Snoop Dogg's high school picture late 1980's

Snoop Dogg's high school picture late 1980's

His eyes have never been open that wide since

At this point he was still just a Snoop Pupp.

Cameron Diaz is probably in that year book too

What a wholesome looking young man.

D-o-single g

Rumors say this picture was taken just moments before his first joint.

Bruh his ears attached upside down 😫

Apparently he sold her some weed once too.

Awesome dad joke,have an upvote

I went to the same high school they both did. That rumor circulated so much. Nicholas Cage went to the rival high school and there were a bunch of rumors about him too. So many of them circulate year after year, I really doubt their credibility.

Also since Snoop Dogg didn’t graduate high school, they can’t technically claim he’s an alumni of the school :(

Teacher: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Snoop: a mauufuckin G!

haha. hahahahah. it's his high school picture, not 6th grade

Snoop is (as far as I’m aware) one of those people that is genuinely a nice person. I think you really see that on this photo.

paging /u/here_comes_the_king My man looking dapper!

I think so too. A friend of mine met him way back in the day when she was a chef at a hotel Snoop stayed at while on tour. They kept the kitchen open late for the band, and after getting room service Snoop invited the kitchen crew up to thank them and hand out swag. She passed a Death Row records t-shirt on to me.

Oh, HIGH school.

I get it.

Counselor: You need to think about your future, Calvin. What do you think, you’re just gonna hang out with your friends, rapping and getting high for the rest of your life?


I can't unsee. Why have you done this?

Y’all went to high school...I went to school high.

*I want to be a mothafuckin hustla. ya better ax sombody.

Swag. Stuff we all get.

Yo i hope he does grace us with his presence,ill print this shit off and use it as wallpaper

Poly? Next to Roosevelt elementary?

Not a very good one apparently

They don't call it "high" school for nothing.

What meme is this

Wait, is Snoop a black man? I always thought he was well tanned chinese with corn rows. My world is destroyed.

The one and only

Edit: Nicholas Cage went to Wilson though

Snoop always seemed to be that "gangsta" that never really wanted to be a gangsta. He just wanted to be chill and get high and talk shit out, but that motha-fuckin image had to be hard to make it early on so he flowed with it until he didn't need that shit anymore.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.

Rollin through the school in the 80s sippin on apple juice.

New slacks - with my mind on my gradez and my gradez on my mind.

Well, murder was the case that they gave him.

He looks like a Morrowind character

Would love to see the proof. The only shooting he was ever tied to came away with him being acquitted, and was most likely gang affiliated(which would not go against my claim of him as basically an "unwilling" gangster. The 90s were crazy for rap. It was be real or get left behind.

Honestly sounds like a Snoop lyric take my upvote.

I’ve always wondered: is that just something Michael Scott said or is that the real “meaning” of swag?

Some day, I'd like to ask /u/here_comes_the_king what he thinks of Emus.

I wonder if he knows they make this amazing drumming sound that is like super bass, and you can hear it through darn near anything and for really long distances.

Saw an online documentary..He went to same school as Carmeron Diaz and used to peddle her weed.

He looks like a young Michael Jordan

This was just 5 hours before he smoked his first marijuana cigarette......

Long Beach Polytechnic High School Class of 1989.

Everyone else's are upside down. His are the right way up.

Me too! Poly grad

No, he looks high

Poly is a high school, not a university. People say that he was an alumni all the time but he’s not an “official” alumni. Poly has an abysmal dropout rate so I heard the administration doesn’t like to tout him as an alumni so they don’t encourage even more people to drop out.

He went to Beverly Hills High, and I can't find anything online about him transferring.

No idea of the actual fact, but i really highly doubt that it is the real meaning. My guess is something he just said

“You all went to high school, I went to school high.”

Can you tell me about what summertime in the LBC is like?

“Stop it. Get some help.”

Guess who’s back in the mutha fuckin’ house

With a fat dick fo yo mutha fuckin’ mouth

Of course! There's a movie about it with he and Wiz

Wilson loves to tout that he went there for a short time. But that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Because he’s from LB, the rumors about his “legacy” in the city and the schools really fly with little credibility.

The living is easy. Bradley's on the mic with Ras MG.

I heard that expression prior to The Office, so it's not a Michael Scott original. I don't know if that's what the actual meaning is, but Stuff We All Get has been used since the 90's at least.

Him and Sandra Bullock share eyes :>

Looks like a swell young man, he most definitely will grow up and do great things.

weed really did change his whole life

Handsome with a really charming smile and sweet eyes! It seems I have crush on both New Snoop and Old Snoop.

Don’t stop believin’

Go Jackrabbits! To be honest, now live in Long Beach, went to high school in La Puente. Still... Go Lancers! To be honest, I never liked high school. Still...

I can't tell if you're being honest or not here, could you please clarify

And yet here we are, at the top of the thread. /u/leitchy461 has duped us all

Pretty boy Snoop

I heard there was so much drama in the LBC.

I was there during those times. We used to eat at the Norms and it wasn't even racist! I miss LBC, but it was crazy and last time I was there, it still was. They took down the Long Beach Plaza to make condos and shit.

this comment of yours is tragically under-upvoted

93 til infinity.

What a wholesome post history :)

Do you thing he was housetrained at this point?

Dude you sure your qualified to represent the lbc?

Don't universities claim successful non-graduates as alumni all the time?

Seems pretty believable to me, why is it shit?

When he was just a pupper.

What does "they were real" in this context even mean? Was Snoop real because he was a good showman and musician, or because he was a violent murderer? I'm guessing the former, and it's weird how people to this day still glorify the myth/legends of the violent side of that era. It was fucked up then, and it's fucked up now. But somehow that's a touchy subject for some. There were far more important societal things going on in that context - the commerćialisation of the gangster image (yes, also by Dre) diminishes that. And people still buy into it.

I don't believe Snoop actually had any real contact with the violent side.

That whole album is pure gold all the way through

He's no "gangsta". He's a song and dance guy. He jumps out of his seat if a balloon pops.

Anybody else notice his ears are upside down?

Mu fukka looks haaaard!