[Slater] Steve Kerr asked about Klay Thompson mentioning they were tied with the Rockets in the loss column: "Klay knew the standings? He's come a long way."

[Slater] Steve Kerr asked about Klay Thompson mentioning they were tied with the Rockets in the l...

Of course Klay would know the standings. He’s not only the most intelligent basketball player in the league, but also the most talented

Klayyy lmao

edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger! I know it's you Klay

Don't you ever insult Klay like that. First of all how dare you. We are not talking about a normal NBA player we are talking about Klay Thompson. He is a man and a father of three so I hope you know what line your crossing

I dare you to step across that line one time and saying something bad about Klay again mister.

Damn. In that case, you forgot to mention his 11 inch schlong.

Are we working that hard for gold now?

edit: Fucking fuck. KLAY COME BACK YOU FORGOT ME

Edit: you came back ily

Steve Kerr fishing for gold from Klay, that money grubbing whore.

Just buy your own Reddit Gold, Kerr

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Klay lmao

I want to know what was he like before. How bad was it?

Was it like: "Hey coach are we gonna make the playoffs?"

"Klay, this is game 6 of the WCF."

"That's not what I asked coach."

When Klay pays attention the standings, that's a sign the Warriors are in trouble

First of all how dare you.

Second of all, how dare you!

It's not Klay it's just the people doing it for the meme

Someone started gilding any comment that praised Klay. People joked that it was Klay himself gilding these comments. Now I think people are giving gold to perpetuate the meme.

Dude weed lmao

Good point, better throw in Steph

steves a slut

This team literally gives no fucks anymore till May haha.


Klay: coughing hard wait what?

Yall are so thirsty for that golden Klay d, which btw is definitely bigger than Nick Fole's

Time to pull off a trade. Do you think New Orleans would take KD for AD?

Take away this man's gold

Edit: Klay, I love you bb

The Warriors staff like to joke around that Klay doesn't pay attention to anything, he just comes out to play then goes home.

Our GM once joked that he wasn't even sure Klay knew what team they were playing on any given night.

“Coach when does preseason end”



Klay also knows all the rookies...



Don’t forget hot and little

I don't think that was a joke. Isn't there an interview where Klay doesn't know the team they're playing the next day?

Naw bro it’s just that Klay is soooo awesome that he’s constantly getting praise.

Who is this Nick Fole?

Lmao [10]

Of course Klay is the only one who didn't realise this and answered seriously.

Everyone in this thread be like “You the best Kay!”

Which of course he is.

Everyone in this thread be like

Which of course he is.

What did I miss? I don't get it

Still can't compete with Footlong Foles TM

Send boston another unprotected lottery pick while your at it too

LeBron system

You dummies just say 'klay lmao' and collect the gold

this shit kills me everytime, i've never seen draymond look so confused lmao

You reached too far and fell. We all know Steph the most handsome player on the warriors and Draymond the ugly duckling we hate to love. Let this be a lesson to you

Think you mean Big Dick Nick.

Now open your eyes.

Klay is definitely one of my favorite players

Can someone explain this to me?

He dropped out of Harvard to save Basketball

He was trolling. Probably didn't know who it was for real but he was just being a smartass

One game at a time like a true champ

LeBron, apply directly to forehead.

LeBron, apply directly to forehead.

LeBron, apply directly to forehead.

“Coach why is summer league mandatory and lasting this long?”

Klay is my idol. I sacrifice a freshly rolled blunt to him every 4:20 as a tribute to his awesomeness

folded in half

probably just reading the back of the jersey too

steph ain’t handsome, he’s pretty. no homo

I know

But too many thirsty people on here in every klay thread. Trying to balance it.

Blasphemy, Foles has the largest recorded penis ever

dat minx

Klay Thompson is a basketball player for the NBA team, the Golden State Warriors

I like to imagine the first round was actually drunk Klay. If I remember it was a bunch of random threads, a lot of those comments were buried, and it was enough to seem like someone with disposable income.

I still believe

Name one player who has never gone to the locker room without congratulating the other team.

There isn't one.

Steph/Jrue/KD/Mirotic/Okafor would be so shitty to watch

Klay needs to switch to point guard so I can make some joke about getting the assist

I needed a S more than the D...

I believe you're referring to Well Above Average Size Penis Nicholas.

I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality to rate who I think is the most handsome of the warriors. I didn't say I wanted to or would fuck any one of them so I'm not sure where the "homoerotic" part of your comment came from.

You could say he's your.. Klayvorite