Slurpee > Baby

Slurpee > Baby

I'd pick a Slurpee over a baby anyday.



Well the inconvenience should work itself out then.

As someone who has 2 kids I feel for this woman and vote not trashy. First of all she's probably tired as shit and her older daughter has been whining about a slurpee all day. And who knows how old her older daughter is? Maybe she's somewhat capable of filling it herself but the mom doesn't want to take the risk of her older daughter spilling slurpee all over. Kids are little tyrants and having more than 1 increases difficulty exponentially rather than linearly.

Our parents' parents would've left them both in the car, gone into the store, gotten what they needed and then come out. Now she'd have had the cops called on them for doing that.

I feel for her. Being hot, tired, and a having kid whining about something gets you a trashpass on doing something this minor.

There is a baby out there right now that read your comment, and it's shaking it's head in disgust.

Lots of people ITT saying that floor is probably really clean. I have worked at a 7-11 and I guarantee you that a floor mat in front of a Slurpee machine at 7-11 is no place to set a baby. My guess is that mother had to peel that baby off of that sticky, syrup saturated mat.

You can always get another baby, but you will never get that perfect Slurpee again.

As a mother, I can say that I would never choose a slurpee over my baby. My baby was delicious.

I work at a county hospital. I was leaving work at night, and the door to the building was cracked open with a car seat that had a baby inside. See the doors to that building lock at night so she needed to prop the door open to go out for a cigarette so she could get back in.

I'd never really seen a random baby in the wild being used to hold open a door so I had a lot of questions for him, but as soon as I started looking at the baby, I heard, what I assume was his mother shout "Don't touch my stuff!" like she called the baby her stuff...

Anyway that woman and this woman probably know each other.

Every time the neighbors are over they take the sleeping baby out of the crib and put it on the floor.

I showed this pic to my girlfriend and she asked "what's wrong with it?" I said, "the baby is on the floor for a slurpie". She then, and no fucking joke, replied with a straight face, "maybe she couldn't hold it in between her legs".

We are never having fucking children.

I totally feel for this woman too. I have two kids, a fully disabled vet husband I have to care for too. However, I've never put my baby on a gross floor. I do think she just had a lack of judgment on this one. She probably was kicking herself later like "wth, why did I do that?" We've all done something we questioned ourselves for later

It probably sounded like taking duct tape off the roll.

It's a floor. Babies need exposure so their immune systems don't go apeshit. What's the big deal? These things shit themselves. You touch things just as dirty a hundred times a day. You're applying an entirely subjective and made-up value judgement here that has no basis in reality.

Today is free slurpee day. July 11th, aka 7/11

It is now

Is /sub/simsirl real?

Edit: :(

She cant drop the baby now

Id say its genius

You know what else is dirty? The dirt. The ground. Carpet. Bathrooms. I'm sure the baby is alive and well. The judgements on this mother are ridiculous.

A baby on the floor is at its lowest potential energy and is least likely to fall and injure itself.

Your kids have never touched the ground before? Dirt? Grass? Pavement? Parks? Do you think there's some magical force that keeps dog shit and gasoline off things you subjectively find less gross? I don't get it.

Honestly, who gives a fuck? That floor is no different than a doorknob, the air, the dirt, and a billion other things. The baby and its immune system are probably better off. Enjoy the autoimmune issues from coddling the fuck out of your kids. . . If she put the baby on the counter you'd be pissing and moaning about that too.

That's the perfect answer. Parenting isn't as easy as reddit thinks.

Hey it's free slurpee day, gotta get one for the whole fam.

There's a vast difference between exposing children to the world and laying them on a syrup covered mat in a 7-11

E: I don't really understand how people don't think laying your infant down on the floor of a 7-11 isn't trashy. If you don't think this is trashy then I have some news about you

Sandboxes. . . You mean outdoor litterboxes?

Haha sometimes the only option is the floor. Now the gas station not place I would likely do it but when I'm trying to prepare a bottle and they are screaming it's really the quickest and safest option

Hey, Sims...

Stop, you're making me hungry.

Please make this popular

I guarantee you that it has about 1000 times as many people getting it dirty

Bingo. Lots of pediatricians recommend avoiding changing tables and the like entirely these days. My wife is a pediatrician and has seen a zillion "roll off" injuries.

