He’s fine but that kids going to try that shit and die for sure

This is olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy if anyone wants to know

That's how you over shoot the pool coming out and die

that made my stomach do the drop thing every time for about 5 loops

How I jump into bed after work

Is this Reddit history we're witnessing?

He’s a babe

The gif is of Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy who happens to be openly gay, so maybe all you guys have a shot.

Yes homo.

(nsfw) Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all nothing at all nothing at all


Daym son, he fine. No homo though.

Naked, wet and being filmed by a stranger?

Yeah.... Don't do this. Used to be a head life guard at a water park in California. Some idiot tried this, albeit at a much bigger slide with less covering and ended up falling 50 feet. Somehow didn't die but I doubt his bones are the same after.

As a gay guy, the fact that he is actually gay makes him seem even more unobtainable for me.

I'd fuck him.

No homo.

I’d totally suck his dick and let him stick it in my butt.

No homo.

I think this happens at least once a week. Now all we need is for someone to say “include me in the /sub/bestof post”

What a way to go tho.

He left this world how he came into it

It dropped so far it fell out

include me in the /sub/bestof post

So I don't have to feel as bad I don't look like that?

You have a funny shaped bed

Not the same guy I don't think, but definitely the same slide

What happened the sixth time?

Thank you for this

Looks pretty grown to me

Tomorrow on LoganPaulVLOGS

Might be the same guy? Can't quite tell

So nothing. He literally just said "FYI". It's for your information.

Did someone accidentally make us go back to 2016 instead of forward to 2018? If so, we need to get to work asap because we've got some shit to change before November.

FYI he likes the bros

Hurricane Harbor? I remember working at Magic Mountain when someone was being an idiot and jumped off the biggest slide at the water park. I really don't know how he survived that fall. That was one lucky dumbass.



I just don't see how this is Unexpected... I mean, I wasn't even expecting anything.

I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs and every night I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

Also red-faced and screaming.

Source: have kids

You may want to check your mindset there bud

Me too thanks

2016? Kids in my high school was saying that in 2010. Let go back to then and buy bitcoin.


Stupid sexy Flanders!

Yeah that's probably how it fell out

Well Gus Kenworthy is homo, so there’s a bit of a dilemma here

They originally posted "but he likes the bros"

Tomorrow at /sub/watchpeopledie

As my great grandfather used to say, "No matter how ugly you are, if you can eat ass like an Olympic champion, you always have a chance at brown-tinged gold."

Damn you’re fast.

I know right? I had the exact same thought lol


Okay, that's fair then.

Yup, venom drop

Are your bones made of glass?

Anyone else protectively hold their boobs and wince before he landed? Cause ow, that'd hurt if he were a girl

Holy shit that looks painful.

Leave me out of this

It is the same person, his name is gus kenworthy, he is a professional free skier and he uploaded this video on instagram

He actually joked about the resemblance to that meme himself on his Instagram

im sorry

Nah it's fine. He put some water down first.

I think he's fine. Full homo

Oof ouch owie

Wouldn't that destroy your dick?

That’s like 4 broken ribs and a headache.

His massive balls took the force

I just realized it’s been way too long since I’ve gone down a water slide

Same haha

Yeah he is fiiiine

Both have a tattoo on their right arm and both are incredibly hot, so I'd wager they're the same person.

Omg it's You! Where have you been?

I was really worried until I saw who it was.

Theres a lifeguard off camera going ape shit.

Dude where's the uncomfortable zoom?

Just a handlebar

Right? Me too x.x

I’m so glad I came to this sub today.

Did you expect me to comment on your comment?

Did you expect that you would have missed that I put 2 of the same words together in the sentence above?

Did you expect the emotion you are now experiencing?


You do if you’re a gay man, we haven’t caught up to the whole “realistic beauty standards” thing


I have to agree, your grandfather is great!

I know, but I don't think his sexuality is the main limiting factor of us hooking up.

Oh, man. 🤗🤗🤗

Mr. Watercolour never said he was "done", only that he was taking a break. You're likely thinking of Mr. WildSketch

Yes, they also possess the general shape that human beings tend to have. Uncanny.

From now on he can do IASIP-sketches in mere seconds.

Thank you kind stranger. It's the little moments like this where I find happiness now.

Also booze.

There was a post where shittywatercolor and awildsketchappeared interacted back and forth but I can't remember what it was

Typical Blaine

Have skied with too little protection against cold, do not recommend

That’s the guy even straight guys have crushes on, holy shit

That person had AIDS which caused a panic at the water park.

Yeah, dude is nuts.


He's one of the most popular YouTubers on the website. It's a bit silly to act like he's unknown.

That could have easily gone wrong. I am not impressed.

Wind nocked out anyone?