Snowflake? Mike Pence Is Triggered by NFL Players, 'Mulan' and Women Who Are Not His Wife

Snowflake? Mike Pence Is Triggered by NFL Players, 'Mulan' and Women Who Are Not His Wife
Snowflake? Mike Pence Is Triggered by NFL Players, 'Mulan' and Women Who Are Not His Wife

A snowflake, of course, is the right-wing response to liberal demonstrators calling for safe spaces and political correctness. The term was used in the 1860s to describe white folks opposed to the end of slavery


"Housing, in close quarters, young men and women (in some cases married to non-military personnel) at the height of their physical and sexual potential is the high of stupidity … It is instructive that even in the Disney film, young Ms. Mulan falls in love with her superior officer!"

Imagine being this dumb:

Typing "the high of stupidity"

Thinking that women and men living in "close quarters" qualifies for such a distinction

Taking the plot of a Disney film based on a poem as a literal retelling of history

Supporting Donald Trump publicly

Not only that, but he needed Trump to defend him, specifically calling for musical theater to be a safe space.

They're all projecting. Every single thing they're up in arms about, they're guilty of doing. The hypocrisy is nauseating.

Pence had a simple conclusion for the reasoning behind his hatred for Mulan and everything it represented to him: "Moral of the story: women in military, bad idea."

That was the moral he got from the story? In the movie, she singlehandedly defeated an entire invading army, prevented the remnants from enacting an assassination, and saved the country. I'd say it was a pretty good idea to have her in the military.

Without even getting into personal interpretation, he objectively didn't grasp a children's story, if he thinks that's the moral!

Tell it like it is: he's triggered by the Constitution.

Pence does not have the force of a great typhoon.

Hates freedom of speech, hates freedom of the press, hates freedom of association...

... maybe he just hates Freedom?

I wouldn't vote for a guy that hates Freedom, Beer, and the NFL. Would you?

Housing, in close quarters, young men and women (in some cases married to non-military personnel) at the height of their physical and sexual potential is the high of stupidity

Pence refuses to dine alone with women who are not named Karen Pence. He even declines to attend any function where alcohol is being served unless his wife is present.

Hmmmm, sounds like someone has problems controlling his sexual urges. A good therapist could slowly introduce you to overcoming your deviant behavior through controlled exposure. Though at your age, it's probably best if we just separate you from the rest of society with the known rapists and pedophiles.

Triggered by Mulan. Of course he was.

Normally I would say that comparing the actions of a fictional and real person is ridiculous but as Pence was apparently so appalled by the fictional Mulan and her actions lets go ahead and compare them.

Mulan's military and civic achievements

Full fills her families civic duty by serving in the military to save her elderly father. Completes her training, besting many compatriots in the process Kills like, a thousand Huns Saves her head of state.

Now lets look at Mike Pence's military record

Oh right. He doesn't have one.

But for real, who the fuck criticizes a Disney cartoon by saying that the female characters would be too focused on getting laid for it to be realistic.

he's too much!

What a fucking pussy? How can Trumps supporters be ok with this damp piece of felt.

If you think "Mother" has any plans of making a man out of Pence, you've got another thing coming.

Strict separation of the sexes is one of the things almost all fundamentalist groups have in common. Often coupled with the idea that it's women's responsibility to dress and act modestly to avoid tempting men. Its funny how "Shariah Law" has been such a boogeyman for republicans, since there's a good bit of overlap.

They teach you in kindergarten that, like snowflakes, everyone is unique. Then fold up some paper and cut it to make your own snowflake. I'm positive it's referring to that.

That's the Fight Club context.

The hilarious (and frightening) thing is that it's a mantra meant to beat down any sense of personal identity and self esteem held by members of Project Mayhem.

"I Am Not A Special Snowflake" is the institutionalized rejection of "My Yin-Yang Coffee Table Defines Me As a Person" - which is itself a vapid reaction to an unconsciously perceived lack of self worth.

But really, as we find out, the whole point is that the "You are NOT A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE" mantra is a system of control. It's a way to break down the ego, but in the case of Fight Club, what's being built up in the ego's place is fascist (specifically anarcho-fascist) dogma.

Unfortunately, men with already shrinking violet levels of self esteem tend to glom onto this saying as a way to, ironically, feel special and superior.

