that impression, show me a psychologist who prescribes going to church instead of actual therapy.

gaying intensifies

The eyes are not matching, one is looking center while the other is off to the right

Knees weak

Yeah it is. Didn’t know it existed and now I’m sad because I want to help them. :(

Wow. I'm sorry. That really sucks. Fuck

Welp, I'm depressed now.


Shawty got that middle part on lock