That doesn't mean I'd put my baby in a sticky convenience store floor, but it's the safest place in the store for a baby outside of a stroller.

You can have a Slurpee every single day, but you can only have a baby once every nine months. Quantity over quality.

One of the things you learn as a parent is to be able to use one hand for pretty much everything whilst holding a baby in the other.

aka 7/11

Never forget

Oh, no! Not syrup!

/sub/childfree lol

just wait until 'bring your own cup' day, fill the baby with slurpee.

Go over to /sub/thesims and say a user in this sub has started /sub/simsirl literally 4 hours ago and they need more subscribers/ content. They might be happy to help.

The floors prob cleaner than the baby :(

Better than putting the baby on the counter because the baby could roll off.

Once you have kids you will find it amazing that the human race has survived - kids are constantly trying to maim/kill themselves. It takes full attention to keep them from doing it.

Wow, just wow.

I saw a rather large lady with 2 rather large children go to 711 on "bring your own cup", each with gallon PITCHERS and fill them up to the brim. The cashier was like "miss, that's not really a cup." She replied with a huff "Well the other 711 let us do it!" Clearly not wanting to deal with an argument over it, he just sighed and let them buy 3 gallons worth of slurpee.

I still don't understand this... she had already done this at another 711? So 6 gallons of slurpee? You can't really store a slurpee can you? In the freezer it just freezes... in a refrigerator it melts. It's not possible that they were going to attempt to consume 2 gallons of slurpee each? And was this even the last 711 they were planning on hitting? I still think about this often... I don't get it.

I like to think that this woman and that woman are the same woman so there's less shitty people in the world.

"Don't touch my stuff" really took that story to the next level.

Just pump the baby full of slurpee and stick a straw down it's throat.

Oh shit is it free slurpee day!?

Never wake a sleeping BABY!!!

You're in luck, keep slurping and you won't have to deal with a baby.

I run a car wash next to a store like this and we occasionally power wash those mats. We can spray them for an hour and all sort of disgusting filth will continue to come out of them.

RIP baby.

The floor isn't lava

That's only if you insist on homegrown- if you have access to a hospital with a busy maternity ward,you can eat out every night!

Yeah let your kids play outside and with other kids. Let them play fetch with the neighbours dog and hang out at the park but Jesus Christ don't lay them on the gas station floor!

It's like when a Sim puts an object on the ground when you've given them a new command.

I Pledge myself to the cause.

Guaranteed that floor gets cleaned more then most of ours

It's the judgement of a mother with two kids and not enough arms in conjunction with the erroneous belief that one floor is dirtier than, you know, grass or something.

I doubt the person you replied to has kids.

If that's her sense of humor, have the kids. They'll be delightfully hilarious.

Lol I have a little sister around that age and I wouldn't trust her with an egg let alone a baby

Maybe she dropped it by accident, and it was stuck fast when she went to pick it back up.

Probably just figured she might as well fix herself up with a slurpee first then get stuck into retrieving her offspring...

sucks that you were so promising at 4 but you ended up as you

Holy shit I didn't even know that was a thing. Thanks man.

this is the right answer if you need two hands for something, the floor is the safest place to put a squirming baby.

Because those things weigh about 12,000 pounds even without a baby in them, so most people stop carrying them unless absolutely necessary relatively early in a baby's life.

thank you

Absolutely, OP's obviously just never dealt with babies. Sometimes you just need to put them down. Who knows how long that woman's been carrying it on her hip before this while it struggles and cries. Shit's exhausting.

Yeah - this is normal parent shit and that baby is fine. Looks like she she is being awesome, and taking the kids for a treat.

Oh shit it is

7/11 was a part-time job!

That's a baby.

Username checks out

Shit, you just make a new one. Babies are free.

Putting a baby on the disgusting ass floor of a 7/11 is a bad decision and entirely trashy.

Babies have no problem grabbing their own shit and would probably try to eat it if allowed. Getting some grungy floor on clothes that can just be washed is barely worth being worried about.

The other option is leaving the baby in the car in the summer with the windows rolled up. So there are two options. Sticky floor might be the better option.

Can confirm; I have a squirming baby. Frequently set her on the floor when I need both hands. This thread was making me think that I was worried that I was a terrible parent.