"No one's special. No one's unique. But at least I've figured this out, and that makes me smarter than the other guy."

It's sad and pathetic in the most Red-pilliest way.

I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem," The vice president tweeted

Excellent, when do you intend to start boycotting your own presence.

He actually had to leave because there were too many women drinking alcohol in the stadium. Mother wouldn't approve.

Fun fact, Mulan is actually an ancient Chinese Folktale. When I was a kid my mom used to tell me stories about her before the Disney movie came out.

Then I was like, "who are the 'Huns'??"

By demonstrating deft displays of doublethink.

Feeling special and unique despite being functionally identical to everyone else. Plus something about being really fragile.


He's as swift as winter molasses!~


With all the force of a light sprinkle!~


With all the strength of aSAD! toddler!~

Mysterious as the right side of the wiiiiiing!~

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it: If they want to live in a country like Russia so much, they should all just move to Russia.

I've always figured the Christian fundamentalists were up in arms about sharia law because they honestly believed someone else was beating them to it.

Goodness, that looks like Boris Johnson!

Typing "the high of stupidity"

In the same sentence where he used that expression correctly. This is how you kill irony.

I think the more important take away is that he would never have a female vice president or chief of staff. If he refuses to be alone with a woman who isn't his wife it restricts him from appointing women to positions of power who would require one on one meetings with the president. (Assuming that he might one day be president blech).

Christians tend to capitalize everything that they worship.

I know very few people that dislike beer and football but like guns.

None of those people require their wife present to talk to other women.

Conclusion: I don't think he likes guns either.

I don’t know if Pence likes guns but I have a sneaking suspicion he likes guys 😗

Mulan was always my favorite disney movie. A women who not only serves her country but litteraly saves her dad from a probable death in the process. So family? check. Patriotism? Check. Duty? Check. Pence your sexism fucking blinds to all the values that movie was trying to portray. He needs to fucking brush up on his history and learn about the fighting women from Bouddica who almost destroyed Roman Britain to the countless Soviet women who fought against the Nazi onslaught. History doesn't begin with the birth of America, there have been fighting women since the beginning of time.

I had thought for the recent usage it was connected to Obama's snowflake campaign strategy but I've also heard that it was something from Fight Club.

I'd gladly have my tax dollars go towards that one-way plane ticket.

What the fuck is this moron capitalizing flag for?

Aka neverthinkaboutit. Contrast criticalthink.

Have you never tried stupidity? It gets you so fucked up.

Source: I am so height right now.

It's gonna be weird when he has to bring mother in the room so he can talk to Merkel.

Honestly I don't know why everyone is so upset over Sharia law when it's not even being enacted in America.

We really gotta watch out for our own Christian Sharia that's very quickly and steadily growing. Trumps final support is/will be the Evangelicals. I worry for the future if the (ultra) religious are able and capable of sinking their claws deeper into society and everyones daily lives.

The mulan and women in the military stuff sounds like some serious projection to me. Since Pence thinks of women as sex objects first and humans second, he thinks all other men view women the exact same way. Same goes for how women see men (in his mind only, of course).

Mulan is devastated to discover her father has long died [while she was away fighting Huns] and her mother has remarried. Even worse, the Khan has summoned her to the palace to become his concubine.

Rather than to suffer this fate, she commits suicide. But before she dies, she entrusts an errand to her younger sister. This younger sister dresses as a man to make her delivery, but her disguise is discovered, and it arouses her recipient's amorous attention.

Get this garbage out of the White House. /sub/bluemidterm2018

Donald Trump said that everyone should boycott the NFL but Pence went anyway. No respect. Sad.

Pence is more offended by a legitimate protest than ANYTHING Trump has said or done. I can't take him seriously until he walks out of the White House.

Instead, Mother is having a party for him with unlimited juice. It’s going to be off the hook!

I hear details about other people like this and think, as you do, that they're not heroically puritan; they're sexual deviants who can't behave without close scrutiny.


That is a nonword. This way citizen...

It's about the feeling that you're "special and unique."

Pence refuses to dine alone with women who are not named Karen Pence. He even declines to attend any function where alcohol is being served unless his wife is present. The vice president told The Hill in 2002 that he doesn't enjoy being at events where "people are being loose" unless he has the comfort and safeguard of his wife by his side. It doesn't seem to matter as much that women need to attend the same functions and engage with their male counterparts in business and politics to receive the same opportunities—if the second lady isn't there, expect Pence not to show up to the party either.

