[Slater] Steve Kerr said Patrick McCaw has requested to get some tune-up minutes in the G-League. He will play there on Friday night.

[Slater] Steve Kerr said Patrick McCaw has requested to get some tune-up minutes in the G-League....

He needs it. Hes playing with no confidence lately

Props to him for acknowledging a need for improvement

I think more young players should do this. God knows Monk needs the playing time. He's learning nothing by rotting on the bench.

For real, Lebron needs a tune up like mad.

Kerr: Patrick, we're sending you down to the G-League

McCaw: ... Can you at least tell them I asked for it?

ya tony parker was humble enough to get some practice in with the spurs g league, if only someone on your team would do the same.

I hope that McCaw really was the one to ask for it. If so, it shows the maturity that he has and the ability to self-reflect.

I don't even want to imagine what Lebron would do in a G league game.

I don't know why people are shitting on this guy. He's a second round pick on the minimum salary. He plays 10 minutes a night and always tries his best. He knows he's got room for improvement, and he's working on it. What more do you want from him?

60pts, 15 assists, loses game by 10.

I mean have you seen his effort level in nba games? Can’t imagine he shows out for g-league

He's been struggling long before the OKC game. At least he has the guts to swallow his pride. Good quality for a young player to have.

He's gonna be getting tons of minutes soon

He could've been getting tons of minutes in the G-League this entire time though.

Exactly. Dude was so good last year. His confidence was really up there and you know it when he scored on Lebron twice during game 5.

he might've been held at gunpoint

Hopefully this becomes a thing that players are more comfortable doing

Let's appreciate that he acknowledged that the G-League would help him. Some guys would let ego get in the way of that

Any young player needing to figure something out should be utilizing the G league at times. And most players coming off a serious injury should be getting reps there instead of hurting an NBA team trying to find their shot or get their timing down. Why isn’t the G league looked at the same way as Triple A is to MLB players?

what are the chances of that? He has looked absolutely terrible for the last few games. If he can admit that maybe there is hope for him after all

I also request McCaw go to the G-League

If only IT could check his ego.

At the same time, sometimes you just have to remember you’re better than people. Like if IT can just work some scrubs in the G League, he might remember how to work nba players too.

no one really hates on him. Think Warrior fans just blow him up, so people hate on that. They make it seem like McCaw would start on some other teams. When you get hyped, people like seeing the fall.

He has looked really bad, but to be fair the whole team has been a little bit off lately.

How awesome would it be if NBA players rehabbed their injuries in the G League like MLB players do? Imagine Kevin Durant playing in the G-League for like 3 games. He would probably score 7000 points.

You know I was on the bandwagon for IT to spend some time in the G-league.

But then I read interviews from players of others sports (specifically hockey players who play in the NHL and have done conditioning stints in the AHL) who say that because playing in development leagues is just so different (i.e. worse) than the majors that it's not actually that helpful for them as compared to playing minutes in the majors. I'm specifically talking about guys who are already at a professional level, vs. young players who are raw and need more time to round their game. The skill level is so much higher that it's easy to see certain players killing it in development leagues which doesn't translate into much when they come back into the majors. So it made perfect sense to me at least that IT gets minutes in regular season games so that he has time to get up to speed when the playoffs start.

Well it said Patrick Mccaw requested it.. So I’d assume he was really the one to ask for it

If you ask a player nicely to do this in NBA 2k, their chemistry will drop to 0 and will request a trade.

theres also the situation where this little midget gets outplayed by G League players and exposed

Why isn’t the G league looked at the same way as Triple A is to MLB players?

I think just because it is new and not established as part of the system. Triple A is so established people understand going there is not necessarily an indictment.

There's at least a few Warrior fans in here hating on him, and I see it on every game thread. IMO, McCaw has a really high ceiling because of his athleticism and decent BBIQ. He needs more confidence and going to the G-League for a few games will definitely be helpful.

Westbrook destroyed what little confidence he had left.

It would be such good marketing for the G League to have big name pros there occasionally. Imagine paying $10 and sitting court-side to watch Durant in Reno or wherever the fuck

Usually things pick up for most teams after all star break

Warrior fans are spoiled by how Draymond Green turned out. There's some fair weather NBA fans who don't know that most 2nd rounders don't do much in the NBA.

That was a brilliant way to boost a struggling player's confidence. Have him go out there and guard an angry Westbrook for extended minutes.

Not sure we had any other options but my god was it brutal to watch.

If only IT would do this.

Thank jesus. Destroy some dudes and get your confidence back.

Better late than never. A player who can reflect and swallow their ego is a good player to have. There's a lot of players who could use G-League development who can't get over themselves. IT realy looks like he could use a tune-up.

i wish this dude the best and am amazed of the warriors devotion to this guy

I've been a fan of IT, but I also got the impression that he was worried about such a situation occurring which is why he flat out refused to do it. Otherwise, what's the big deal?

MyLeague man, leave all that stuff behind

We are trying to develop him and hope he improves.

Santa Cruz!

baseball is also different. NBA is like all infielders. you need to get reps in as units. you can't just work on your own thing like a pitcher or outfielder

Man what a fantastic culture this organization has...