So accurate it hurts

So accurate it hurts

Think of the sense of pride and accomplishment EA would get from purchasing the extra stars.

You have a cooldown of 3 hours before you can achieve more sense of pride and accomplishments.

Make it $1.30 for a quarter of a star instead. They spoke we listened.

I feel bad for the developers that actually put a lot of work into the game just to have the EA higher ups decide its ultimate fate.

When EA's first Battlefront came I out I wrote scathing reviews on reddit about it and so many people were claiming I was being overly critical.

My complaints included:

Being an incomplete game

Zooming didn't increase accuracy

Crouching didn't increase accuracy

Literally nothing but a bonus card increases accuracy

No single player (that bullshit survival mode that gets boring after 5 minutes doesn't count)

Charging for a season pass that we didn't even know what it would include yet from day one

Poor mechanics

Limited customization options


Randomly issued headshots

Totally imbalanced vehicles

Only had like 4 maps on release

Piss-poor hit boxes on that Sullustan map

Dumb bonus placement

11 guns and only 4 of them were actually useful

My biggest complaint however was the fact it poached the title of a legendary game, one of the best multiplayer shooters of all time, and probably the best Star Wars game of all time not called "Knights of the Old Republic". It had absolutely nothing to do with those games and resembled it in Star Wars skin only. Had they called it "Star Wars: Galactic Civil War" or something like that I would have been soooo much more forgiving. I cautioned that the sequel was going to be more of the same. I warned people that it would have even more micro-transactions, the same limited content, the same poaching of a title for sales.

These games are a literal insult to me. Not because they are bad games (they are, though) but because they are the ultimate fanboy honeypot. STAR WARS! BATTLEFRONT! /sub/redlettermedia It was a garbage product with a stolen name and Star Wars skin. Nothing more.

The ironic bit is how many people said I was wrong.

First time a Stormtrooper's been accused of accuracy...

Oh you want a refund of the last star? We took out the refund button and you have to call me for the refund. Expect to be on hold for awhile.

You can purchase the refund button for about tree fiddy

You can either wait 3 days for him to resurrect, or for $9.99 you can get a 2x time accelerator.

I'm not even trying to follow the story, but it sounds like EA crucified Jesus again.

Might as well make it $2.00 for every 1/10 of a star, that'll make them feel real accomplished.

They should collect the data first and make 5 stars six month grind worthy.