Y'know, after the news first broke that Pence was super-attached to his wife, I was willing to write it off as just a weird CYA strategy. If he's always got his wife, he's always got a witness to any actions, and a really good alibi against any sexual harassment claims.

Now though, this seriously sounds like a guy who's trying to prove how straight he is. Like, he's TOTALLY straight, c'mon guys, can't you see his wife? His wife is right there, and is 100% female! There's no way he'd be interested in any guys at all, especially not hot guys in tight leather pants...

So... Republicans?

Don't forget, Trump had to specifically cry about Hamilton not being a 'safe space' for pence

If these men are being raised up as "Alphas" we've really got to examine our word usage.

Don't ruin my childhood like that :/

Mike Pence blows dudes when gets drunk

And Americans tend to capitalize on everything they worship... and many of the things they don't.

He calls his wife ‘mother, mother.’ The dude definitely had some sexual issues.

Oh for fuck's sake, Mike Pence has a problem with a fucking Disney movie now?

Mulan: Before Pence was the governor of Indiana and second in line for the presidency, he was writing scathing online blogs, one of which attacked the 1998 children's movie Mulan. The future lawmaker appeared furious over the film, which depicts a Chinese female who disguises herself as a man in order to serve in the military. Pence had a simple conclusion for the reasoning behind his hatred for Mulan and everything it represented to him: "Moral of the story: women in military, bad idea."

"I suspect that some mischievous liberal at Disney assumes that Mulan's story will cause a quiet change in the next generation's attitude toward women in combat and they just might be right," he wrote at the time. "Housing, in close quarters, young men and women (in some cases married to non-military personnel) at the height of their physical and sexual potential is the high of stupidity … It is instructive that even in the Disney film, young Ms. Mulan falls in love with her superior officer!"

God Republicans are dumb. Laying aside the sheer idiocy of his major points, Mulan is the characters fucking given name, not her surname.

Idea. Start kneeling at every event he attends

You mean like exploiting the deaths of 4 of our guys in Benghazi for political gain and ignoring the 4000+ of our troops who died in Iraq for WMD's that never existed?

THAT sort of dignity?

I think we need to first define what "anarchy" means before saying it's incompatible with fascism. The moment someone says, "Give me your money/food/body/other resources or I'm going to kill you," that is a kind of social structure--a kind of fascist social structure--in which one person with power organizes things so another without power is forced to do something whether they want to or not. I see anarchists with theories about how to maintain anarchy without it devolving into (short-term) fascism, but the outcome I described is certainly one possibility. And in a world where the population is higher than the carrying capacity of the land, anarcho-primitivism is only going to happen if big swaths of the population die off. That seems like it would be a perfect environment for fascism. The anarchy, at that point, is like a momentary singularity that devolves almost immediately into social order, because humans are social primates whose natural answer to everything is "social order" of one form or another.

Plus Durden definitely harbors fascist views himself--he is the strongman who manipulates others into doing his bidding by appealing to those already disaffected with society, and then further breaking them down with various forms of torture and deprivation. Even if his cause is just, his means are pretty despicable, and will probably not result in the utopia he seeks to create. There's also a massive, MASSIVE irony in the fact that he rails against modern society taking away individual identity--and then robs his recruits of individual identity in order to keep them loyal to him. In fact the group identity he creates is virtually identical to the group identity corporations seek to create through the use of demographic data, etc. Durden's tools are just more violent and less insidious for the average, relatively unbroken person.

To be fair, snowflakes are actually pretty tough because of the way the (solid) water molecules are arranged: in a more hexagonal-like structure. We're just seeing bitches bitching in their natural environment, in this case: safe spaces.

We need to consider men's raging hormones when they run for office. So many can't seem to have a thought that doesn't begin in their pants.

An "Anarcho-Fascist" is a logical impossibility. Tyler Durden was a believer in Anarcho-Primitivism.

However, I partially disagree with your assessment of a reduction in our society's obsessive individualism being a bad thing. I personally take great stock in social hierarchies. Some people just aren't meant to be special.

They only hate it because it’s not Christian law

As ironic as strain on your wedding day.