On the other hand, I've never put her down on a sticky convenience store floor.... Also, I've gotten pretty good at doing things one-and-a-half handed.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Priorities. She also has a slurpee.

Agreed. Am parent. Ducking hell, huge mistake.

Hey asshole taking the picture... You could always go over and help the poor lady

I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs...

Or hold the baby and teach your daughter how to help out with the slurpies.

"Put your slurpy down and pour mommy a slurpy. Good girl. Now bring both slurpees to the cash for me. That was really helpful sweety, thanks. Let's enjoy these slurpees together."

I realize parents often feel like they are at their wits end, but "work smarter, not harder" and all that.

Not really that outrageous though. There's a lot of fucking retarded people.

You have no idea how much of a disappointment I can be.

My people.

I'm going to disagree with your trash pass here.

Being tired and exhausted is not an excuse for making bad decisions. Putting a baby on the disgusting ass floor of a 7/11 is a bad decision and entirely trashy.

Having two kids is not a condition that automatically implies sympathy and a trash pass. She had other options here besides putting a baby on the god damn floor.

This woman is trash yo.

Yeah, first impression is doing what needs to be done to get it done, not trashy. It's not like she's standing over the baby to reach the slurpee machine - body position looks more like she's trying to put a lid on the cup. Possibly for the middle kid wearing yellow crocs. Two kids are tough, three and you're outta hands.

I imagine the two older kids asked to go, she said no, they said you promised! if we were good at the store we could! you prooooooomised mommmmmm! she realizes, shit, is that what they asked me twelve times while I was trying to pay for the groceries and the cashier was blocking the screen and having a full blown conversation with the cashier four registers over so I couldn't see the total, but she doesn't want to be a bad mom, she thinks it'll be a quick trip inside, just carry the baby to avoid undoing the car seat and dragging out the snap and go, then middle kid who still can't tie shoelaces and therefore wears crocs but is all about asserting himself and not falling victim to any of that "middle kid is invisible" bullshit decides that he CAN do it himself and proceeds to help himself to the jumbo sized Slurpee and almost succeeds but the damn lid stymies him and so mom, desperate to get home before the god damn ice cream melts, takes over and does what she can given the lack of available hands and counter space. Slurpee-syrup covered baby is easier to clean than ice cream covered car trunk.

That's just my take, which may or may not be based on personal experience.

7-Elevens marketing is META

Most 7/11s have restrictions on the containers you can use on "bring your own cup" day. She was just being an obnoxious cow.

That doesn't sound quite right.

But then again, I don't know enough about slurpee babies to dispute it.

yea better be careful or the baby will use its extreme flexibility and coordination to scrape and eat the syrup off its back

unrelated but hey anyone random reading this real quick is my punctuation on the "it's" correct?


I am a mom too and there are days you just don't have enough arms.

There is another child there too. Looks like she was putting lid on for the middle child. (Look at the feet, lady, girl, child in flip-flops)

Well it looks like she has another kid she's trying to help...

Hey, it's okay. We're just people, having a conversation over a little disagreement. You are my human sibling, and I love you.

My niece's birthday is today. For the longest time I couldn't remember if it was 7/10 or 7/11, then my sister went off about 7/11 day.

TL;DR: we get my niece a slurpee for her birthday every year.

My dad only dropped me once before he perfected his technique

Baby sized should probably be like 256 oz

Baby sized should probably be like 256 oz

You don't know how many people walked through dog shit then on there or even more so it's a gas station, they trapped through over gas residue. I'm all about exposing my kids to things such as letting them play in a sandbox and such but there are limits.

For real, I love 7/11 but I've never been in one without at least one major stain or sticky area of the floor

I'm sorry your little sister is so incapable. It's perfectly normal for younger kids to carry their baby siblings. I was trusted and able to help feed and carry my baby brother at the age of 4.

No worries mate, just trying to be too inoffensive I guess (and now forcing myself not to say sorry for saying sorry).

Sorry man, no. It's means it is, its is possessive. Hope that helped you out.

That other kid looks old enough to help or do it herself... Wtf.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm gonna go put my kid on a gas station floor now. youve convinced me.

Just a second before, Jimmy was driving down the highway.

"Am I... dead? Where am I?"

A distant, monster-like quack is heard.