slow down bambi

Imagine turning a corner and seeing a deer hurtling toward you. Kid did well to just get out of the way.

Imagine being those people . You don't see a deer running full speed at you, you see a deer fucking flopping all over the god damn place while some how moving at an insanely fast pace. Shit would be panic inducing man



I like how it figured out how to walk on the tile then panicked once it heard people coming


For the uninitiated

Deer only have two modes. Calm and WTF

I mean, in a world of 7 billion people and who knows how many deer, it had to happen at least once.

Looks like a deer fraternity prank.

"Dude, you just gotta run through the building and out the other side and be naked too...buck naked. Whooooooooo! "

Some custodian is damn proud of how slick that floor is.

Can’t go below 50.

The Fawn and the Furious

I was hoping to see this here. Never fails to amuse me.

The bus driver just keeps going...

♪♫ Just take those old records off the shelf ♫♪

Seriously though, here's an article about the guy:

I wonder if he ever got caught

and WTF is down right scary

Reminds me of my second acid trip

At least 2...

Yea... That's not a deer, after 3rd playthrough I realized that looked a bit like Africa then payed attention and noticed the twisted antlers, correct me if I'm wrong but that looks like an antelope.

Like their mothers always said, "Don't let the doe hit you on the way out."

Love how the driver just opens up the rear door while still rolling

They ran around that corner like they were about to beat that deer’s ass then ran the fuck away

I think it was called "The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down"

he does not sound at all amused with the whole situation.

You can't skip wax day, because you get to play with kid's balances.

I couldn't help myself.  That clip is too good.  ENHANCE

I couldn't help myself. That clip is too good.

Imagine being that deer and sliding through some kind of future cave!

Some quality /sub/gifsthatkeepongiving stuff right there.

That's some Goat Simulator level physics.

some say he's still chasing those deer

That picture of him glaring made me cry laughing.

This guy knows how many deer

The article actually manages to add to the humour.

The fast and the Deer-ious

Comin' in hot!

You can see when the camera man starts laughing lol

Were they expecting someone who broke in only to find a fucking deer? Because that's the only reason I would have run away like that

And then coming out the other side and immediately start running at full speed

That was the best part of this gif for me. It's tough to see but after sliding past that kid and catching some air the deer gets right back up without missing a beat and starts booking it the hell out of there

all we know is he's called The Stig

The cinematography of this small video is perfect. The slow escalation of action with the title hero's name being spoken in a dramatic way, and then, finally, the appearance of Fenton. The guy who shot this is genius.




I’d be like deer caught in headlights

What if it was the same deer 🤔

My fucking sides holy shit

I'll say. He just saw a deer come flying down the hall right at him.

4000 meters into a 5k you don't stop for shit

The custodian probably isn't thrilled about the hoof scratches though. They are probably too deep to buff out

Fast and the Furious: Venison Drift

I live in a trailer, I was so close to waking my kid up because I let out a burst of laughter but caught myself. First time seeing this gif. Funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Can someone put Initial D music over this gif?!

They were probably expecting some middle School kids fucking around or fighting. Whatever it was, we can safely assume it wasn't what they found.

one of those dreams where you can't walk/run for shit and just keep falling down.


No running in the hallways!

Pretty sure the name was "Not Slow"

Doe-kyo Drift

Ok. Ok. I'm good. I am solid, I am walking. Time to take a minute and figu- OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK HUMANS

I wouldve laughed so hard at this even if I was the guy getting hit by the deer. Its just too odd of a situation to not find it funny

Poor thing is terrified. And rightly so.

Draw me like one of your deer girls

A deer pun? I'm not fawn of them.

He wasn't very fawn of that floor

Well to be fair security were after him for the 6 figure amount he now owes in tuition for being on campus...

They said no running in the hallways, but they said nothing about sliding 😎.

"And he remains tight-lipped on the fallout and his pet's unwitting stardom."..... did he kill Fenton?

What did I just read

I think that's Enterprise, AL.

-said no bus driver ever

He’s English, it’s sort of par for the course.

it’s deer all the way down

Right? I imagined his deer buddies Double Dogged Dared him!



Imagine those kids walking in the door, then seeing a Bambi bowling ball coming at them.

Yessir that's just a huge boll weevil

That's how I felt the first time I hit a deer. I was driving home from work and the god damn thing jumped in front of my car. I tried to stop but hit it. I expected gore and broken windshields and whatever else but the deer straight up bounced off of the front of my car and did like 3 backflips 10 feet in the air and landed back in the woods. I had an old 94 ford escort so there was no damage to my car.

When i got home my friend and I drove back out to try and find it and believe it or not that deer lived. We couldn't find a sign of it anywhere, it ran away. They are resilient bastards

I didn't even notice that lol

Not deer specifically but there is /sub/hitmanimals

Anyone watching this: make sure you stay for the security guards running in and doing the fastest 180 I've ever seen.

The guy who shot it was a 13 year old boy.

WTF is this shit?

Mr Findlay is thought to be worried about facing sanctions from the Royal Parks for failing to keep his pet under control.

'We don't know if there are any charges, or if he is even worried, but we gonna say that some think he is worried.'

Custodian here. That sounds like a contractor's problem.

I thought he was a dick in the article

Hey man, Fuck you, that's just uncalled for. I bet you can't draw for shit. I like your art Anthony, keep it up

And thank God there was a camera recording

This made me lol

Bambi has been playing lots of Mario Kart, found the shortcut through a dam building without breaking stride outside! A+

“Former guide dog?” Bwahahahahahahaha


Here we see a drunk James Potter