Because he's a bigot. I like how they always flock to these comments to point out how that's shit and they're not bigots or supporters of bigots. There's no evidence that's correct and a lot of evidence that proves it wrong.

The whole thing just sounds like he and his wife have a super unhealthy relationship.

I doubt Mike Pence has ever been close to fucking a pussy.

A strong woman who doesn't submit to the nearest male around her? Of course that'd set him off.

Mike Pence is Triggered by 'Mulan'

Maybe he's just mad he didn't get any of that delicious Szechuan sauce.

Yeah, even if he left, he did purchase the ticket. Although there is a chance he used taxpayer money to get it.

It’s feeling so special and unique that the usual rules/laws/mores/social norms don’t apply to you.

POTUS and I will not dignify any event

How maximally, atrociously arrogant it is to assert that an event is dignified by their presence!

Let's get down to business, to defeat the huns!

Have to bend the knee before the king comes by right? Have we lost the concept that kneeling is actually showing respect or at least subservience. I have no clue why legitimate media even discusses the kneeling controversy as anything other than "Why do black men keep getting shot by cops." Covering the controversy only lends it legitimacy.

Which is why we need social safety nets and better pay for low skill labor. Not everyone can be a doctor, a computer scientist, or an entrepreneur. When automation kicks in fully, it will be of the essence to strengthen it further.

can't behave without close scrutiny threats of eternal damnation


Save The Date

Oh, lets not forget millions of Chinese children (Le gasp, communist spawns!) also has to memorize and interpret the original Mulan poem.

A free ride, when you've already played?

It's the gold advice that you just can't fake?

Anarchism as an ideology has no artificial, social hierarchies. And even then, only theoretically.

I really wish "Triggered" would stop being an insult to throw at people, it's not particularly funny, and it makes light of people with actual serious issues :\

Also freedom of religion - if that religion isn't Christianity.

And whom would have thought, it's figures

Because to Republicans like Pence, The Flag is something that deserves capitalization, an honorific capitalization in the same way that we capitalize country names, or "the President", or Thanksgiving - to give it extra meaning. The Flag is not an object, it is not a patterned cloth symbolic of the country. It is a whole concept of its own. The Flag is not there to symbolize the liberties the country offers. It's not there to represent the principles the nation was founded on. Those are entirely separate issues. The Flag represents full loyalty to America, "The Country", and by disrespecting The Flag you are saying that you are not a True Patriot, which is tantamount to hating America. Respecting The Flag should come before your personal opinions on the state of the country. If you do not support The Country, then you should leave. If you disrespect The Flag, then you are disrespecting all the soldiers who fought to give you The Flag - but so long as you respect The Flag, they could care less about your opinions on the liberties those soldiers actually fought for.

Keep in mind that schools everywhere chant, once per active day, "I pledge allegiance to The Flag", and you have a succinct explanation of why Republicans seem to hold The Flag in such unwavering reverence.

If you don't capitalize Flag then you are disrespecting America! /s

Yeah, that's got to be it, I just can't imagine women really wanting anything to do with the piece of shit.

I realized that I also technically "typed the 'high of stupidity.'" I accept any and all due ridicule.

Well, what if he's taking the word from the Newspeak dictionary?

Unlimited refills of his juice cup! (But if he wantss to go on the carpet, he has to have a sippy cap on it)

Loves dicks in his mouth, though.

Anarchism has no hierarchy, facism depends on a hierarchy.

Also "national anthem." Trying to make it reverent, sacred.

Trump Republicans are the biggest whiners of them all.

It's blatantly obvious he doesn't mean what he says. If these really were his values he couldn't serve in Trump's administration. Hell, he could be a GOP since he is against LGBT and women which many of our soldiers are.

He claimed it was made purely to serve the liberal agenda of saying women are capable of serving in the military. I'm not even joking.

They will once they bleed this country dry and our on the run.

...Colors of the Wind is from Pocahontas

...And the other song is called "I'll Make a Man Out of You"

Brush up on your Disney movies Mr. Muffin!

Wait, Mulan? Really?

Maybe he could be cured then. Do you know when they strap Alex down in A Clockwork Orange, and they forced him to watch a constant violence on video? Maybe we could do the same for Mike and he could be 'compelled' to watch Mulan and over and over and over, until he realizes the error of his ways.

i just remembered there was alcohol, and women at the football game. That means he was only able to attend because his wife was there.